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Doctor: Infant who survived abortion had expression of ‘grimace’ and ‘looked as if he wanted to cry’

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abortion survivor, premature baby

The death of an abortion survivor changed the life of Texas physician Dr. Ron Bryce. During the 1980s when Bryce was doing his residency at a Fort Worth hospital, he attempted to save the infant’s life. As an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Bryce recalled the day he was summoned by the neonatal intensive care unit late in the evening. He recalled receiving a code blue to the operating room and said that he had no idea what the emergency was about.

Upon arrival, he found it unusual that hospital staffers said nothing to him. “They looked at me — no one told me anything.” Then he saw the baby in the corner on a table. The mother was still sedated. Bryce later learned that the baby had survived an abortion attempt. The hospital, Bryce says, committed abortions on poor women “under the radar.”

Image: Dr. Ron Bryce

Dr. Ron Bryce

“It was confusion in the operating room. It was confusion,” Dr. Bryce recounted.

“Usually when we get called to code blue, you have a team-coordinated effort. When I got in there, nobody wanted to talk to me — I just see the baby in the corner up against the wall on a table. It was just odd. I didn’t understand it was an abortion at that time. I just thought the baby was delivered early… it was later I started questioning people when I realized it was an abortion.”

“It really hit me in the NICU when I had the baby in the incubator. I had to write a history of visual for the little guy. Initially it was just confusion. As far as I know, I was the only one that got called in for one of those. There may have been more, but they did not talk about it,” Dr. Bryce told Live Action News. “My gut feeling at that time was that it had happened before and babies were just left to die. The abortionist didn’t want me in there. He didn’t say anything to me.”

Sadly, the child, too young to survive outside the womb at the time, ultimately died.

“The baby was too young to be viable — 21 weeks. I couldn’t just let him die. I took to the baby to the neonatal intensive unit. Some probes were too small. He survived until the next day and then died,” Dr. Bryce stated emotionally.

late-term abortion

21 weeks

Dr. Bryce elaborated further in his book Fingerprint of God:

At the time, I had been a physician for about three years. I had seen a few aborted fetuses who still had a heartbeat. But this infant wasn’t lying limp like the others were doing. He was moving his arms and legs and looked as if he wanted to cry—a rather embarrassing situation for the abortionist. The situation struck me as absurd. Just minutes earlier, this fragile human being had legally been a “nonperson” possessing no rights. Yet, after surviving the abortion, he had magically become a “person” entitled to medical care (however inadequate that care happened to be). The same system that had failed to kill him was now in charge of saving his life.

I stared down at his frail body, emotion arose in my chest with each tiny heartbeat… his breathing became more labored, he grimaced several times—evidence of a struggle with something he had no ability to comprehend. While I could see him, with his eyes fused shut he could not see me. He would never know me or remember me, but I would always remember him. Finally, his grunting quieted, movements ceased, and the grimace passed.

Dr. Bryce believes that “induced labor” was the most likely method of abortion used on the baby he tried to save. “He was born live intact, his skin wasn’t scalded, so it wasn’t saline,” he said. However, “I don’t have the reports from the mother.” (An induced labor or induction abortion is shown in the video below.)

“When they’re dying… I can’t describe it. It feels like the whole universe — a focal point of good versus evil. Especially when you are the one trying to save the child.”

Since the 1970s when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade to permit legalized abortion in America, we have heard stories about the so-called “dreaded complication” — a term abortionists have used to describe babies surviving abortions. And there are babies who survive only to be killed outside the womb, which is infanticide. One of the more infamous abortionists known for this is Kermit Gosnell, who killed babies by snipping their necks after they were aborted at his National Abortion Federation-affiliated “House of Horrors” facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Image: Philadelphia Inquirer abortion and the Dreaded Complication

Philadelphia Inquirer abortion and the Dreaded Complication

When the story broke about how Gosnell kept jars of feet of the babies he aborted, carelessly killed women seeking abortions at his decades long-protected abortion facility, and murdered born babies, Live Action president Lila Rose made this emotional plea:

Live Action News has detailed other instances of babies killed after they were aborted alive:

The story of little Ana Rosa Rodriguez, who survived a late-term abortion after the abortionist severed her right arm, is particularly horrific. In that case, the abortionist stopped the procedure, demanding the child’s mother come up with more money for him to proceed.

Her story was highlighted by pro-abortion talk show host Phil Donahue in the video below:

Dr. Bryce told Live Action News, “Before I treated that little boy, I was nominally pro-life.” Now, he works to end abortion.

“I didn’t realize the humanity — the horrendous things that are going on — until it was right in front of me in my hands,” said Dr. Bryce. “I remember looking down on him. I remember I promised myself that I would not have this death be for nothing.”

    • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Emotional Kleenex vid with pro-life message thanks NICU nurse who treats infants as her own

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Kleenex has published a beautiful video depicting the gratitude several parents express for a NICU nurse, entitled, “Tiny Miracles,” which has a significant pro-life message.

KLeenex Tiny Miracles

“The NICU is an intensive care which means our babies are very critical and we don’t know if they’re even going to make it through a shift,” says Renee, a NICU nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia as the video opens.

“These parents, they don’t get to take their babies home. I feel like if I treat the babies like I would want somebody to treat my baby when I’m not there, that’s the most important thing,” she adds.

Kleenex burse renee NICU

Nurse Renee says she keeps in touch with families once they go home and enjoys taking part in the joy of sending a baby that was never expected to survive or to leave the NICU home.

The emotional part comes when Renee is escorted into a room where she is asked to watch a video of all the parents she helped as she cared for their babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

She loved my child as her own child,” states one loving parent about the nurse.

“You are our hero,” said another.

Kleenex ad premiee

There are not enough words to thank you for all you have done,” said another tearfully.

Kleenex rightly shows their tissues in use as Nurse Renee is overwhelmed by these grateful parents.

Viewers will most likely grab for a Kleenex, as I did, themselves as they see this beautiful exchange of love take place.

KLeenex Renee

I don’t do what I do for any kind of thank you,” said Renee, “But it’s a wonderful feeling to be appreciated,” she added.

As you watched this film and the tears well up, keep in mind that every day, just like this Georgia nurse, pro-life men and women keep watch over babies that are not expected to make it out as well.

This nurse’s attitude to treat every NICU baby as her own is the same motivation each pro-life person feels as they stand in the gap to protect innocent babies from abortion.

And, one day, just like nurse Renee, pro-lifers may be greeted with the faces of all those that they defended and will have a tearful reunion in Heaven, like Renee was privileged to have.

But… because appreciation is important now, I wanted to say thank you to a just few of the many wonderful caretakers of the unborn I know:

    Thank you Michelle Herzog, thank you Lynn Mills, thank you Bud and Tara Shaver, thank you Terri Everett, thank you Leslie Hanks, thank you John Pisciotta, thank you Tim and Terri Palquist, thank you Allura, Lydia, Laura Handy, Jay, Monte and all the others who sacrifice their lives for unborn children.

Your kindness and love for babies targeted for abortion and their moms is appreciated!