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Authorities admit they ignored threats against now murdered anti-abortion activist

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So, the truth is starting to surface. Even though the pro-life community is well aware of the amount of threats we get- the authorities continue to ignore them and now one anti-abortion activist is dead because of it.

Angry pro-choicer murder suspect Harlan Drake, stands accused of murdering anti-abortion activist James Pouillon and gravel pit owner Mike Fuoss. On September 11,2009, Pro-lifer James Pouillon was standing in front of a school where he had stood many times before holding a pro-life sign which said, “LIFE”. That sign upset pro-abortionist Harlan Drake so much that he brought a gun and shot Mr. Pouillon several times. After killing Mr. Pouillon, Drake went on to kill one more person he claimed had done his mother wrong. Drake told police that if he was in for one murder, he might as well do more. He had a third man on his hit list but was caught by police before he could murder him.

Shiawassee County Assistant Prosecutor Sara Edwards said Drake had an “unusually close” relationship with his family and killed for them Sept. 11.

In Today’s 3/3/2010 Flint Journal,

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Former Owosso city councilman Michael Cline testified that he received several calls from, Drake’s mother, Kim Staples in the days leading up to the shootings, asking if he could do anything about Pouillon’s graphic signs.

He described her tone as “evil” and “nasty.”

“The conversation started the exact same way every morning, ‘He’s still there,’” he said.

She told him she would “send her boys over to go see Jim.”

“I didn’t think that anything like that would ever happen,” Cline said. ( And that is the “mistake” that authorities make, they fail to take threats against pro-life people seriously)

After the shootings, Cline testified that Staples called him and said “I have solved the city’s problem, my son has shot Jim Pouillon.”

Edwards said Staples was upset about the graphic pro-life signs that Pouillon would show children in front of Owosso High School and that Staples felt she was wronged by Fuoss and a local real estate agent.

Drake told police that the night before the shootings he intended to kill Pouillon if he saw him at the school the next day.“I just drove and stopped, and I shot (Jim Pouillon),” Drake said during an interview recorded by police the day of the shootings. “He was still moving so I shot him one more time. I aimed under the ribcage going up toward the heart.”

“I figured if he was there, I’d make sure he wasn’t there (again),” he said in the taped recording, at times crying and at other times correcting his own grammar and politely laughing with detectives.

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The mother of a man accused in a high-profile double-murder case testified today, shedding new light on her relationship with the two men murdered and an intended third victim.

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My question is why isn’t this being prosecuted as a HATE CRIME !!!!!
The double murder trial of Harlan Drake is underway in Shiawassee County.

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