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Police intervene for pro-choice vandal who destroyed pro-life display

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On September 30, 2014, the pro-life group, Created Equal, held abortion victim images outside Pickerington Central High School.

Upset parents and some who drove by the display called the police – however- when police arrived they agreed that the Constitution protects this kind of educational speech.

Pinckerton HS Created Equal

A video uploaded by the group shows an angry women approaching calling the display “Ridiculous” and saying, “This is disgusting.”

She complains that she has to look at the display and tells the pro-life group, “You don’t share my views. To do this outside of a High School is freak’n ridiculous,” she shouts.

When asked why it is ridiculous, the pro-choice woman gets emotional and uses an expletive asking, “Are you going to adopt my baby that I can’t take care of,” as she pushes the pro-life sign over.

Pinckerton HS Created Equal angry prochoice 2

She then yells, “F *** You!” as she systematically pushes each sign over – repeating that angry expletive over and over with each push.

Pinckerton HS Created Equal angry prochoice 3

Pinckerton HS Created Equal angry prochoice 4

Pinckerton HS Created Equal angry prochoice5

Pinckerton HS Created Equal angry prochoice6

Mark Harrington, founder of Created Equal is heard on the video telling the woman that she can have a civil disagreement without resorting to violence.

The pro-choice woman tells him, “You know what? I know how I feel.
Pinckerton HS Created Equal after signs

To her surprise, a police officer saw the entire thing.

Harrington tells the women, “You can talk to him about that” as she is escorted away.

Pinckerton HS Created Equal Police

She still yells back to the protesters as the officer repeatedly asks her if she wants to be arrested telling her that the pro-life group has the right to do the protest, “They have the right to be here- Disgusting is not illegal,” the officer is heard telling the woman.

Pinckerton HS Created Equal Police 2

Harrington tells the officer that he wants to press charges, but the officer intervenes for the woman asking Harrington that if she is sorry and will help put the signs back up – would he forgive her?

When was the last time police intervened for a pro-life person? Just Say’n.

Harrington agrees and the woman, who, to me looks like she is smirking, tells Harrington, ” I am so sorry.”

But- I am not buying her “repentance” – in my humble opinion, Created Equal should have pressed charges !

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