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UN Commission to investigate North Korea for among other things forced abortions!

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North Korea Forced Abortion

The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on human rights in North Korea was set up last March to investigate 11 different areas, including food deprivation, torture, executions, and religious persecution. Michael Kirby, chairman of the inquiry, said that inmates in North Korea’s prison camps suffered ‘unspeakable atrocities’, comparable to the treatment of prisoners by the Nazis during the Second World War.

‘The entire body of evidence gathered so far points to what appear to be large-scale patterns of systematic and gross human rights violations,’ Justice Kirby, a former judge of Australia’s High Court, told the U.N. General Assembly’s human rights committee last October.

Another survivor who shared her testimony in the Amnesty International video was Park Ji-hyun. She was sent to a prison camp in Onsung, after she attempted to escape from a Chinese farmer to whom she had been sold. She told of the horrific treatment of women in the camp, all of whom were forced to take a pregnancy test upon arrival at the camp. ‘They would force abortion after the pregnancy test,’ Ms Park said. ‘Pregnant women get sent to labour camps to carry loads up and down the hills which cause miscarriages.’

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China to deport North Korean refugees to horrific prison conditions

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Ten N.Koreans ‘may face death in prison camps’
(AFP) – 1 day ago 6/14/2010

SEOUL — A group of 10 North Korean former refugees could face death in the communist country’s prison camps after being deported by China, rights campaigners said on Monday.
The two men in their 50s or 60s and eight women in their 20s and 30s were caught hiding in the Chinese border city of Dandong and sent home on June 3, said the Seoul-based Citizens?

Alliance for North Korean Human Rights.

The group said the former refugees, who hoped eventually to come to South Korea, would end up in the North’s prison camps.

“In these camps, it is a matter of course that prisoners get beaten and tortured, pregnant women are forced to have an abortion, and new-born infants are killed in front of their mothers,” it said in a statement.

“Moreover, many prisoners cannot bear malnutrition and intensive labour and die. There have been occasions on which 20-30 people have died in a day.”

The rights group gave no further details on those deported. Seoul’s National Intelligence Service could not immediately confirm the case.

Most refugees cross into China, where they face forced repatriation if caught. Many travel on to Southeast Asian nations in the hope of eventual resettlement in South Korea.

About 18,000 North Koreans have arrived in the South since the 1950-1953 war, the vast majority in recent years.

The rights group urged members of the public to appeal for the group’s safety and release by writing to the North’s ambassador to the United Nations.