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Planned Parenthood CEO arrested for Shop Lifting, made over 100 Grand

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ABC News:

ABC 6 News Reporter Robert Goulston has the story of a local CEO caught shoplifting at the Warwick Mall. Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island President and CEO Miriam Inocencio was caught by police stealing a shirt from Macy’s several weeks ago. Now reaction from those that know and work with Inocencio.

Hummel splits from ABC6; Planned Parenthood CEO resigns

Susan Yolen, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Connecticut, which was poised this week to assume administrative control of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island (PPRI), attributed the change to the difficulty of a small organization operating in a changing health-care market.

Yet it’s fair to suspect there’s more to the resignation of Miriam Inocencio, who had been CEO of PPRI for more than 10 years, in part since it reportedly came after an internal split among members of the local reproductive-rights’ organization’s board of directors.

At press time, Inocencio had not returned a phone message left at her Warwick home. And for her part, Yolen offered few specifics about how Planned Parenthood’s Connecti-cut organization became involved in the Rhode Island operation.

Yolen says Inocencio’s departure was unrelated to her having faced, as reported by Channel 6 in May, a shoplifting charge.

Asked about the financial condition of PPRI, Yolen said, “I really can’t say.” She nonetheless vowed that the delivery of services at the organization’s Providence location will not be impacted in the short-term, and that PPRI will remain viable.

Only on ABC 6: Head of RI Planned Parenthood Stepping Down Months After Shoplifting Incident

Warwick Police arrested the 59-year old in the spring after they say she stole an $89 Liz Claiborne blouse. The case was pleaded out in court and Inocencio reimbursed the store as part of the agreement.

Inocencio says she gave her voluntary resignation a couple of weeks ago, and that she is proud of what she accomplished during her 13 years as the director of the non-profit organization.

UPDATE II: Susan Yolen, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Connecticut, confirmed to me that Inocencio has resigned. She attributed the change to how “the market is changing,” and how “it’s difficult to be in a small Planned Parenthood fending for itself.”

Yolen says there is no relation between Inocencio’s resignation and how, as reported in May by Channel 6, she faced a shoplifting charge. The station said she was 59 and had been running PPRI for 13 years. “It’s not really about Miriam Inocencio,” Yolen says. “It’s about the world of health-care.”

Asked about the financial condition of PPRI, Yolen says, “I really can’t say.” She declined to comment on how Inocencio’s resignation came about and whether she was encouraged to resign.

Yolen confirmed that Planned Parenthood of Connecticut will be directing Planned Parenthood of RI. “I think it’s on the verge of being approved by both [boards],” she says, but she was reluctant to explain specifically how this change came about, saying just that it followed communication between the the two different organizations.

Yolen emphasized that there will be no immediate impact on the delivery of services at PPRI. “They are going to stay viable,” she says.

Change afoot at Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island

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