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GOP Debate roundup Planned Parenthood, abortion, immigration, terrorism , ISIS

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Last night as I watched the FOX GOP Debate with the “top ten” presidential candidates, I tweeted some of their remakes as they unfolded.

GOP Debate 1

GOP Debate 4

GOP Debate 5

GOP Debate 6

GOP Debate 7

GOP Debate 8

GOP Debate 9JPG

GOP Debate 10

GOP Debate 11

GOP Debate immigration

GOP Debate2

GOP Debate3

Marco RUbio abortion GOP DEbate resume Hillary

Red Cruz on Terrorism GOP DEbate Radical Islam

Scott Walker Planned Parenthood abortion GOP Debate

Ted Cruz on ISIS Death Warrant DOP Debate

Trump run Independent GOP Debate Rand Paul

Ted Cruz debate recap:

Ted Cruz on ISIS:

Marco Rubio debate abortion:

After the Debate:

Scott Walker abortion exceptions debate

Walker debate recap

Megyn Kelly asks Donald Trump, “When did you actually become a Republican?”
also abortion and women:

Carly Fiorina – Rick Perry on Donald Trump

Trump and Rand Paul spar and Kasich on gay marriage in Debate

Mike Huckabee on same sex marriage and abortion

Ben Carson on Terrorsim

Ben Carson’s closing statement: Brain and Washington DC

Megyn Kelly spars with Donald Trump on women:

Trump would run Independent on debate:

Chris Christie and Rand Paul on Patriot Act and privacy – terrorism


Ben Carson

    I am only one to take out half a brain although if you go to Wash looks like someone beat me to it #GOPDebate funny!
    Carson on Hillary counts on ppl being uninformed #Alinsky model useful Idiots – #GOPDebate says he believes ppls are smart !
    Base tax on tithing – proportional tax system get rid of deductions and loopholes
    on #terrorism I wouldn’t broadcast to everyone what we are going to do – no such thing as politically correct war
    Bully pulpit place 2 start 2 heal race divide strength of America comes in unity we are USA – race does not define us
    Most important for next #POTUS is to “have a brain”

Senator Ted Cruz

    first thing I will do is rescind illegal ex orders of #Obama and open investigation of Planned Parenthood
    we see lots of campaign conservatives but if we are going to win we need consistent conservation #GOPDebate reads scripture daily
    “if you join #ISIS and wage Jihad on America you are signing your death warrant”
    Ted Cruz on #ISIS ” we won’t defeat radical Islamic Terrorists so long as we have POTUS fearful to utter the words
    I will always tell the truth

Senator Marco Rubio

    God had blessed us with many candidates while dems can’t even find one!
    Historians will look back and back on us and call us barbarians for #abortion
    I have never advocated #rape exception on #abortion law to protect unborn exists called Constitution
    even tax code 4 small businesses have regulatory budget repeal and replace #ObamaCare repeal Dodd-Frank
    Feds will use common core to force down local throats !
    Campaign supposed to be about future not past if I am nominee I we will be party of future
    Is this is resume competition #Hillary will be next prez

Rubio Barbarians unborn abortion

Gov. Scott Walker

    God calls us to follow his will and I hope to do the same living life as testament to His faith!
    Voters elected me for 3rd time unemployment was 8% now below 6% ppl like #Hillary thinks U grow economy by growing Wash
    I met with Saudi leaders greatest challenge – disengagement of America we are leading from behind
    I defuned Planned Parenthood long B4 videos came out
    I believe that is an unborn child in need of protection

More on Walker, Planned Parenthood, Immigration and abortion here:

Gov. Chris Christie

    we don’t need to fund enemies and Israel is a priority to keep them strong and safe
    71% of federal spending entitlements and debt #GOPDebate
    I’m only person who has filed applications under Patriot Act

