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Glenn Beck Obama loans 2 billion to Brazil Soros/ Obama drill profits billionaire while America looses

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‘Glenn Beck’: Who Gains From Offshore Drilling Moratorium?

This is a rush transcript from “Glenn Beck,” June 17, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

GLENN BECK, HOST: By the way, I told you to remember the moral equivalent of war. I said Obama’s speech was nothing like Jimmy Carter’s “crisis of confidence” speech and that’s true. Perhaps it’s because he learned from that speech.

During his speech, Carter read several views of different citizens, including this one from a, quote, “labor leader.” Watch:
JIMMY CARTER, U.S. PRESIDENT: And the last that I’ll read: “When we enter the moral equivalent of war, Mr. President, don’t issue us BB guns.”
BECK: Well, it’s good thing that progressives learned from their mistake. We are still looking for moral equivalent of war. But the president certainly hasn’t issued the labor leaders and the labor unions in this country BB guns. He’s about to give them the keys to the armory.
I’m going to talk to you now about the energy reform — reform that no one wants. In fact, reform that even Spain’s media is warning the Americans about, saying, “Obama is about to push America over the green cliff.”

Here’s an idea: Let’s make a rule that no major reforms can be jammed through during a crisis or a “moral equivalent of war.” We’re not thinking clearly. It’s kind of like hooking up while intoxicated. It seems like a great idea at the time, but then the beer goggles are removed and you think, why the rush?

Why are we doing — why are we force-feeding everything: health care, financial reform, immigration? Now, gigantic environmental tragedy is going to be used to tell us not how to shut the spigot here, but try to get us off of an oil-based economy immediately with no definable plan.

The coalition has fallen apart on this energy bill — cap-and-trade. They’ve already tried it and then it died. They tried it again and it died. Then they tried the American Power Act — cap-and-trade with a new name — and that died. And voila! Now, we have an emergency. And we know in progressive emergencies, you are never the one that wins.

A six-month moratorium on drilling is a death sentence. Why? Why is it a death sentence? Well, you know those big oil platforms that are sitting down and they’re going a mile down to drill — those big oil platforms are not cheap. They don’t just sit around if they’re not being used. They are immediately leased to some place else in the world and they are used for as long as they last.

You don’t just sit around with empty equipment. It doesn’t just go back on the beach. So when it’s gone, it’s gone. And so are the jobs, because not everybody can — not everybody can build them or work them. It’s first come, first serve.

So, what happens to the equipment and the jobs? Where are they going? How does that help you? A drilling moratorium — cap-and-trade — is going to make your life easier and cheaper. Does that sound real? Will your energy be cheaper? Will your job be or more less secure?

If your job isn’t more secure and your energy isn’t cheaper, who wins? Because you’re not. Who does? Well, the usual suspects.

Let me tell you here about George Soros, the billionaire progressive activist that funds the Center for American Progress. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Center for American Progress — which is the group that Van Jones and everybody has been hiding out in and picked the president staff — helps the president write his talking points and makes decisions. The report in The Wall Street Journal states May 4, for instance, the cap-and-trade energy and environment expert Daniel Weiss called on the president to name an independent commission to look at the causes of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. On May 22, he did just that.
On May 21, CAP president, John Podesta, privately implored White House officials to name someone to the public point person on the spill response. Guess what? A few days later, they did that.

On May 26, Weiss said that the White House needed to demand that BP immediately set up an escrow account with billions of dollars from which claims of the Gulf State residents would be paid out. Oh, yes. They did that one as well.

But don’t worry. It’s not like George Soros has anything to gain from how the president handles BP or anything like that. That would, of course, be wrong. And if that were happening I’m sure everyone in the media would be all over it — especially — especially thinking that there is a lot to gain here.

For instance, in Brazil. Brazil — according to Reuters, Brazil is the one that really stands to benefit from the BP oil spill catastrophe. As the U.S. moratorium makes more rigs available for other countries, Brazil is going to gobble them up. Brazil is plowing ahead now with a $220 billion, five-year — $220 billion five-year plan to tap oil fields that are deeper than BP’s ill-fated Gulf well. Remember, $220 billion, it’s deeper than what we have here and the equipment is going to go from the Gulf down there.

But again, George Soros has nothing to gain from this. He is just telling the president what to do through the Center for American Progress. Soros Fund Management, LLC — I guess we should tell you this — holds a stake in Petrobras. That is the oil company in Brazil in the amount of $900 million as of December 31, 2009.

Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, that the Obama administration — get this — the Obama administration is now lending $2 billion to. You ready? Wait for it. What is the $2 billion going for? To perform offshore drilling in Brazil.

Let’s see if I have this right: We ban it here; we lose the jobs here; we send the rigs down there; we loan Brazil the money to do the drilling in deeper water; the oil company — the big investor is George Soros who is advising the president on how he should handle the Gulf. Hmm.

The criminally-negligent media are too busy right now showing you pictures of birds with oil on them. They don’t have time to bring you stories of politician and billionaires with grease all over their palms.