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Abortion activists place child killing banner over I35 in Austin

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According to, Occupy Austin, a pro-abortion group that masquerades as being for the 99%, activists in Austin dropped an abortion banner over IH35 during rush hour to protest the pro-life law #‎HB2‬, being challenged in the courts.

Abortion supporters are not convinced that the law will be fully overturned when heard by the 5th Circuit this week.

Think Progress, a pro-abortion blog, explains, “The one silver lining facing advocates seeking to halt several provisions of a Texas law limiting access to abortion is that, when the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit decides this case, their decision may not be unanimous. Judge Stephen Higginson, an Obama-appointee to the Fifth Circuit, is one of the three judges who will consider this case on Friday. So, when the panel of judges issues their opinion, Higginson might write a dissent arguing that Texas’s law is unconstitutional.

There’s little chance that this position will win over another member of the panel, however, as the other two judges who will hear the case are staunch conservatives.

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The banner reads, “Abortions Save Lives, Keep Clinics Open, Block #HB2.”

The group did not state who placed the banners on the highway.

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If the 99% were really what the OWS movement was interested in they’d speak out for these women killed from legal abortion:

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They’d also be disgusted by the fact that tax funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which is on record covering for child sexual predators, pays most of their top execs six-digit salaries placing them squarely in the 1%.