Gov. Mike Huckabee

    military not social experiment purpose is to protect America
    on Iran – we got nothing we didn’t even get 4 hostages out when someone points gun to head and loads take seriously
    #FairTax is paid by everyone #pimps #prostitutes #illegals #drug dealers a like
    gov should change their retirement program or not have one instead of taking from #socialsecurity
    on #FairTax 60 million on Social Security Gov took the money out of their checkbook!!
    Federal gov puts mandates on states – beyond jurisdiction of constitution #EPA #IRS #GOPDebate move power back
    Time 2 Do something more bold invoke 5th and 14th amendment on abortion

Senator Rand Paul

    I don’t want marriage or my guns registered in Washington and ppl who have religious opinions gov should not interfere
    on Iran you have to negotiate from position of strength Obama gave too much away how do you get them to comply
    Paul to Christie” I don’t trust Obama I know you gave him a big hug…”
    I want 2 collect more records f/ #Terrorists and less from honest #Americans proud to stand 4 #BillofRights
    Shouldn’t fund our enemies

Donald Trump

    when you have ppl cutting Christians heads off, ppl at border, no time for tone get job done #GOPDebate #ISIS
    I have evolved on abortion like Ronald Reagan but what does he mean? #GOP #GOPDebate #prolife
    on company bankruptcy lenders not babies they are total killers tells #ChrisWallace your living in world of make believe
    gets snarky with #Chriswallace
    I have never gone bankrupt BTW
    defensive on dem giving
    system broken When they call I give and they are there for me
    on single payer – it works…wants private system #GOPDebate / #ObamaCare #prolife
    I was only one on stage to oppose #Iraq war
    on ObamaCare “disaster” was for single payer system years ago
    “Border patrol leaders stupid +and Mexican gov smarter- send bad ones over b/c they don’t want to pay for them”
    “if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be talking illegal #immigration” #GOPDebate #debate Build a wall Drugs go out/ money in
    #Trump on Mexico up !!
    I don’t have time for total political correctness

Gov. Jeb Bush

    says Trumps language is divisive – won’t win dividing country with optimistic message
    brags he defunded Planned Parenthood “my record as a pro-life Gov is not in dispute did 4 end of life issue as well” #GOPDebate
    on Planned Parenthood and #Bloomberg which gave millions to #PP basically admits he never looked at their budget #GOPDebate
    invokes “children will suffer” line on Common Core – what a joke #GOPDebate #Education #prolife
    on Common Core I’m for higher standards with abundant school choice blah…blah…blah…#GOPDebate didn’t say locals / parents have say Jeb on Iraq: “It was a mistake”
    “Majority of ppl coming here illegally have no option” #Immigration #GOP #Debate says eliminate sanctuary cities
    I’m my own man
    Bar is higher for me

Gov. John Kasich

    “America is a miracle county”
    I just attended a gay wedding #GOPDebate but says he supports traditional marriage
    “everybody has a right to their God-given purpose”

From early debate:

George Pataki and Bobby Jindal: Abortion/Planned Parenthood ( 20 weeks)

Jindal: I’ll Send Every Agency I Can After Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood better hope Hillary wins the election ~ Gov Bobby Jindal

Shockingly Mother Jones did a good analysis on what he candidates said about abortion and Planned Parenthood which you can read here.

Sarah Palin responds to Arizona Shooting and maligning Rhetoric

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Sarah Palin Statement on Arizona Shootings, posted with vodpod

Rev. Jeremiah Wright says Obama is a political Puppet

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more about "LISTEN: Rev. Jeremiah Wright Speaks a…", posted with vodpod

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Speaks at the Hampton University Ministers’ Conference; Says He Has No Regrets Over Fallout with Obama

June 10, 2010 12:50 PM |

In an exclusive interview at the 95th annual Hampton University Ministers’ Conference, Wright told Tribune Newspapers that he has not spoken to his former parishioner since Obama became president, and he implied that the White House won’t allow Obama to talk to him.

“Them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me,” Wright said. “I told my baby daughter that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck or in eight years when he’s out of office. …

“Ethnic cleansing is going on in Gaza. Ethnic cleansing [by] the Zionist is a sin and a crime against humanity, and they don’t want Barack talking like that because that’s anti-Israel,” Wright said.

Wright’s comments regarding Jews and Israel lit up Internet message boards and political blogs around the nation Wednesday and sparked national TV requests for a recording of the interview.

