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Baby delivered at 26 weeks comes to life after mother’s touch

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Despite supporting Planned Parenthood, a Johnson’s Baby vid is highlighting the precious story of baby Jamie who was born at 26 weeks along with his twin sister Emily.

The message J+J wants to send is, “Every baby can benefit from a loving touch.”

Johnson Johnson Loving Touch

According to the vid, Parents Kate Ogg and husband David say that they tried for three years to have a baby when they discovered they were having twins.

At 26 weeks Kate was told she was going into labor and would have to deliver the babies early.

However, after a premature birth the couple was told their first baby, a little boy, did not make it.

Kate Ogg Baby Twins 2

Kate said she snatched Jamie away from the doctor, unwrapped him and told David to take off his clothes and to get into bed with her where they held him close to their hearts, because he was cold and they did not want him to die.

We just cried and cried,” Katie said.

We told him he had a sister and her name was Emily and she was going to be okay and he needed to look after her. And we had big plans for his life….and then he started to move.”

Kate Ogg baby lives

They told the midwives he was alive and doctors said Kate and David needed to say goodbye to Jamie, because, they said he would not make it.

But Kate would not let go – and finally – Jamie opened his eyes and grabbed his father’s finger.

Kate Ogg Baby Moves 2

It was the most astounding and amazing thing that had ever happened,” Kate said, “We realized it was because we had held him. And because he had the body heat of his mother and father and that soft cocooning warmth that’s what brought him back and gave him the time he needed to live.”

Kate Ogg Baby Twins 3

Jamie made a complete recovery and is now able to look after his sister, Emily.

Kate Ogg Baby Twins

He recently celebrated his 5th birthday.

Jamie Ogg today

Although this is an amazing promotion of the humanity of children born at 26 weeks by Johnson and Johnson, the money they donate to Planned Parenthood is being used to abort other babies who will never get a “loving tough” from their parents.