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Hillary Clinton advocates for elephants while pushing abortion on human babies

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While being a strong advocate for abortion on demand, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has decided to advocate for elephants in the wild.

White Gold Hillary

White Gold is a documentary narrated by Hillary Rodham Clinton and according to the website:

    “illustrates the awe-inspiring complexity, beauty and emotional intelligence of the elephant, Africa’s most majestic and iconic wild animal. It documents how, as the demand for ivory escalates, the stakes rise for elephants, people and peace. And, amid growing speculation from analysts around the world that ivory is likely to have partially funded the ongoing terrorist massacres in Kenya, the film poses the question: is this luxury commodity really so desirable, considering the ugly reality of terrorism and looming species extinction?”

In the trailer, Hillary can be heard saying, “Elephants are known to possess complex intelligence and most remarkably – they mourn their dead.”

Elephants Hillary Clinton

Hillary Elephants 2

This pregnant cow was sprayed with bullets…” the pro-abortion Democrat says with shock in the film.

Pregnant Cow Hillary

The images are shocking and the story of the elephants needs to be told. But, why isn’t the story of unborn babies being told? Why does Hillary advocate for animals while promoting the slaughter of human babies in the womb?

“This is the ugly truth of the ivory trade,” Hillary says.

Ivory Trade Hillary

Hillary Clinton has supported abortion on demand for any reason for many years as I have documented on this blog before.

In this March 12, 2003 CSpan clip on the debate over Partial Birth Abortion a procedure where a baby’s head would be delivered before the abortionist sucked out brain tissue to kill the child, Hillary reiterated her support for late term abortion.

Hillary Clinton once praised Planned Parenthood’s eugenic founder, Margaret Sanger.

Hillary clintonMargaret Sanger

Clinton has also praised other pro-abortion groups, like NARAL and received awards from abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Ready for Hillary

Her candidacy for president was recently applauded by abortion rights groups across the board.

Is Ms. Clinton is so eager to show the world what poachers are doing to elephants – perhaps we pro-life people could politely show Hillary Clinton what her views on abortion are doing to unborn children:



Aborted Baby

Aborted Baby 4



The question is – will Hillary at least look? I doubt it !!!