In the interview after a nighttime sermon Tuesday at the ministers conference, Wright said he has no regrets over the controversy that resulted in a severed relationship with Obama, a former member of Trinity United Church of Christ, the Chicago church where Wright long served as pastor.

“Regret for what … that the media went back five, seven, 10 years and spent $4,000 buying 20 years worth of sermons to hear what I’ve been preaching for 20 years?

“Regret for preaching like I’ve been preaching for 50 years? Absolutely none.”

Wright said that when he went to the polls, he held no grudge against Obama.

“Of course I voted for him — he’s my son. I’m proud of him,” Wright said. “I’ve got five biological kids. They all make mistakes and bad choices. I haven’t stopped loving any of them.

“He made mistakes. He made bad choices. I’ve got kids who listen to their friends. He listened to those around him. I did not disown him.”

El Paso County Commissioners Declare Sanctity of Human Life Week

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more about "El Paso County Commissioners Declare …", posted with vodpod

COLORADO SPRINGS – Colorado’s pro-choice community prepares to celebrate the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, just as El Paso County Commissioners assert their belief in the right to life. Tuesday El Paso County Commissioners chose a side in a controversial topic that always sparks heated debate.

“I think it’s important that we as elected officials let people know about important issues in our community,” said El Paso County Commissioner Wayne Williams. Williams believes that the sanctity of life is one of those key issues. “I do have a pro-life stance,” said Williams.

County Commissioners proclaim January 17 – 24 Sanctity of Human Life Week in El Paso County, championing compassionate alternatives to abortion, such as encouraging adoption and promoting abstinence education.

“We adopt the resolution each year,” said Commissioner Williams. It coincides with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. “I believe that might be part of the origin of it,” said Williams. “But in my case it happens to show up the week each year that I was adopted, so I think it’s pretty important.”

El Paso County Commissioners passed the resolution unanimously. “By celebrating this, by reminding people of the importance of life,” said Williams. “It’s our hope that we are continuing to be able to get families to come in and say we want to adopt and for those who are trying to make a decision as to what to do, to say yes, I’d like to place a child up for adoption.”

When asked whether the resolution blurred the lines between church and state, Williams said, “It doesn’t. Life is not a church and state issue that blurs some line. Life is one of the fundamental values that this nation was founded on. You don’t have to go very much further than the declaration of independence when we talk about the inalienable rights of life. I believe that Roe versus Wade was incorrectly decided. I do not believe there is a basis in the constitution for that decision.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: How come the reporters asked whether the resolution blurred the lines between church and state ? Would that not assume that if it did “Blur” the line, that the opposite would be true that funding abortion or Planned Parenthood would also be a violation of the “Separation of Church and State”

Meanwhile- in another county: The blog Creative Minority reports that:

The Santa Barbara Downtown administration is proudly flying the flag of death on their streets this week. The main street of the California town has been lined with Planned Parenthood’s flag to honor the organization and drum up its donations.

They commend the organization for promoting “honest communication between young people and parents, medically-accurate sex education in our communities, and access to affordable birth control and believes these are the real solutions to preventing teen pregnancy and reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections.”

PERHAPS they should watch the 2 hour film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America and see just how “Honest” Planned Parenthood has been not to mention EUGENIC !

(Clip of Maafa21 below)

Read the rest of CM’s report here : Creative Minority

Black Illinois Senate Contender sees abortion as Black Genocide

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According to the Chicago Tribune the Senate Seat fight in Illinois is heated and one issue is abortion. The Tribune reported that contenders for the Feb. 2 Democratic and Republican primary nominations for the U.S. Senate generally spoke of the need to encourage programs to reduce abortion in the country. But they diverged when asked how they would vote on abortion policy.

Democrats Alexi Giannoulias, Cheryle Jackson, David Hoffman, Jacob Meister and Robert Marshall all said they backed a woman’s right to have an abortion. Among Republicans, Pat Hughes, John Arrington and Kathleen Thomas expressed support for more restrictive policies on abortion, while Mark Kirk, a five-term congressman, supported abortion rights.

