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Ferguson police officer resigns over racist abortion joke

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According to the St. Louis American, the Ferguson officer who wrote racist jokes about black women who have abortions reducing crime has resigned from the force.

Sgt. William Mudd resigned on Thursday, March 5, 2015.

As I previously wrote, the Justice Department announced the findings of its two civil rights investigations related to Ferguson, Missouri. The Justice Department found that the Ferguson Police Department (FPD) engaged in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the First, Fourth, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. The Justice Department also announced that the evidence examined in its independent, federal investigation into the fatal shooting of Michael Brown does not support federal civil rights charges against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

The DOJ wrote this about the stereotype of Black abortions reducing crime:

Our investigation has revealed that these disparities occur, at least in part, because of unlawful bias against and stereotypes about African Americans. We have found substantial evidence of racial bias among police and court staff in Ferguson. For example, we discovered emails circulated by police supervisors and court staff that stereotype racial minorities as criminals, including one email that joked about an abortion by an African-American woman being a means of crime control,” the report reads.

ABortion Crime Ferguson

A May 2011 email stated: “An African – American woman in New Orleans was admitted into the hospital for a pregnancy termination. Two weeks later she received a check for $5,000. She phoned the hospital to ask who it was from.The hospital said, ‘Crimestoppers,’” the report states.

Sgt. Mudd was allegedly responsible for that email.

Interestingly, the idea of crime reduction from abortion is perpetuated by pro-abortion people dating back to the days of eugenics and include ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber.

But- where does the media point this out? No where.

I detail the ties of this racist attitude here.

Pro-choice men attack girlfriends over abortions

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A few years ago, Life Dynamics, Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas documented that violence inflicted on pregnant women by pro-choice men who want their pregnancy aborted is nothing new.

Under The Radar report pro-choice men force abortio

A large volume of these cases has been compiled in a report entitled, “Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion.”

So, it is no shocker that today on the Life Dynamics’ Blog they have posted stories of men who attacked women for refusing abortions and in one case, because the procedure took too long.

From Life Dynamics’ Blogs:

An Indiana pro-choice man has been charged with attempted feticide after giving his pregnant girlfriend an herbal supplement known to cause miscarriages.

25 year-old Jarod Rebuck spent Christmas in jail, after the victim said she smelled a strange odor in her drink and grew suspicious.

Rebuck had allegedly spiked the drink and the victim, who was 4 weeks pregnant, contacted police after she found Google searches on his cell phone for “ways to cause a miscarriage,” according to WRTV.


Read more here.

Life News is reporting another act of pro-choice violence on a pregnant woman, this time a man shoots his girlfriend for refusing to take abortion pills.

    A man who worried his girlfriend may be pregnant shot her in the head because she refused to take the morning-after pill, which he believed would either prevent her from becoming pregnant or end the life of her developing unborn child shortly after conception.

    Breyana Lewis was reportedly shot in the head and local police report that, after answering an emergency call, they found Lewis with bullet fragments in her head. Lewis told officers with Las Vegas police’s Violent Crimes Section that she had been having a sexual relationship with Myrick for two months when the altercation happened.

    Gregory Myrick, 21, was taken into custody along with Daquesha Fowler, a 20-year apparently in a love triangle with Myrick, with Fowler allegedly shooting Lewis because she refused to take the pill.

Read more here.

A South Carolina police officer has been arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend after her abortion.

According to reports, the victim, who was 10 weeks pregnant, called the police to report that her boyfriend, 38-year-old Officer Sierra Devonta Shivers had assaulted her.

Sierra DevontaAR-150109750.jpg&maxw=400&q=90

When police arrived the victim told them that the North Charleston police officer had been pressuring her to have an abortion.

The victim said Shivers drove her to the Charleston Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic in West Ashley to have the abortion and after the procedure Shivers punched her several times in the face because she had “taken too long“.

Charleston Womens Medical Center abortion clinic

Shivers has been charged with criminal domestic violence. He was released from the Charleston County jail on $2,505 bail.

Read more here.

Black cop records Ferguson message calls for prayer, forgiveness and trust in God

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Officer King B Woodard recorded a message against racism and looting in Ferguson from inside his patrol car and the video has gone viral on Facebook.

he says firth thing you should do is PRAY. Calls for trust in God and forgiveness as well as peace !!

Says Martin Luther King was rolling over in his grave seeing the riots in Ferguson. Asks the public to continue to pray for Michael Brown’s family and to pray for peace and for each other.

Pastor and Off-duty Ventura cop who hosed an abortion protester will not face charges » Ventura County Star

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Off-duty Ventura cop who hosed an abo…", posted with vodpod

Off-duty Ventura cop who hosed an abortion protester will not face charges
By Adam Foxman
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No charges will be filed against a Ventura police officer accused of spraying an abortion protester with water during an off-duty confrontation outside his church, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office announced today.

Cpl. Jon Hixson, 46, was cited on suspicion of battery after his fellow officers responded to a disturbance Sunday morning on a sidewalk outside First Assembly of God Church, 346 N. Kimball Road, police said. Hixson, a Santa Paula resident, is a parishioner at the church.

In a prepared statement, the District Attorney’s Office said the Ventura Police Department presented evidence that Hixson sprayed Todd Bullis of Ventura with water from a garden hose and spray bottles. Bullis is an anti-abortion activist who was protesting with several others in front of the church.

“While the spraying of water constituted a technical battery, no significant harm was done, and prosecution of a battery charge would not be a responsible use of public resources,” the district attorney said.

Bullis alleged Hixson sprayed him in the eyes with what he thought was vinegar from a spray bottle and then doused him with a garden hose. Bullis documented the incident in a 9-minute video he later posted on YouTube. The statement from the District Attorney’s Office did not mention vinegar.

Bullis and the others displayed large, graphic photographs of aborted fetuses in front of the church where parishioners, including children, could see them, prosecutors said.

Bullis said he didn’t have any particular gripes against First Assembly of God but was just trying to encourage all churches to invest more resources in the pro-life movement. He said he notified church leaders before the protest.

In e-mails today, Bullis, 47, called the district attorney’s decision an “abuse of prosecutorial discretion” and said he plans to sue Ventura police in federal court for violating his constitutional rights unless Hixson is suspended without pay and receives anger-management counseling.

Ventura police began an internal investigation and placed Hixson on administrative duties only. “The DA’s decision not to prosecute doesn’t have any impact on our administrative investigation,” said police Cmdr. Dave Wilson.

The investigation aims to determine if any department policies or procedures were violated by Hixson during the off-duty incident, Wilson said.
“Obviously the video is out there. We don’t condone that behavior,” he said.