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Author says abortion more moral than decision to have a child

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Kathy Pollitt in MSNBC Author of the new book PRO, Kathy Pollitt believes that abortion is more moral as the decision to have a child.

Pollitt who recently said that most abortions were for convenience also wrote that, “We need to see abortion as an urgent practical decision that is just as moral as the decision to have a child – indeed, sometimes more moral.

Pollitt Ab More Moral than having a child

Lean Forward’s MSNBC host, Ronan Farrow called Pollitt a “very clear voice.”

Farrow asked Pollitt if her statement was the most savvy way to frame abortion politically going into the mid term elects.

Lean Foward MSNBC Kathy Pollitt

Pollit responded,”When we consider for example that he majority of women who have abortions 61% are already mothers you can see that he stereotype of the ‘oh its the teenaged slut who needs to be taught a lesson’, ‘it’s the cold-hearted child-hating career women’, because this isn’t what it’s about. The stereotypes are false. It’s about women who are trying to do what is right by their children, by their families, by themselves.

Do what is right by their children by killing them in the womb?

Tell me, Mr. Farrow, how is that a clear voice?