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Abortionist steals sign from pro-lifers, endangers drivers on major highway, police called

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Felski-F.M.-Emil-MFlorida abortionist Emil F. Felski, DO an Orlando area abortionist who has worked at EPOC abortion clinic and Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando., delivers babies at Florida Hospital and has an OB/Gyn practice where he also kills babies.

Felski Med Board

According to pro-lifer Michele Herzog who sidewalk counsels at abortion clinics in Florida, Felski doesn’t let his OB patients know about his abortion bound patients.

Wednesday as two pro-lifers stood in front of Felski’s office exposing that Fleski kills babies, the abortionist drove up, parked his car in the lane of a major highway, and proceeded to take one of the signs from pro-life protesters.

Felski Car Highway

The sign read: Repent, Dr Felski:

Felski Repent Sign

According to Herzog, “Shortly after they arrived, they noticed Felski driving toward them on Hwy 436 which is a very busy road. He didn’t pull into the driveway though, he just stopped his car on this highway, got out taking pictures of my friends, Amber and Allura, and then proceeded to pick up one of the signs that said “Repent Emil Felski,” folded in half and put it in the car with him, then driving into the medical complex.”

Felski Takes Sign

Felski Sign Car

Herzog said that she received a call from Allura, and after talking it over and seeking counsel, they decided to call 911, here is what Allura had to say: “We called 911 to report that he had taken my property, and had also caused an obstruction to traffic by leaving his car unattended on the Hwy, (He only had to drive a few feet further to pull into the driveway of the medical plaza, and he wouldn’t have caused any danger to us or the drivers on Hwy 436).

Felski Takes Pic

“Two unmarked police cars arrived and the officers immediately told us that my sign was illegally leaning against a Department of Transportation sign. We said we hadn’t realized that and wouldn’t do it again The older officer then folded his arms over his chest as he said we couldn’t “harass or prevent people from coming in or going out” of this medical facility. He added that while taking pictures of people isn’t illegal, “maybe these particular people didn’t want their pictures taken and it could be considered a form of harassment.” The only person we took a picture of was Felski, but I assured the officer that we run all these questions and situations by our attorneys to make sure we aren’t breaking any laws.”

“The officers left to talk to Felski, then came back with my sign, with the folds permanently creased in it. The younger officer instructed us to not lean our signs against DOT poles, and it was obvious that they thought they were done now and everything was fine! When Amber mentioned the danger Felski had put us and others in by leaving his car in the street, we were assured that “he has been counseled about that” so it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. I said we wanted to press charges, and laid out the reasons why. The older officer, with a smirk, said, “okay!” And they turned around and walked to the car.

“The younger one brought the report back for me to fill out, and he seemed nicer and more considerate, but the older one was condescending and sarcastic, very authoritative. He treated us both as if we were ignorant children who could be pushed around and intimidated. In fact, he seemed to be very biased against us and our rights. We wonder if there could be some kind of ties between him and the abortionist. But God gave both Amber and me a holy boldness to stand up to these bullies….including Felski….and to not back down out of fear! When God calls us to be a voice for the voiceless, He gives us the grace and strength to go forth in His mighty name!”

Video of the theft

Felski General

This abortionist is hot- according to pro-lifer Patte Smith on May 17, 2008, “Emil Felski has been a notorious abortionist in Central Florida for many, many years. He was seen attending Northland week after week. When I asked him what he was getting out of the sermons Felski flipped me the finger.”

felski and gun

But worse, this gun-toting abortionist Emil Felski has pulled a gun in a threatening fashion on pro-lifers.

According to Herzog, “It happened a couple of years ago when he was performing abortions at Planned Parenthood and flashed his gun around to intimidate pro-lifers. That was not a one time incident and he was carrying this as he was going in to definitely intimidate the pro-lifers.”

Herzog said, that police were not called at the time, although they did snap a picture of Felski as proof.

In addition Herzog says, “We’ve also done awareness campaigns in front of Felski’s gated community three times and two times he got out of his car and into our faces with the camera. His insulted our black friend with racial slurs.”

Herzog says pro-lifers who were there told her that abortionist Emil Felski came out to take a picture and told Herzog’s pro-life friend, “Turn around and let me take a picture of that black ass.”