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Angry pro-choice man destroys pro-life signs portraying abortion victim

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An angry homeowner attacked the pro-life group Created Equal while they displayed abortion victim images outside a Columbus area High School in Ohio.



Created Equal prochoice attack

The attack occurred February 4, 2015 while members of Created Equal were standing on a public sidewalk outside Beechcroft High School.

The man came out of his home, which was in the vicinity of the High School, and ordered the pro-lifers to take the signs down, “You want to create a spectacle don’t do it in front of my house,” he yelled.

Get the [expletive] stuff out of here,” he then stated.

Created Equal prochoice attack 2

He approached the group in a threatening way and then pulled a pro-life sign down himself telling them, “Take them down there if you want to, don’t put them in front of my house.”

He was repeatedly told by members of the group that they had the right to protest because they were on public property.

To which the man replied, “Get them off or I’ll take them.

The angry man then wrenched them out of the hands of Jami Beer, Created Equal’s Director of Campus Outreach.

Created Equal prochoice attack 3 takes signs

Created Equal prochoice attack 4 takes signs

Created Equal prochoice attack 5 takes signs

As Jami beged the man to please not take her signs, he continued to walk to his car and telling her, “Get out of here or I’m going to break them.”

And…then he does just that:

Created Equal prochoice attack breaking signs

Created Equal prochoice attack breaking signs 2

Created Equal prochoice attack breaking signs 3

Seeing they could not stop the angry man, Jami asked him to not throw the signs he was breaking into traffic because he might cause an accident.

Then, as if he didn’t care about anyone or anything, he took half of one of the signs he broke and threw it into the road and kicked the remaining signs into the street as well.

Created Equal prochoice attack traffick

Created Equal prochoice attack traffick2

Created Equal prochoice attack traffick3

Police eventually arrived and the pro-life group was told that they would have to press charges in order to require the man to pay for the signs.

A police report was filed, and Created Equal is pressing charges.


Mark Harrington, Executive Director, Created Equal, responded to the attack, “In a culture killing its children, unfortunately sometimes abortion advocates act violently against those who defend the children. Nevertheless, we refuse to be intimidated into silence.”

Watch video – be warned it has graphic language!

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