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Abortion radicals chant in paddy wagon after arrest

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Today, the radical communist pro-choice on abortion group, Stop Patriarchy, uploaded a video showing them chanting after their arrest at the March for Life.

Stop Patriarchy March for Life arrests

arrested Stop Patriarchy

You can read about how these loud feminist abortion pushers blocked the pro-life March for Life in D.C. yesterday- here.

Stop Patriarchy Paddy Wagon 2

So, very proud of themselves, they actually video taped a chant inside the “paddy wagon” after their arrest.

Like- who does that? And..who took the video?

Stop Patriatchy Paddy Waggon

A tweet posted by the group reads, “RT! View from inside the paddy wagon…”Every generation, has an obligation, to WOMEN’S LIBERATION!” #Roe42 #DC

Stop Patriarchy Paddy Wagon

Sunsara Taylor Stop Patriarchy

The group wasted little time attempting to cause havoc at the March for Life to disrupting a pro-life rally in Oakland, California where Black preachers will talk about the racist and black genocide of abortion.

I blogged about this event – here.

A few moments ago, Stop Patriarchy posted these pics of them in Oakland, where pro-life leader Walter Hoye, Clenard Childress, Connie Eller, Alveda King, and Elaine Riddick, among others will speak:


Revolution Club

It is good that these radicals are in Oakland- maybe the Black pro-life preachers will teach them something – like- THE TRUTH!