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Is Occupy Wall Street planning to descend on Texas for abortion special session protest?

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This headline from Occupy Wall Street “We will be ready for Texas” might be a report- or perhaps they are planing to descend on the Lonestar state to assist Planned Parenthood – time will tell.

OWS PP Texas

This would not be the first time Occupy Wall Street and Planned Parenthood teamed up: Read here and here

And here are some posts from the various Texas Occupy pages:

Occupy Dallas




For further confirmation go here: Occupy movement, socialists helped stoke abortion furor

TX Lt. Gov. Accuses Abortion Bill Protesters Of Using ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tactics

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Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said Wednesday he was “frustrated” with the results of an epic special legislative session after he declared at about 3 a.m. that the state’s hotly contested abortion bill could not be passed.

Dewhurst said an “unruly mob using Occupy Wall Street tactics” defeated the legislation he said was intended to protect women and babies, according to the Texas Tribune.

Protesters in the gallery erupted in cheers along with Senate Democrats when the clock struck midnight without a final vote having taken place, preventing Republican senators from completing the voting process within the constitutionally prescribed time and effectively defeating the bill.

President Obama weighed in tweeting support for Texas Senator Wendy Davis:
ObamaSuports Wendy Davis

Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization in Denton, points out that while Davis does her pro-death dance today, state and national media will likely cover the filibuster while ignoring accusations that after birth abortions are being performed in the state.

KARPEN Clinic Workers Pic
A few weeks ago, Life Dynamics released an interview with three former abortion clinic workers who accused Houston, Texas abortionist, Douglas Karpen of killing babies after birth.


Since Life Dynamics’ video was released, Texas District 61, State Representative Phil King along with several other state lawmakers have called for a full investigation of the late term abortion doctor. In addition, Rep. King has mailed a copy of the testimony to the Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department. According to Harris County DA’s Office spokeswoman Sara Marie Kinney, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office is cooperating with an investigation by the Houston Police Department.

While Wendy Davis, along with abortion giant Planned Parenthood claim the whole world is watching Texas, Life Dynamics asks when will the media do their job and report these Gosnell style accusations to the nation?

TEXAS Filibuster

KARPEN PHOTO 2-942f39ee34

Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics said, “They’ve seen these things go on; they’ve participated in them. He’s delivering them live and killing them outside the womb…He sometimes twists their heads off – he would just grab them by the shoulders and by the head and twist their necks, ring their necks like a chicken, literally.

What we have witnessed in our video is the nature of the beast. Simply put, this is Abortion! If the abortion lobby thinks this issue is going away, they are, literally, whistling past the graveyard.”

A portion of the interview conducted by Life Dynamics interview can be viewed here:

Video Link:

Abortion clinic employee, “I thought, well, it’s an abortion you know, that’s what he does, but I wasn’t aware that it was illegal…Most of the time we would see him where the fetus would come completely out and of course, the fetus would still be alive..”

“He does a lot of huge abortions. A lot of the times, we would bring the big fetus that were over age, we would re-open the bag and just look at it and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so big!'”

“Sometimes he couldn’t get the fetus out. He would yank pieces – piece by piece – when they were oversize. And I’m talking about the whole floor dirty. I’m talking about me drenched in blood.”

Life Dynamics was founded in 1992 by Mark Crutcher and has gained a trusted reputation for ongoing research into the abortion industry.

For an interview, call Life Dynamics at (940) 380-8800


Partial transcript from the interview:

Clinic Worker: “ Most of the time we would see him where the fetus would come completely out and of course the fetus would still be alive because it was still moving, of course, you could see the stomach breathing and um that’s when he would do his um, he would snip the spine, as they were saying this doctor did and of course the soft spot was one of the spots that he um would take one of the forceps, or what is it called? The dilators and stick it down the soft spot of the fetuses head.”
Interviewer: “You saw this happen?”
Clinic worker: “Oh yes. I think every morning I saw on several occasions. If we had um, if we had 20 something patients, of course maybe 10 or 12, or 13 or 15 would be large procedures – out of those large procedures I’m pretty sure I was seeing 3 to 4 fetus that were completely delivered in some way or another.”
( View here