Hughes, a Hinsdale developer, said he believed that life begins at conception and said as a senator, “I would vote for more restrictions on abortion and help protect the lives of every American, born and unborn.”

Thomas, a Springfield researcher at the state’s historic preservation agency, said she would “work to remove the abortion issue from the federal realm to the states” for regulation.

John Arrington, a Harvey resident who is the lone African-American Republican contender, said opposing abortion was “a passion and a priority for me” and contended that the procedure is a “silent genocide” in the black community.

Arrington on abortion and pro-life In the Black Community it is Genocide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps Senate Candidate John Arrington has viewed the film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America?
Just Sayn’n !
Clip from the 2hour documentary: Maafa21 below !

Arrington on Health Care:

A Message From John Arrington

No other state embodies the American spirit like the state of Illinois, the land of Lincoln, the land of leadership. No other people embody the American spirit like Illinoisans. The American spirit is one of hard work and resiliency, opportunity and equality, sacrifice and generosity. Our national economy, political challenges and mistrust are no match for the spirit of the people of Illinois. That same spirit, voice, and will of the people that changed our nations’ destiny under President Abraham Lincoln is that same spirit, voice, and will present today to carry our nation through the lessons of the past, the challenges of the present, toward the prosperity of our future.

This is why I am campaigning for senate, not as a “professional” politician motivated by power and ego, but a citizen who sees the need for a revival of family values, ethics in the legislation of our laws and government, that is inspired by the power and will of the people. It is on this foundation that I build my campaign. One of a politician’s unforgivable flaws is when he or she forgets to hear the voices of his constituents and instead responds to the concerns of special interests. Let me tell you now…no, it is my intent to show you, that you are my special interests; you are the people I will remember and work for. You deserve more from your elected leaders and the time is now that you receive it.

I am running for United States Senator because I see past the challenges and obstacles and believe with certainty that there are common values and common frustrations and common needs that with the use of common sense, we can find common ground to rebuild and revitalize our great state of Illinois.

I am running for Senator because I believe in doing the right thing, the first time. I am pro-economic growth, pro-government reform, pro–family values, and most of all, pro-America. I will work relentlessly to improve our financial system, labor creatively for job growth and creation, mend our relationships with other nations, and to heal our economy at home and abroad.

I am running for Senator because I believe together we can recreate an Illinois government we trust and are proud of, one that truly governs of the people, for the people and by the people.

I John Arrington am prepared to serve you in the U. S. Senate by listening with understanding, serving with courage, and leading with conviction. I pledge to work with all Illinoisans, by realizing that action builds more trust than talk, and by staying focused on the job, the job of the people, until that job gets done right.

My faith in America is unwavering, my faith in people unrelentless, and my steadfast faith in God keeps a high calling of service and purpose in the forefront of all that I do. Feel free to peruse our website to learn more about our campaign and how it is energizing and electrifying people across Illinois in fostering new hope in the face of change.

God Bless You, God Bless Illinois, and God Bless America,

America is Safe again- for now ! US Senate Floor Empty

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2010 – Elect an Abortionist for Congress Year !

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Seems like 2010 will be the year that actual baby killers run for office.

In South Florida, Benjamin Graber is running for Congress, on the democratic ticket. Graber is a long time abortionist who ran two gynecological offices – One in Pompano and one in Coral Springs Florida – where he openly performed abortions. Graber has held several offices already , most notably a place in the Florida State House – where pro-lifers claim he used his “Title” to avoid prosecution when he failed to report suspected child abuse of a few young children he aborted (Story Below)

In 1988 South Florida abortionist Benjamin Graber, examined a 10-year-old girl whose father brought her in pregnant.

Graber performed an abortion on the child and returned her to the father who was later accused of raping her.

Despite mandatory reporting laws in the state of Florida, Graber did not inform the state of the possibility of incest at the time of the abortion, according to news reports.

Officials were never notified of the suspicion of abuse by Graber but found out only when hospital ER physicians examined the sister of the 10-year-old that Graber aborted who was taken to the emergency room for medical care.

By the time child protective services reached the children ( ages: 12,10,8 and 7 ) news reports indicated that the father had allegedly molested most of them.

This was two-years after the father brought the pregnant 10-year-old to Graber, for the abortion.
Joanne Richter, executive director of the Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center stated to the press that Graber should have been aware of the possibility of sexual abuse and called authorities.

Graber never faced any charges for failing to report the sexual abuse of this child. Some believe that his connections as a Florida State House Representative at the time played a role in the decision to not prosecute.

Years later, when abortionist Benjamin Graber decided to close one of his Graber Gynecological Affiliates medical offices in Pompano Beach, Florida where he performed abortions, he sought out another doctor to sub-lease the office, because he was still under a lease contract with the owners.

Graber arranged to sublease the office to another abortionist by the name of Vladimar Rosenthal who owned the Today’s Women’s Medical Centers (abortion clinics) in South Florida.

The Miami Herald had earlier reported that several former employees of Rosenthal went to the Herald complaining that that the conditions at Rosenthal’s clinics were not good for patients. The employees showed the paper records that Rosenthal was paying them commission to sell anesthesia at the door. The state inspected Rosenthal’s abortion clinic and found several obscene pictures of unconscience women with their legs apart belonging to Rosenthal’s male nurse.

Employees said they were fired when Rosenthal was told that they had complained about the conditions at the clinic to the National Abortion Federation.

Despite the fact that the above allegations were reported in South Florida newspapers, and on record with the State Department of Professional Regulations, Graber chose Rosenthal to sublease his office. In a letter explaining to the owner of the building why Graber chose to sublease the facility to Rosenthal, Graber described Rosenthal as, “an excellent tenant who has been successfully in practice for a number of years.”

Sources: The Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel: Father charged with sexually abusing 4 daughters By: Kevin Davis: 12-6-1988/ Coral Springs News, number 50″ Protestors: Graber should resign by Gary Curreri, 12-14-1988 / The South Florida Forum, Vol. 3 No. 6: Ben Graber under fire for abortion on 10-year-old by Paul Carson: 12-15-1988/ United Press International, Father charged with sexual abuse of daughters: 12-6-1988/Broward County 17th judicial Circuit Court case # 92-04044, Ted A. hunt vs. Benjamin Graber/ Florida Department of Professional Regulation Case # 89-010853 and Miami Herald 10-7-89./ Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, After state Senate loss, Graber will turn focus to promoting penny sales tax :9-7-2006 /

Other Sources: : Father Charged with sexual abuse of daughters (UPI) 12-6-1988; Legislator investigated over abortion – St. Petersburg Times 1-12-1989; Lawmaker under investigation for youth’s abortion (UPI) 1-11-1989

Here– Ben Graber brags on his GraberForCongress website of his pro-abortion stand.

Click to read Ben Graber bragging about his pro-abortion stand on THe Daily Kos – here

AD Below: Vote for Ben Graber and he will make sure his pocket is padded with Tax Payer Dollars that will go to fund abortions – No personal profit motive here since Graber is an ABORTIONIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is important to note that Ben Graber “claims” he supports women’s rights to abortion – but former abortion clinic owner Joyce Tarnow may differ with Graber on that. Graber bailed on Tarnow years ago – leaving her to hold the bag on a lawsuit:

This article from the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel explains:

Clinic Owner Says Graber Not Paying His Share Of Fees
May 09, 1993|By Buddy Nevins
Is State Rep. Ben Graber putting money before women?

He is stiffing us. He is shafting us,“ said Joyce Tarnow, the owner of the Women`s Clinic in Oakland Park, where abortions are given.

It is revolutionary for Tarnow to throw darts at Graber, the pro-choice champion of the Broward legislative delegation and a physician who operates abortion clinics.

But that`s what happens when money is involved.

Graber`s clinic, Tarnow`s clinic and the Broward chapter of the National Organization for Women all were ordered to pay the attorney`s fees for the anti-abortion Moral Majority last month.

