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Pro-choice communist group Stop Patriarchy stops traffic in Texas for abortion

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The communist/ revolutionary pro-choice group Stop Patriarchy has stopped traffic at the University of Texas campus over their support of child killing:

Stop Patriarchy UT

Stop Patriarchy UT 2

They are protesting Texas’ strict anti-abortion legislation HB2 to go into effect fully in the state September 1st.

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT 5

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT 6

They claim that when abortion is illegal, women die from abortion.

Yet women are dying NOW from legal abortion and these feminists say ZERO about those women.
(list here)

TN Death List

Sunsara Taylor arrested UT AUg 27 2014

The group is headed by Communist sympathizer Sunsara Taylor, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The group recently released received the support of convicted terrorist Bill Ayers.

Five protesters were arrested:

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT TWEET

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT