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Pro-choice communist group Stop Patriarchy stops traffic in Texas for abortion

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The communist/ revolutionary pro-choice group Stop Patriarchy has stopped traffic at the University of Texas campus over their support of child killing:

Stop Patriarchy UT

Stop Patriarchy UT 2

They are protesting Texas’ strict anti-abortion legislation HB2 to go into effect fully in the state September 1st.

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT 5

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT 6

They claim that when abortion is illegal, women die from abortion.

Yet women are dying NOW from legal abortion and these feminists say ZERO about those women.
(list here)

TN Death List

Sunsara Taylor arrested UT AUg 27 2014

The group is headed by Communist sympathizer Sunsara Taylor, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The group recently released received the support of convicted terrorist Bill Ayers.

Five protesters were arrested:

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT TWEET

Stop Patriarchy arrested at UT

Abortion Assistant Steven Massof sentenced 6-12 years for Gosnell clinic role

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On Wednesday, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Benjamin Lerner sentenced Kermit Gosnell‘s assistant, Steven Massof to 6 to 12 years in prison.

The judge credited Massof’s decision to plea guilty to two counts of third-degree murder and testify against Gosnell but called what happened at the clinic “unspeakably horrible.”

“As evil as Dr. Gosnell was, as charismatic as he may have been, he didn’t do this alone,” Lerner said. “He couldn’t do this without the assistance of someone like you.”

“I don’t know how it started,” the 51-year-old Massof, voice cracking as he forced down a sob, told the judge.

“I realize that this is something that’s wrong and will never be right and will never go away,” said Massof, who called his work with Gosnell “a horrific part of my life.”

Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron, who handled the case with fellow prosecutor Joanne Pescatore, argued for a 10- to 20-year prison term.

Despite Massof’s cooperation, Cameron said, he had the education, intelligence and training to know what he was doing was wrong – and stop it.

During his testimony at the Kermit Gosnell abortion murder trial, employee Stephen Massof said he saw at least one baby take a breath, and another jerk its leg.


Massof estimated that he saw about 100 babies born alive and then “snipped” with surgical scissors in the back of the neck, to ensure their “demise.”Gosnell Behind Bars

Stephen Massof described how he snipped the spinal cords of babies, calling it, “literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body.” He testified that at times, when women were given medicine to speed up their deliveries, “it would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place.”

A mutual acquaintance led him to Gosnell’s clinic, where he spent five years before leaving in 2008 over a dispute with other staffers. He was charged with murder three years later, after a 2010 FBI probe of Gosnell’s distribution of painkillers spawned a raid at the clinic, and the more serious abortion case.

Massof made only $200 to $300 a week to oversee a high volume of second-trimester patients going through labor — and, often, delivery. He said he saw at least one baby take a breath, and another jerk its leg. Gosnell told his staff that such movements were “spontaneous,” Massof said.

Massof estimated that he saw about 100 babies born alive and then “snipped” with surgical scissors in the back of the neck, to ensure their “demise.”
Gosnell, who had another clinic in Delaware, typically came in only at night for the final part of the procedure, leaving Massof to monitor the pain-racked or highly sedated women.

I felt like a firemen in hell. I couldn’t put out all the fires,” he testified.

Gosnell, meanwhile, took in more than $1 million a year, and kept $250,000 in cash under his mattress, prosecutors have said.

“He always led me to believe he was a poor, struggling urban physician and surgeon,” Massof said. “I thought he was hurting financially.”

Abortion clinic doc pleads guilty to infecting women with hepatitis C

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An Australian doctor who was charged with endangering the lives of patients after allegedly infecting nearly 50 women with hepatitis C at an abortion clinic, has plead guilty to the charges.

A group of women infected with hepatitis C by an anaesthetist at the Melbourne abortion clinic are the ‘most highly innocent people you could ever come across’, a judge has said.

James Latham Peters, 63, pleaded guilty on Friday to 55 counts of negligently causing serious injury, after infecting women with hepatitis C at a Croydon abortion clinic.

It has been alleged in previous court proceedings that Peters infected patients at the Croydon Day Surgery by using pre-filled syringes of anaesthetic drugs on himself before administering the remainder to the women. Croydon does abortions.

In 2011, a 42-YEAR-OLD woman died days after attending the abortion clinic in Croydon where Peters once worked.

The abortion clinic’s owner, Dr Mark Schulberg, was in 2009 found guilty of unprofessional conduct for failing to gain legal consent to perform a late-term abortion on an intellectually disabled woman.

And earlier this year it was revealed that a 40-year-old woman was left fighting for her life in the Box Hill Hospital after Dr Schulberg performed a late-term abortion surgery on her.

More on plea here : Vic anaesthetist admits infecting women

Abortion doctor sentenced to jail for woman’s death

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The Cape Code Times is Reporting

The doctor who performed an abortion on Laura Hope Smith and admitted that his actions led to her death while she was under his care was led out of Barnstable Superior Court in handcuffs this afternoon.

In addition to receiving a jail sentence for pleading guilty to the criminal charge of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Rapin Osathanondh, 67, settled a civil suit and will pay $2 million to Smith’s parents, Tom and Eileen Smith of Sandwich.
Technically, Osathanondh was sentenced to two and a half years in jail, but through the plea bargain that time was reduced to six months, with release on parole after three months in the jail. Should Osathanondh be arrested or violate conditions of his probation after his release, he could be sent back to jail to serve out the entire two-year term. In addition, his sentence includes nine months home confinement during which he must wear an electronic monitoring device and cannot leave his house except in emergencies or for a pre-approved medical appointment; he can not practice medicine, cannot teach anything having to do with medical science and cannot contact the family.

The sentence also prohibits him from commenting on the case in any Internet social networking site, with Facebook specifically mentioned.

Defense attorney Paul Cirel said Osathanondh has “the most profound remorse and regret for Laura’s death for which he has taken and accepts responsibility.”

Osathanondh said nothing during his sentencing, but turned his eyes towards his victim’s parents as Tom Smith began to speak about the loss of his daughter. Osathanondh dropped his head as Smith told the court that he and his wife adopted Laura when she was 4 years old. “Laura was a delightful girl … she had a unique smile and a personality that lit up a room,”

Eileen Smith said, “Today man’s justice is being issued … the court is showing mercy.”

Smith, 22, never awoke after undergoing the procedure at the Women’s Health Center in Hyannis on Sept. 13, 2007.

Osathanondh pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter yesterday – the third anniversary of Laura Hope Smith’s death.

Last week, Maryland suspended the medical license of abortion doctor Romeo Ferrer, who killed Denise Crowe during an abortion he performed in 2006, declaring that Ferrer presented such a danger that “the public health, safety or welfare require emergency action in this case.”

This month, Maryland also suspended the medical licenses of Utah abortionist Nicola Riley and Delaware abortionist George Shepard for their participation in an illegal late-term abortion scheme that landed one woman in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. That scheme was operated by the notorious Stephen Chase Brigham, whose New Jersey license has been suspended effective Thursday. News story below:

Vicki Saporta, spokesperson National Abortion Federation contends that abortion is safe despite the facts that women are dropping like flies in injuries and deaths. Saporata, said this regarding the suspension of two additional abortion doctors involved in a serious abortion related injury in Maryland, “It is no surprise that abortion opponents are attempting to use the recent investigation of a Maryland clinic to depict abortion as unsafe and providers as unregulated. However, this case is not representative of the state of abortion care in Maryland or throughout the rest of the country….Yet, that is exactly what abortion opponents are doing. They are using this opportunity to call for more regulations on all providers in an attempt to further their goal of limiting women’s access to abortion care…Abortion providers should not be targeted for more regulations based on the troubled career of Steven Brigham.” However, earlier this week, Saporta said this, “They need to expand their investigation and look at all of the clinics he owns and operates in Maryland and determine if they, in fact, are also providing substandard care, And if so,” she added, regulators should “close them permanently.