Broward Circuit Judge Arthur Birkin decided that the three had frivolously sued the Moral Majority and ordered them to fork over $22,138. If one doesn`t pay, the others must pick up the slack.

That`s where Graber comes in … or ducks out. He doesn`t want to pay and has attempted to shield himself through a corporation that is now defunct, according to Tarnow.

Graber, D-Coral Springs, did not return three calls for comment.

Here is a doctor who claims he is the friend of the pro-choice movement who is dumping on us. We can hardly afford to stay open, much less pay his share,“ Tarnow said.

Tarnow said the debt, which continues to increase as the Moral Majority attorney files motions to collect it, could drive her clinic out of business.

Broward NOW, which has an annual budget of about $12,000 , has already said it faces bankruptcy because of the award.

According to the Sun-Sentinel – Graber addressed the lawsuit in his book which came out in 1990. It’s called “Abortion: A Citizen’s Guide to the Issues.”

At the time, Graber had been accused of not paying explaining a litany of lawsuits and some liens in his history, which then Florida Rep. Robert Wexler brought up:

In the late 1980’s and 1990’s I was targeted by radical Anti Abortion movement. They picketed my offices, my home and blockaded my office on many occasions. I filed a lawsuit to stop them and throw them out of Broward./ Loss of revenue from my business and legal fees were mounting. All the liens and suits were related to my business establishments and the aftermath of that battle. Everything was payed. The women’s group NOW was a party to the lawsuit, they wanted to settle. I refused. They had to pay their share. I continued the suit and eventually won. Liens were attached to my home by a few creditors from my business. The IRS liens were payed promptly but remain on record indefinitely. The North Carolina property was payed months ago. It was late by a couple of months, an oversight by my book keeper. This is the same stuff Wexler used in 1996. He knows the grief I and my family suffered from the Radical Anti abortion Movement. He is just an opportunist. Thanks.

“I was a champion of Women’s rights for years and continue to be one. I also ran for Congress to reform our health care system so all Americans would be covered properly. That is why I am running now. I reformed Health care in Florida in 1993-1996 successfully with a precursor to a national health plan. In Congress I will expand that program Nationally. I view public service as an obligation on my part, to help my fellow American. After all it was Americans that saved my family from the Holocaust and gave me a chance at life.”

Editor’s note – You can “Win” a lawsuit by closing a business and therefore wala – no more suit ! Graber the big-man defender of so-called “Women’s Rights” bailed on NOW and Tarnow- no question, but then again, I could care less, except to report this for those pro-abortion voters who do !


And in New York – Republicans are backing another pro-abortion candidate whose husband admits he did abortions ( But claims they were only to save the lives of women.)
In the article: A Doctor Seeks The House reported in CQ (12-9-2009)

New York Republican candidate and Ophthalmologist Nan Hayworth is challenging New York Democratic Rep. John Hall.

Republicans are thrilled: “She is a very exciting candidate,” said Pete Sessions of Texas, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “She is going to broaden the spectrum of people listening to the Republican message.”

CQ also reports that the Republican may have a few hurdles to overcome, at least one would think she would. But instead, the Republican leadership is doing flip flops over her. CQ states, Hayworth is more moderate on social issues, which could be a challenge should she face a primary rival. In particular, she is pro-choice, though she said she opposes late-term abortions and would have voted for the Stupak amendment in the House’s health care legislation to bar any chance that federal funding is used for abortion procedures.

But Wait – That is not all. Hayworth has another hurdle, CQ continues: Hayworth could also face questions about her husband, Scott, an obstetrician who in the past performed abortions when the life or health of the mother was at stake, none of which were late-term, her spokesman confirmed.

But good old republican leader Pete Sessions doesn’t hold that against her. After all Pete, just having a Party Platform which states that Republicans are pro-life is no reason to hesitate on a Republican Candidate who is “Pro-baby killing” and who is married to an abortionist? No- don’t let that “Big Tent – throw the baby out with the bath water – literally” mentality stop you !

CQ again: Sessions, for one, said he did not think Hayworth’s stance on abortion would be a major issue in the race, noting that late term abortion “is where the battle is being fought right now.”