Interviewer: “You would see the baby alive”
Clinic Worker: “Yes, sir.”
Interviewer: “and him kill that baby outside the womb?”
Clinic worker: “Yes, sir”
Interviewer: “And this would be done by jamming some kind of instrument into the soft spot?”
Clinic worker: “Either that or actually twisting the head off the neck, kind of with his own bare hands?”
Interviewer: “And you saw that happen?”
Clinic worker: “Yes, sir”
Clinic Worker: “Sometimes he would go through the stomach as well”
Interviewer: “Sometimes he would do what?”
Clinic Worker: “He would like, force it through the stomach.”
Clinic Worker: “The, the instrument…”
Clinic Worker: “and he’d twist it”
Interviewer: “And you saw that?”
Clinic Worker: “anything that he could get to…like she said..”
Clinic Worker: “I normally saw either the snipping of the spine or the introduction of the instrument in the soft spot of the fetus normally or twisting of the neck”
Clinic Worker: “Remember he would like take his finger”
Clinic Worker: “Or his finger, he’d take his finger”
Clinic Worker: “uh, through the throat”
Clinic Worker: “Yeah”
( View clip Here – )

Watch several minutes of the clinic workers interview Here:
View Rep. King’s Letters here –
About Life Dynamics:
Mark Crutcher’s Bio
View photos here ( WARNING VERY GRAPHIC)

Occupy protester arrested sentenced to 35 years in prison

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H/T Gateway Pundit:

An #Occupy Oakland activist was sentenced to 35 years and eight months for murder and sexual assault.
CBS Local reported:

A paroled felon was sentenced Thursday to 35 years and eight months in state prison in connection with the fatal shooting death of a man near the former Occupy Oakland encampment in November 2011 and for a sexual assault that occurred five days later.

Issac McDaniels, 32, of Oakland, had faced a potential life term for sexually assaulting a woman on 13th Avenue in Oakland on Nov. 15, 2011, but prosecutors dropped a kidnapping charge against him last November in exchange for him pleading no contest to four felonies.

The charges are forced oral copulation and second-degree robbery for the sexual assault, and assault and being an accessory after the fact for his role in the fatal shooting of Kayode Ola Foster, a 25-year-old Oakland man, near the former Occupy encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza shortly before 5 p.m. on Nov. 10, 2011.

McDaniels also admitted he had a prior conviction for robbery, which increased his prison term.

PREVIOUSLY REPORTED: Anarchists who plotted to blow up Cleveland bridge attended Occupy Cleveland

Gateway Pundit reports that : 20-year-old Norris Terrell, of Oakland, was picked up in late November 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. Prosecutors charged him with murder in the Nov. 10 slaying of 25-year-old Kayode Ola Foster, who was staying at the #Occupy Oakland camp.

Liberal Occupy Wall Street activist Busted for Weapons, Terrorist Book, media silent !

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According to the blog PoliticaStream

The privileged daughter of a prominent city doctor, and her boyfriend — a Harvard grad and Occupy Wall Street activist — have been busted for allegedly having a cache of weapons and a bombmaking explosive in their Greenwich Village apartment.

Morgan Gliedman — who is nine-months pregnant — and her baby daddy, Aaron Greene, 31, also had instructions on making bombs, including a stack of papers with a cover sheet titled, “The Terrorist Encyclopedia,’’ sources told The Post yesterday.

People who know Greene say his political views are “extreme,” the sources said.

Cops found the stash in the couple’s West Ninth Street home Saturday when they went there to look for Gliedman, 27, who was wanted for alleged credit-card theft.

The New York post reported that Aaron Greene was a member of Occupy Wall Street. According to the UK Daily Mail, the New York Post reported that Greene was a member of Occupy Wall Street, though an NYPD spokesman told MailOnline that his connection to the group was still being investigated.

According to DNA INFO:

The pregnant ex-prep schooler and her activist boyfriend kept a cache of weapons inside their apartment, including an explosive chemical and a how-to guide to terrorism, according to a criminal complaint.

Morgan Gliedman, the 27-year-old daughter of a prominent Manhattan doctor, and Aaron Greene were busted Saturday at 6 p.m. when cops with a search warrant raided their Greenwich Village apartment on West 9th Street, the complaint says.

