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More pro-choice violence; Pro-Life Monument Vandalized

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‘Victims of Abortion’ monument tipped over
Sacred Heart Church site of mischief; flag also missing at park

abortion monument
A monument in memory of “Victims of Abortion” apparently was vandalized late Saturday or early Sunday. It was pushed inward toward a pine tree a few yards east of the church.

Frazee Police Officer Tyler Trieglaff made a tentative effort to lift the top from the ground and it was clearly going to take some work to put it back into place near the sidewalk.

It was very clear that whatever adhesive compound held the granite marker in place was overwhelmed by brute force.

Locals voiced concern

After a Sunday service, “A parishioner came and told me it was tipped over,” related Fr. Xavier Ilango in a conversation Monday.

Actually, local law enforcement first got word also on the Sabbath, but a bit later.

“Two residents called to tell me about the damage,” Trieglaff stated.

One left a message on the office phone machine while he was on patrol, while the other phoned when he was present to take the call.

“It is good that people call. This is their community…the church is part of their life,” the officer added.

Many cases are solved through tips coming from phone calls or when residents stop the officers to give them information, he emphasized.

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