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WANTED: One Million BORN people to support Planned Parenthood

Posted in Abortion, Defund Planned Parenthood with tags , , , , , , on March 2, 2011 by saynsumthn

this just in from Planned Parenthood. They are looking for One Million people to support them in asking Congress to NOT Defund them…. See their plea below:

When anti-choice members of Congress voted to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding, they thought they’d won. But — they were wrong. So very wrong.

They didn’t just underestimate us. They underestimated you.

Since the vote on February 18, more than 700,000 women and men have signed an open letter to stand with Planned Parenthood against these outrageous attacks. Unbelievable! We’ve made an impact. And, as the Senate considers its course on this legislation, we have the chance to make an even bigger impact. We have a chance to stop it — but we need your help. Be one in a million by adding your name today.

I find it interesting that an organization which KILLS MILLIONS of children now has to rely on a million BORN people to keep them funded !

I Hope they have FLUSHED their chances down the drain !!!!!

One reason to DEFUND Planned Parenthood is BLACK GENOCIDE: Watch Maafa21

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