Cops, including members of the NYPD’s intelligence division, recovered a plastic container of HMTD, a highly explosive powdery substance used for making bombs, according to the complaint in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Gliedman, who grew up on Park Avenue, and Greene are also accused of having chemical precursors to HMTD, a sawed-off shotgun and multiple rounds of ammunition in their bedroom.

Cops also found sheets of paper with the cover page entitled “the terrorist encyclopedia,” the complaint says. The couple also allegedly had instructions on manufacturing explosive materials and bombs.

The two are charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the first and second degree. The criminal complaint says the pair intended to use the explosive and the shotgun against someone or property.

Greene, 31, was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Sunday, sources said. Gliedman has not yet been arraigned. The Daily News reported that her arraignment was delayed because she had gone into labor.

Racist founded mega rich Planned Parenthood to join Occupy Wall Street anniversary

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According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal Planned Parenthood, a eugenics abortion clinic chain founded by a racist Klan speaker whose gets mega tax dollars and then pays their staff in six digit salaries, is joining with OWS to mark the 1 year anniversary

To mark the one year anniversary of Occupy Memphis and the nationwide Occupy Movement, speakers from the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood and others will join local musicians and Occupy supporters. Guests are asked to bring their own tents and gear, as well as their own signs.

When: 8 a.m.-Midnight on Saturday and Sunday; Noon-6 p.m. on Monday

Where: Audubon Park Pavilion (Southern and Goodlett) on Saturday and Sunday; Overton Park Pavilion (E. Parkway and Sam Cooper)

Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, was a member in good standing with the racist American Eugenics Society.

In addition, Sanger was an admitted Klan speaker. This is what Sanger wrote in her autobiography, “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan…I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses…I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak…In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.” (Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366 Read it here

Today- Planned Parenthood takes in millions from the Tax Payer and Billions of dollars annually. The fact that OWS joins with an organization that bilks the taxpayer out of millions and millions of dollars and then pays their staffers in 6 digit salaries is a bit hypocritical.

Planned Parenthood is the 1% not the 99%:

Cecile Richards; Planned Parenthood President

Planned Parenthood received $349.6 million in tax dollars in the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2008, and $363.2 MILLION Dollars on Government Grants ( Tax Dollars) in 2009– that is ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY of taxpayer money !!!
Planned Parenthood then took those hard earned dollars away from poor and middle class hard working people and and it paid its president, Cecile Richards, $385,163, plus another $11,876 in benefits and deferred compensation. ( View 2008 990 here )

The $385,163 in pay Planned Parenthood President Richards received in the organization’s fiscal year ending June 30, 2008 was recorded in the group’s publicly available Internal Revenue Service Form 990 filed for that year.

Richards also received $346,285 in total compensation from Planned Parenthood and $38,476 in total compensation from related groups in the organization’s fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2009, according to the organization’s Form 990 for that year.

Other Officers at the National Level received the following compensation:

CFO, MARIA ACOSTA received $89,691 from Planned Parenthood $5,725 from related organizations and $2,362 in estimated compensations

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER MARYANA ISKANDER received $245,814 from Planned Parenthood and $23,696 in estimated compensations

VICE PRESIDENT OF DEVELOPMENT KIM MEREDITH received $220,427 from Planned Parenthood $24,492 from related organizations and $24,076 in estimated compensations. Before joining PPFA in 2006, Meredith spent nearly nine years as the chief operating officer at the now defunct and now disaffiliated Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, a Planned Parenthood clinic which sqandered tax dollars and will close and never repay their debtors .

NATIONAL POLITIC AND FIELD DIR, ELLEN GOLOMBEK received $203,843 from Planned Parenthood $10,729 from related organizations and $15,288 in estimated compensations, she has since left Planned Parenthood to work in the Colorado Governor’s Administration.