In 1990 according to The Providence ( A Canadian Newspaper) Abortionist Steven Brigham attended a National Abortion Federation Conference, where he was quoted in the paper as stating the NAF party line that , “We believe women deserve the best care.” Old news stories also indicate that despite Brigham’s despicable behavior of botched and dangerous abortions, pro-choice supporters routinely came out to escort women into his clinics.

More on Brigham here

Pro-Life leaders are holding a press conference Wednesday to discuss these abortion clinic injuries, deaths, sentences, suspensions, and illegal activities and will call for criminal charges against the four abortionists who were suspended last week..

Today, justice was done,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who helped advise Eileen Smith after her daughter’s death and encouraged her to file complaints with the medical board and prosecutors. “Our condolences and prayers continue to be with the Smith family, who showed such an amazing strength of faith and courage throughout this ordeal.”

This conviction is an object lesson to prosecutors across the nation that abortionists can and should be held criminally accountable to the law for the sake of justice and public safety. There are abortionists out there right now who are endangering the lives of women who should be joining Osathanondh in jail. We hope today’s sentencing will encourage prosecutors to file criminal charges against abortionists who are breaking the law. Leaving these kinds of cases to the medical boards and civil courts is simply not good enough.”

Pro-choice abortion supporter accused of embezzlement

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From the LA Times

Ex-fire chief for Fillmore used city funds to pay for abortion, big-screen TV, prosecutors allege
March 24, 2010 | 12:53 pm

The former fire chief of Fillmore has been ordered to stand trial after being accused of using city funds to pay for an abortion for a city employee and items for his home.

Pete Egedi, who served as fire chief from 2005 to 2009, has pleaded not guilty to charges of embezzlement and grand theft.

According to the Ventura County Star, Egedi used city funds to purchase items for his wife as well as a big-screen television and other items for his home.

Egerdi is also accused of using public funds to help a colleague get an abortion at Planned Parenthood in Sherman Oaks, according to the paper.

A Ventura County judge Tuesday ordered Egedi to stand trial.

Egedi worked for the Fire Department for more than 15 years, according to Fillmore’s website. “He was responsible for helping to successfully establish the City’s paramedic services last year, made necessary by the closure of Santa Paula Hospital and its emergency room,” according to a biography from the city.
“Egedi also worked to create a public access defibrillator program in Fillmore and has been responsible for upgrading the department’s computer systems and automation,” according to the city biography.

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According to VSTAR, Detective Sgt. Cary Peterson, of the sheriff’s Major Crimes Bureau testified that in April 2008, then-Fillmore Finance Director Barbara Smith, acting on a tip from Fillmore Disaster Coordinator Patrick Maynard, uncovered 20 checks from the stipend account written to Egedi or his wife, totaling $27,950.

Egedi’s wife, Carol, did not work for the Fire Department, Peterson noted, and Pete Egedi was only entitled to $1,200 a year from the stipend account.

Peterson said Smith told him that from July 2007 to March 2008, Egedi overbilled the city $13,000 for hours that his volunteers did not work.

Peterson testified Maynard told him that in early 2007, Egedi received an emergency services reimbursement check for about $51,000, but instead of turning it over to Smith as he should have, he kept it.

The detective said Maynard told him that while that incident raised a red flag, Egedi ran the department like “a paramilitary operation where the chief wasn’t questioned.”

Maynard told Peterson another red flag was Egedi’s purchase of two widescreen TVs, one of which was installed at Egedi’s home.

Peterson testified Maynard learned of an $800 check from the stipend account for a city employee — a platonic friend of Egedi’s — to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood in Sherman Oaks.

Maynard said “he had been coerced by Mr. Egedi” to drive the employee to Planned Parenthood to undergo the procedure, Peterson testified.

Egedi was placed on administrative leave by the city in April 2008 after the Sheriff’s Department opened an investigation into the misappropriation allegations. His employment with the city ended in October 2008.

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