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Kudos to the writer from this BLOG AFROCONSERVATIVE for stating the following:

Jimmy Carter, the greatest president who ever lived, has said that the opposition to Obama is largely due to racism.

Members of the left use race, gender, and other “victim status” as a way to stifle dialogue about the issues du jour. I am not negating the fact that there is real racism. For example, James O’keefe (the young man responsible for exposing ACORN) exposed the blatant racism of the Planned Parenthood organization. Just in case you didn’t know, he called Planned Parenthood to donate money to them and requested that they make sure to use his money to abort a “Black baby” because “Blacks have way too many kids”. None of the operators working for Planned Parenthood objected to this, some even explicitly concurred. Mr. O’Keefe used this tactic to expose the blatant genocide (promoted by the left) of Black babies via abortion and those who use the euphemism “choice”. If Okeefe was really a racist, Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) would be giving him kudos.

So, in summation there’s modern day racism.
Exhibit A: Planned Parenthood.

I digress.

So, the Afroconservative has some questions for Mr. Jimmy Carter:

1. On November 4, 2008, 44 percent of White voters voted for Obama. If it wasn’t for the white majority, Obama wouldn’t have become president. Mr. Carter, did the White people who voted for Obama magically grow racist brain cells since January of this year?
2. Secondly, Mr. Carter, is it at all possible that the people of this nation are upset because our president is dismantling the very fabric that made this the Greatest nation on earth?
3. Also, Mr. Carter, when constantly reminding us that Obama is “Black” and people don’t like him because of it, don’t you think you are representing the exact opposite of Martin Luther King’s dream? Just in case you don’t remember, Mr. Carter, Martin Luther King dreamed for a day where people would be judged based on the contents of their character, not the color of their skin.
4. Is it also possible, sir, that those of you who are constantly evoking images of race, are the ones who are truly fixated on this issue?
5. Finally, Mr. Carter, I am a 25 year old Black Woman–so I know what it feels like to be “prejudged” because of my ethnicity, race, gender, and even my age. Am I racist against my own “people” too- because I oppose a large majority of Obama’s domestic agenda?

Mr. Carter, your comments are quite incendiary and actually pretty offensive. Your comments are especially offensive to me and other Americans who don’t really care if someone is White or Black but concerned about a Communist versus a Capitalist. You know, the difference between Liberty and Tyranny. I know members of the left probably excuse anything that’s said by their camp, but, please think before you speak.

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