VP OF MEDICAL AFFAIR, VANESSA CULLINS received $248,251 from Planned Parenthood and $15,600 in estimated compensations
VP OF GENERAL COUNSEL , BARBARA E OTTEN received $219,210 from Planned Parenthood $11,537 from related organizations and $39,074 in estimated compensations

According to a Planned Parenthood Mar Monte 2009 990 report:

Linda Williams CEO

Linda T Williams , CEO earned $322,902 in reportable compensation plus $27,021 in other compensation

John R Giambruno, CFO/VP earned $198,282 in reportable compensation and $19.335 in other compensation

DOROTHY LOUISE FURGERSON, M.D. , medical director earned $228,4211 in reportable compensation and $13,483 in other compensation

ABRAHAM CABICO CABEBE, M.D. , physician earned $188,818 in reportable compensation and $11,19 in other compensation

Rayroz Dodson-Crawford, controller earned $168,540 in reportable compensation and $15,966 in other compensation

KAREN MICHELE WEBSTER, M.D. , physician earned $167,485 in reportable compensation and $9,847 in other compensation

Richard Fischer, assoc. medical director earned $163,156 working 20 hours in reportable compensation and $8,751 in other compensation

Jesse Joplin earned $260,856 for “medical services”

RONALD BERMAN, M.D. earned $149,545 for “Medical services”

Here is the real kicker- the JANITOR also makes a 6 Digit Salary:

Planned Parenthood then took those hard earned dollars away from poor and middle class hard working people and it paid its president, Cecile Richards, $385,163, plus another $11,876 in benefits and deferred compensation. ( View 2008 990 here )

According to a 2010 990 released by Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

Leonard Dodson took home $186,974 in base compensation $15,000 in bonus incentive compensation $5075 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $207,049 salary

Darrah Johnson took home $243,654 in base compensation $25,000 in bonus incentive compensation $6000 in other reportable compensation $19,700 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $294,354 salary

Kate Sheehan took home $166,260 in base compensation $146,249 in other reportable compensation $4988 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $317,497 salary

Keith Limberg took home $182,510 in base compensation $4000 in bonus compensation $10,997 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $197,507 salary

Amgela Reed took home $174,720 in base compensation $11,328 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $186,048 salary

Nancy Sasaki took home $180’418 in base compensation $5000 in bonus incentives $2761 in other reportable compensation $7570 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $195,749 salary

Son Nguysen took home $22,169 in base compensation $69,466 in other reportable compensation $12,398 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $309,031 salary

Thomas Moran took home $249,185 in base compensation $4731 in other reportable compensation $10,154 in non taxable benefits for a whopping $264,070 salary

Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic CEO Reina Schiffrin , she earned a whopping $296,908 in reportable compensation and $58,093 in “other Compensation” for a total of $355,001, according to a 2009 990 on file for the abortion giant.

Melaney Linton became the CEO of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC) Linton, who served as Chief Operating Officer, was selected by the Board of Directors to take on the role upon the retirement of current CEO, Peter J. Durkin. Durkin has led the organization for 27 years.

A 2010 Planned Parenthood 990 on file reveals that Linton, earned $151,475 plus $27, 082 Reportable Compensation and $12,420 “Other Compensation” as the COO at the time.

Former CEO Peter Durkin who was still President in 2010 earned $234,538 plus $5735, in Reportable Compensation and $14,293 in “Other Compensation”

CFO Jeffrey Palmer earned $127,236 plus $15,991 in Reportable Compensation and $13,547 in “Other Compensation”

Pamela Garrett , VP of administration earned $95,762 plus $22,882 in Reportable Compensation and $10,410 “Other Compensation”

Laurilynn McGill, VP of medical services, took home $104,991 plus $7,370 in Reportable Compensation and $10,214 in “Other Compensation”

Bonnie Smith VP of Medical Services earned $95,963 plus $16,675 in Reportable Compensation and $10,071 in “Other Compensation”

Planned Parenthood Arizona President & CEO Bryan Howard

According to a 2009, Planned Parenthood 990, Bryan Howard rakes in $198,863 in reportable compensation and $17,571 in other compensation for a grand total of $216,434 in ABORTION BUCKS $$$$$$

In 2008- Planned Parenthood New England’s 2008 990 reports that








Planned Parenthood of New York City : Officers six digit salaries as reported on their 2009 990 tax form:

Joan Malin – made $229,064

Maureen E. Paul made $327,061

Louis K. Corso made $173,423

Gerald Zupnik made $257,929

Gillian Dean made $156,912

Anne M. Robinson made $168,767

What does Tax Dollars get Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Triple Digit Pay Checks !!!! Paid for by you and me, according to their 2008 990 tax form.

