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Dear Obama, Religious Freedom for who?

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I am so glad to hear that the President is for “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM” found in the Constitution as given to us by our founders. Just wondered, why he chose the Muslim Mosque to FINALLY speak out. What took so long when many Christians are facing discrimination?

Students told they cannot pray at the Supreme Court, in Schools, at football games,



And Teachers are also being arrested for praying:

Pro-lifers arrested for praying on public sidewalks



Christians arrested for preaching at an Arab Festival in Michigan

Zoning laws discriminate against Christian Churches



No prayer meetings allowed in homes in Gilbert, Arizona

Christians arrested after praying in a public park

Pastors Arrested for Praying outside Whitehouse !(Pastor Johnny Hunter and Pastor Stephen Broden)

( One note: The 2 courageous pastors above are featured in this powerful documentary on Black Genocide and abortion called – Maafa21)

Glenn Beck told by Kennedy Center- NO PRAYER !