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Teen on Anti-abortion Father: My Dad Has Inspired Me !

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Those who associate with the anti-abortion group, Abolish Human Abortion (AHA ) refuse to call themselves pro-life.

In fact, there are major differences between the two groups and even some hostility.

It would be too much to go into detail here, but, a close glance at the social media pages of AHA shows you that the group likes to criticize what they call the “Pro-life Movement.”

Dont call AHA Prolife

Because of this – there is much fighting between the so-called abortion abolitionists and many rank-in-file pro-lifers.

In fact, I have been one of those who has opposed AHA, generally.

Having said that, I also observe that some of what they do – I can get behind and agree with.

But, no matter what your views are on what Abolish Human Abortion members do or believe, I have come across a story involving a member of AHA which I feel is very touching.

It is from the daughter of one of the more well known Abolitionists members from Texas – Todd Bullis.


Todd is quite the character and, in full discloser, I happen to know Todd personally. He and I have gone our rounds on the Abolitionist vs. Pro-life strategy to ending abortion, believe me. We have had many heated conversations regarding statements and actions by AHA over the last year or so.

Recently, Todd has been engaged Abolish Human Abortion’s Project Frontlines which encourages their members to take images of abortion victims in front of high schools.


The strategy of using abortion victim images in public and in front of schools was not invented by AHA, pro-lifers have been doing this for many years. In fact, pro-life groups such as Justice for All, Created Equal and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and others have also used graphic imagery in front of schools for a long time.

The tactic is not without criticism though. There are some within the pro-life camp who believe that one should never use a graphic aborted baby image on a poster in public. Others would limit the use of those images to the public square but would exclude showing them to women seeking abortions. The majority of the pro-life movement seems to approve of the use of these images.

Apparently, so does AHA.

In fact, this blogger has pointed out that AHA’s creation of their graphic posters is directly linked to the pro-life movement who were the ones who risked it all to document the horrors of abortion in the first place.

But, I digress, back to Todd…

Todd Bullis school.

As I stated, Todd has implemented Project Frontlines and has recently positioned himself squarely in front of a High School in his local community of Little Elm, Texas. For this, Todd has been highly criticized. All alone, he stood exposing students to the horrors of legalized abortion in America. This blogger has written about the attacks he received from parents within the community here.

What many people do not know, is that because of Todd’s convictions and willingness to take criticism- the Mayor of Little Elm, spoke up on his behalf telling members of Todd’s church that, “Holding a sign on a corner is not extreme, even though it may be offensive to some. Holding a sign on a corner means you’re standing up for something. And, I will tell you the one thing I got out of this….finally, a man stood up for something in this country- we’re missing that. I have no greater admiration than anyone who stands up against evil. I also admire the strength that it takes to exercise the delivery of that message.”

You can read the full story on this blog here.

Next, Todd has set his sights on Frisco – a High School school which his own daughter attends. In response, the school has sent out a warning to parents in the community:

Ranger Nation

When I discovered that Todd was going to protest in front of his own daughter’s high school, I had to ask him- What does she think?

In reply, Todd sent me a poem which his daughter wrote, to respond to what people say about her father.

It was so heartwarming that I am publishing it here with their permission.

My father gets verbally & physically attacked for what he believes in.
Sounds absurd right?
You may be thinking “Hey that’s crazy” but what I am going to tell you now will make half of you change your mind.
My dad stands up against abortion.
Yep, that’s right.
The guy you see out there with the gruesome signs.
Now, it is a harsh subject, but I’m not here to talk about that.
I am here to state my views from the back.
Seeing your father being threatened and hurt, and people bringing down his self-worth.
All because, why?
because he decided to stand up for his perception of right.
Sure it’s been a tough run, being the daughter of the “crazy one”
but he is not an alien because he knows what he wants to be done.
People will treat him like a dog, maybe even less than one.
What he is doing may not agree with your views
but try to not only see it from the news.
Take it from an influential teen yeah, my dad’s a bit crazy but he has inspired me.
I learned to stand up for what I want, and for what I believe in,
and yeah, people will call you a treason
but take a step or two back and see.
What this world might become to be
when people decide it’s time to speak their minds
instead of keeping it all on the inside

Taylor Bullis daughter of Todd Bullis.

Todd Bullis and his daughter speaking for the unborn in the public square

Todd Bullis and his daughter speaking for the unborn in the public square

Whatever your thoughts are of Todd Bullis or AHA or perhaps anyone who opposes abortion generally, you have to wonder what a parent is doing right that a teenaged girl and the Mayor of a city will both admire his stand.

For all the criticism Todd has endured, Todd has perhaps received the highest form of praise by his own flesh and blood, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, “Take it from an influential teen yeah, my dad’s a bit crazy but he has inspired me. I learned to stand up for what I want, and for what I believe in.”

What more could a parent ask for?