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Planned Parenthood wants to “make abortion normal”

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The very thought of something even the abortion lobby trumps as “RARE” to be made normal is appalling.

But, when Planned Parenthood, which has been running away from the label of abortion business, tweets “make abortion normal“, one must take note.

Here is the message tweeted by the tax funded organization:

“Make abortion normal = End Stigma! #EndAbortionStigma

PP Make abortion normal

Planned Parenthood even wrote this on their website where they also praised their president, Cecile Richards for “coming out” about her own abortion, “If you think about it, abortion stigma—the fact that women feel judged for something that’s not uncommon—seems a little old-school, doesn’t it? Planned Parenthood and many other organizations, lobbyists, and individuals out there agree and they’ve chosen to take a stand by ending the silence.”

Ironically, despite their rhetoric Planned Parenthood has been trying to change their “imageaway from the largest abortion provider in the country.

Planned Parenthood In Clinic ABortion

An interesting turn of events given that Planned Parenthood has worked hard to hide their image of the abortion giant they are setting up abortion clinics and abortion referral centers nationwide like the Wal-mart of the abortion industry.

Of late, Planned Parenthood has spent an great deal of time marketing themselves as anything BUT an abortion center – yet- they hypocritically call for and end to “abortion stigma?”


Why would that be if child killing in the womb for any reason and at any gestational age is to be made “normal“?

Because, for all of their fancy marketing of abortion as a “choice“, the public still finds abortion distasteful at best and out-right abhorrent at worst.

It may be true that many do not want all abortions made illegal, but, many also see abortion as a kind of a “necessary evil” and certainly not something to be made “normal.”

Pro-life people however would disagree, noting it for what it is, the wholesale slaughter of a human baby in the womb for pay.

And, the largest recipient of that murder for hire fee is Planned Parenthood themselves where directors and staff rake in six digit salaries for their alleged “care no matter what $$$.

Below are a few examples form the corporate 990, which does not include salaries from each of the abortion giant’s almost 800 centers:

2012, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) 990:

2012 PPFA 990

2011, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) 990:

2011 PPFA 990

2010, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) 990:

2010 PPFA 990

The truth is that, “making abortion normal” is all Planned Parenthood is about and anyone who doubts this need only look at the numbers:

Planned Parenthood Annual Report Totals – Abortion Totals:

2013 – 327,653


2011– 333,964

2010 – 329,445

2009 – 331,796

2008 – 324,008

2007 – 305,310

2006 – 289,750

2005 – 264,943

2004 – 255,015

2003 – 244,628

2002– 230,630

2001– 213,026

2000 – 197,070

Center for Disease Control abortion totals USA:

2011 – 1.06 million abortions (Guttmacher)

2010– 765,651

2009 – 784,507

2008 – 825,564 ( While Guttmacher reports – 1.21 million in 2008)

2007 – 827,609

2006 – 846,181

2005 – 820,151

2004 -839,226

2003 – 848,163

2002– 854,122

2001 – 853,485

2000 – 857,475

Public Hypocrisy: Mother strangles children because they were not “normal” – public outraged at deaths – but accept same reasons for abortion

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As you read through this horribly tragic story – you will be rightly outraged. I have only one question for you to ponder- “What are the acceptable reasons for abortion?” Answer: Because the child will not be “Normal” or the child will be “Handicapped” a/k/a “Medical Reasons, Health of Child” – so …

If this story of 2 born children makes you angry, it should, but if the “choice” of a mother to “kill/murder” her unborn children for similar reasons doesn’t make you angry- then you are not honest !

Kids Strangled Because They Were Autistic: Woman’s 911 Call

The woman believed to have strangled her two young children to death said she killed her children because they were autistic and because she wanted normal children.

In the 911 call released Wednesday, the woman can be heard explaining to the 911 dispatcher how she killed both of her children Monday afternoon.

At one point during the recording, the woman hangs up and the dispatcher calls her back.

“I used wire on their neck,” the woman can be heard saying. “They are not doing anything. They are just blue, and they are like, they are not taking any breaths. Their heart is not beating.”

The woman told the dispatcher that she called her husband, who was at work, before she called the police and that he was on his way home.

They are both not normal, not normal. They are autistic. Both are autistic. I don’t want my kids to be like that. I don’t want, I want normal kids,” said the woman. “First, I tried to give them bathroom cleaner. I put in their mouth, but they don’t drink it. I want them to drink, but they don’t drink it.”

When asked by the 911 dispatcher what she was feeling, the woman replied, “nothing.”

The operator kept the woman talking on the phone for more than 10 minutes while officers drove to the location.

At one point, water can be heard running in the background and the dispatcher asks what the woman is doing. She told the operator she was trying to wash the smell of cleaner off of her hands. The dispatcher then told the woman to go sit on a couch in the living room and wait for police.

At the end of the recording, police can be heard arriving at the home.
When they arrived, they found Zain Akhter, 5, and Faryaal Akhter, 2, in serious distress. Zain was pronounced dead at the hospital that evening while his sister, Faryall, was listed in very critical condition. Faryall’s condition grew more grim the next morning until she succumbed to her injuries at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The medical examiner’s office ruled the boy’s death a homicide by strangulation and planned an autopsy later Wednesday on the girl.

The mother of the children, 30-year-old Saiqa Akhter, was taken into custody after officers arrived. She was arraigned Wednesday morning in connection with Zain’s death and will be held without bail. She is to be arraigned in connection with Faryaal’s death Wednesday afternoon.

The woman has requested a court-appointed attorney but one has yet to be assigned, an Irving jail official said. If convicted of capital murder, Akhter could face the death penalty, though prosecutors have not said if they will seek that punishment. Otherwise, she could face life in prison without parole.

Zain was buried Wednesday in Richardson. Funeral services for Faryaal are scheduled for Thursday.

Saiqa Akhter told the 911 dispatcher the children’s father, Rashid Akhter, was at work at the time. She said on the call that she had called him and told him what she had done.

Saiqa Akhter’s uncle, Wasimul Haque, told The Dallas Morning News that his niece had been depressed since moving into a new apartment in Irving. Haque said Zain had autism and a severe speech impediment but had been improving and was in speech therapy.