Medical Director Caroline Hoke made $313,895

CEO Steve Trombley made $304,220 plus $58,000 bonus income = $362,220

Physician Jennifer Brown made $155,330

Physician Darwin Jackson made $111,525

CFO Cheryl Harris made $120,324

VP of development made $119,915

VP of clinic operations Julie Rabinovitz made $116,748

Assoc. Medical Director Kai Tao made $109,725

According to the report, the average hours they all worked was only 35 hours per week for their FAT CAT RICH TRIPLE DIGIT PLANNED PARENTHOOD SALARIES !

According to a 2008 Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino 990- several employees of the tax funded organization rakes in 6 digit salaries:

CEO Jon Dunn $270.529 plus $10,000 in bonus and incentive compensation and $25,242 in non-taxable benefits for a grand total of $305,177

Stephanie Knight SVP-CA was paid $145,154 plus $16,116 in non-taxable benefits for a grand total of $161,270

Nancy Dudley SVP-SD was paid $162,189 plus $14,741 in non-taxable benefits for a grand total of $176,930

Dan Seargeant , SVP-Finance was paid $133,770

Scott Marshall, SVP-HR was paid $131,453 plus $14,099 in other compensation

Mary Sedo, Clinician was paid $110,619 plus $12,599 in other compensation

Robert Armenta , VP-PA was paid $101,146 plus $11,946 in other compensation

Qin Zhao , Clinician was paid $104,340 plus $8,446 in other compensation

Helen Hashimoto , Clinician was paid $99,098 plus $9,761 in other compensation

According to the 2007 990 tax report filed by Mid-Hudson Valley Planned Parenthood , their execs are smiling because they raked in thousands in salaries off the backs of taxpayers like you and me:

President and CEO Claire Coleman made $154,437

Physician Raymond Burnett-Biglane made $104,749

VP Patient Services Kyra Carr made $93,426

VP Development Anne Matsui made $86,775

VP Finance Yvonne Van Tassel made $86,775

These figures do not account for each Planned Parenthood director – there are over 800 locations, making triple digits in many cases as welll….

Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Web site shows that it performed 332,278 abortions in 2009, up 8,270 from 2008. Why should the taxpayer be forced to fund abortion?

Planned Parenthood also PROFITED $64 million dollars in that same year ! Why do they need you and I to fund them?

But, Planned Parenthood’s profits are politicians gains. Just look at this analysis from Open Secrets which monitors 501C3 organizations and how they distribute and collect their funding:

The organization’s political action committee, for example, donated more than $148,000 to federal candidates — almost all Democrats –– during the 2010 election cycle. The PAC spent more than $443,000 overall.

Planned Parenthood also recorded $905,796 in independent expenditures during the 2010 cycle — money spent in support of, or in opposition to, federal political candidates, largely through advertisements. The top beneficiaries of this money were Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.).

In 2010 alone, Planned Parenthood and a California affiliate together spent more than $700,000 on federal lobbying efforts, a Center for Responsive Politics analysis of federal lobbying records finds. By comparison, all other organizations that primarily advocate for abortion rights collectively spent $247,280 on federal lobbying efforts during the same period.

So, not only does taxpayer money make Planned Parenthood officials RICH FAT CATS, they also expand the coffers of the politicians who support them- see how the cycle works?
Planned Parenthood also PROFITED $64 million dollars in tat same year ! Why do they need you and I to fund them?

Now – Congress wants to defund Planned Parenthood and some in Congress are willing to shut down the entire government to make sure that Planned Parenthood’s Ponzi Scam continues to be funded ! They argue that Planned Parenthood is a “good” organization despite the fact that they were founded by a RACIST KLAN speaker who was so connected with the Eugenics Movement that many of her Planned Parenthood board members were Eugenics members as well. Eugenics is the movement that forcefully sterilized thousands of Blacks in the US and Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger agreed with that ideology. For more on that history watch the documentary film: Maafa21

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has mounted a major lobbying campaign in the Senate to fight efforts to strip the organization of its federal funding.

After looking at the EXECUTIVE PAY SCALE, I can see why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( More on some of their individual clinic director salaries here )

Tell Congress to stop this scheme and Defund Planned Parenthood Today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE HERE: Planned Parenthood getting rich off the taxpayers

How Much: Free

More Information: Visit

Taking part in a riot can be an ecstatic, spiritual experience, says senior Church of England bishop

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A senior Church of England bishop declared yesterday that rioting could be ‘an ecstatic, spiritual experience’.

The Right Reverend Peter Price said rioters in last summer’s deadly disturbances found spiritual escape as they looted and burned.

He spoke out as the Church’s parliament, the General Synod, approved a report that blamed last August’s four days of disorder on Government spending cuts, inequality and ‘structural sin’ in the rest of society.

Dr Price, 68, the Bishop of Bath and Wells, said it was important to ‘sound a clear warning note about the social consequences of austerity measures which hit the most vulnerable hardest and leave the very rich unscathed. When the nation tightens its belt, inevitably the least resilient are those who suffer most.’

He continued: ‘I have no intention of being sentimental about the people, mainly young people, who took to the streets last August and destroyed property, ruined other people’s lives and walked off with looted trophies.

‘Riots embody appalling evil and criminality and those who get drawn in often display great wickedness.’

But he added: ‘Rioting can be, literally, an ecstatic, spiritual experience. Something is released in the participants which takes them out of themselves as a kind of spiritual escape.

Read more here

Occupy protester squashes free speech in attack on pro-life display

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The Daily Caller reports: American college campuses are supposed to be bastions of free speech that encourage the collision of ideas and tolerate peaceful protests about the issue du jour.

However, all that was literally run over a couple weeks ago when an “Occupy Dartmouth” supporter ran over a stream of American flags with his Toyota Camry. The flags were part of a pro-life memoriam, “Cemetery of the Innocents.”

Vita Clamantis, Dartmouth’s pro-life student group, had assembled the memoriam on a campus lawn after obtaining permission from administrators. Members of the group were stunned to watch the Camry, which was sporting a “coexist” bumper sticker, careen through their protest and continue down the street.

Shortly after, campus security and the Hanover police arrived to investigate the scene and ensure that everyone was safe. (The Dartmouth Review has a slideshow with pictures of the protest and its aftermath here.)

According to OneNewsNow: Other protesters stole some of the flags and posters, and another put up a sign that read: “May the child you save be GAY.” Hanover police arrested the protester after he ran over the display of 546 American flags, representing the 54.6 million abortions that have taken place in America.

Robert Shibley with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Educationoffers his insight on the situation.

“It is commendable that the Hanover police department up in New Hampshire did decide to prosecute this,” he says. “And, frankly, the right tactic to take when it comes to this kind of frankly dangerous vandalism is to have the actual police investigate the case.”

According to the Foundation for Individual Rights In Education (FIRE), the man, Emery S. Coxe, has been charged with disorderly conduct. Coxe allegedly drove his car through the display and knocked over a number of the flags, as photos from the Review show. At one point, there were three security vehicles and a Hanover Police Department cruiser at the scene of the display.

Christian Post reports that

“The purpose of this display was not to condemn but to ask for forgiveness and to promise hope, to promise ourselves and each other that we will do better, we will care better, we will be better,” Vita Clamantis President Robert M. Smith wrote in the blog.

“We put these flags out to ask every Dartmouth student a simple question: when your friend, your sister, your cousin, your neighbor, finds herself in this crisis, afraid and uncertain, feeling like the decision of her life weighs upon her, what will you do?”

The group also used the display as a way to advertise a moderated discussion that was held on campus.

Shibley says dissenting opinions are not being well-received on most campuses, neither from individuals nor from the schools themselves. FIRE researches the speech codes of about 400 schools annually, and last year the organization found that about 65 percent of schools have speech codes that are either unconstitutional or would be considered so if they weren’t private.

“That’s two-thirds of schools specifically telling students in the rules what they can or can’t say. When you have a culture like that it’s not surprising that students, when they’re faced with expression they don’t like, think it’s okay to destroy it, trash it, get rid of it or, in this case, run over it,” said Shibley.