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NPR: Debating abortion in the black community

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July 18, NPR refereed a debate between Ryan Bomberger, CEO of, and Rev. Carlton Veazey, President and CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Ryan reported afterward he would have scored even more points had NPR not severely edited him. “NPR’s liberal colors shone though as they cut out minutes worth of my responses yet kept every single word he spoke intact,” wrote Ryan in a follow-up report.

Ryan identified where and what the edits were in this YouTube video of the interview…

Audio here

Ryan Bomberger responded to the interview on his website:

NPR shows, yet again, why more of the American public does not trust them to present issues in a fair way. Today, on Michel Martin’s Tell Me More, the bias resulted in heavy editing of my comments about Title X funded clinics (they strangely cut out the words Title X and the host’s misunderstanding that they were religious organizations). They also eliminated nearly my entire ending statements, where I called out Rev. Veazey for earning a $183K annual salary from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice for 5 hours/week of work! It’s in his organization’s own 990 filed with the IRS (see embedded image). I was showing how abortion is all about money, and his salary was proof of that. NPR moved to protect him, though, and struck the comments entirely.

They made sure, however to give him nearly 2 minutes (versus my cut-down 15 seconds) to spew that predictable pro-abortion rant about ProLifers not caring about children once they’re born. Apparently, he missed me saying early on in the interview that I’ve adopted two children. Facts don’t matter to pro-abortion activists like Rev. Veazey. But they, as well as children in any stage of life, will always matter to ProLifers.

Rev. Carlton Veazey’s Sleazy Salary of $182,784 for 5 hrs of work/week

Michel Martin is a wonderful radio personality who comes across fair-minded. They didn’t edit any of Rev. Veazey’s comments but took an axe to some of my most potent points–minutes worth, actually.

BUT WE’LL KEEP ILLUMINATING THE TRUTH. Here is the latest video release from the National Black Prolife Coalition and The Radiance Foundation calling out black leaders, like the Reverend Doctor Carlton Veazey, who’ve betrayed the black community. It’s called “NUMBER ONE KILLER”.

Watch teh documentary on Black Genocide called: Maafa21 and be shocked at the racism of abortion and its proponents: