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Ben Watson thoughtful response on Planned Parenthood vids

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New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson has responded to recently released videos uploaded by the Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood doctors bragging about their baby parts harvesting operation.

His words ring true to me, as a person how has handled the bloodied bodies of aborted children I wrote about this reaction previously here.


“As horrific as it is, the issue isn’t really the sale of human parts. It’s the legal practice that allows this to even be a possibility. Killing children and simply discarding the leftovers is not any more acceptable than profiting off of them. ‪#‎PlannedParenthood‬,” Watson wrote on his Facebook page.

At the time I published this blog the post had over 4,000 shares and almost 26,000 likes.

Ben Watson on Planned Parenthood

This also rings true considering Watson is African American.

Watch the film Maafa21 which shows how Planned Parenthood targets the Black community because of their racist agenda.

The NFL player has also called for the Confederate Flag to be removed.

In addition, he has defended persecuted Christians and lashed out on the terrorist group, ISIS:

NFL player Ray Lewis to Rioters “Go Home stop the violence” it will not happen on our clock

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Former Baltimore Ravens Player Ray Lewis has uploaded an emotional message on YouTube to the Baltimore rioters telling them to go home and stop the violence.

Ray Lewis to Baltimore rioters

Rioting in our streets is wrong- dead wrong!”

“I can’t come back home and this is it. Kids can’t walk the street and this is our future.”

“Too many babies paying attention to this craziness. And the sad part is we got young kids trying to tell us how they are going to dictate our city- that won’t happen. We’re going to change this right now. Stop the violence man. Go Home. I’m telling you – go home. Whatever I gotta do, it will not happen on out clock,” he said.


Comedian jokes about pushing pregnant woman down stairs to cause abortion

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A comedian who writes for Sports Illustrated and is featured on ESPN and other media outlets has joked about pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs in a video he published about abortion protesters.

Steve Hofstetter youtube banner

Steve Hofstetter writes a weekly humor column on, blogs funny for and contributes to “Maxim” and “ESPN Magazine.” Steve’s “Sports Minute (Or So)” is syndicated on 194 radio stations nationwide, and he’s a frequent guest on ESPN, Fox Sports and Sporting News Radio.

Steve Hofstetter

So…when he uploaded this video on abortion humor it was rather shocking.

Steve Hofstetter war on abortion protesters

In the vid called, The War on Abortion Protesters, Steve describes his interaction with “abortion protesters” in line at an Office Depot, “Now, I know that because they brought it up. In a line- at an Office Depot. Like it was a normal piece of conversation,” he tells the audience.

The protesters told him they were late to their abortion protest. Steve’s response is definitely funny – but- I think as the gig continues – he crosses the line.

These guys were jerks,” he continues,”Not because I disagree with their politics. You can disagree with someone it doesn’t make them a bad person“, the comedian says seriously.

They were jerks because they were [expletive] the line was taking to long,” he explains, “These guys are jawing my ear off as if I could do something about it.”

We’re late to our abortion protest“, he mocks.

After five minutes of this finally I turned to them, and I said, I bet if you guys had supported abortion, this line could have been shorter,” Steve continues.

The audience then laughs.

Well…okay….I get it…it’s humor, right? But…wait….

Steve then explains that, “I told that story in Hayes, Kansas. I’d had better luck performing an actual abortion on stage.”

Audience LAUGHS….

Was taking a volunteer from the crowd. Does anyone have any pregnant women? Now whose got a flight of stairs?

That weird moment when you can’t believe what just came out of your mouth and neither can your audience:

Oh, come on, I’m not a doctor,” he says.

Bingo – there it is a typical pro-choice male or shall I say Bro-choice response to abortion. Pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs is NOTHING and may I emphasis NOTHING to joke about. But- hey- if you think joking about ending the life of a baby is funny – there isn’t much of a stretch when you dehumanize the child’s mother either.

Perhaps this is all in fun and I am overreacting. I will leave it to those commenting here to debate that. But, the truth is, abortion kills millions of innocent children. Also true is that women are commonly coerced into abortions and are attacked for refusing to have abortions by the men who want OUT of their responsibility to be a father.

A report published a few years ago by Life Dynamics, in Denton, Texas proved this over and over again with horrific examples.

Over the years, we have collected data on a large volume of these cases, the bulk of which are non- fatal assaults. Although the victims of these attacks often suffer horrifying and crippling physical injuries, we chose to concentrate solely on instances in which the victim died,” the group writes in the study, “In almost every incident in which women are told that they will be physically harmed unless they abort, they are going to comply, never tell anyone and, thus, fade into anonymity. For those who resist and end up on a stretcher or an autopsy table, they can expect to have their experiences hidden under a thick blanket of media deception.From these realities, the inescapable conclusion is that the case studies in this document can represent no more than the tiniest tip of an enormous iceberg,” the Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion, report reads.

With all the ramblings about the War on Women and calling for NFL players who abuse women to be fired one would think that joking about assaulting a pregnant women as a do-it-yourself abortion method would be frowned upon. One would think anyway!

NFL Stars and Athletes standing against abortion

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NFL Stars and Athletes For Life Mark Bavaro, George Martin, Phil McConkey, Phil Simms, Chris Godfrey, and Jim Burt are true champions in promoting the Culture of Life.

Video produced by American Life League !

Obama praises dog killer Michael Vick’s “comeback”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obama praises dog killer Michael Vick’s “comeba…, posted with vodpod

Petition Launched: Support CBS’s Decision to Air Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

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Note: Click here to sign the petition to support CBS and its decision to air the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad. To join the Facebook page to Support the Tim Tebow Ad, click here.

January 28, 2010 ( – Pro-life forces are responding swiftly to the fierce pro-abortion campaign that is being waged against Focus on the Family’s pro-life ad featuring football superstar Tim Tebow, which is set to air on CBS during the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

In the past few days, pro-abortion groups have generated over 120,000 letters to CBS, NFL, and Super Bowl advertising executives, asking that they scrap the ad, which has yet to be unveiled. Other pro-abortion organizations have generated thousands more.

In response, a petition was launched today by LSN, whereby pro-lifers can express support to CBS for its decision to air the ad, and exhort the network not to cave to pressure to drop the ad. The names of those who sign the petition will be forwarded on to CBS executives. (To sign the petition, click here)

At the same time, another pro-life group, the Susan B. Anthony List, has launched an effort aimed at supporting the Tebow family during the controversy. Via the ‘Block Hard for Tim Tebow’ website, pro-lifers can send messages of encouragement to Tim and his family to let them know that the pro-life movement is standing behind them.

The Focus on the Family ad is expected to feature the story of how Tebow’s mother refused to abort him despite being advised to do so by physicians for health reasons. Pam Tebow eventually gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby, who has gone on to become one of the most-recognized sports stars in America.

Despite its hopeful message, the ad has infuriated pro-abortion forces, who argue that it is tantamount to revoking women’s “right to choose.” On Wednesday, a number of pro-abortion groups launched an all-out campaign to pressure CBS into cancelling the ad.

“CBS needs to hear the voices of those who support life and family as well,” said LSN editor, John-Henry Westen. “Therefore LSN is launching this petition addressed to CBS, asking them not to cave in to pressure to pull the Focus on the Family ad.”

In a recent press release Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life commented on the war over the ad. “Why should it bother people who call themselves pro-choice if women watch Pam Tebow and her son Tim on Super Bowl Sunday and freely decide to choose life? Would fewer abortions be a bad thing?” he asked.

“As for the argument that the ad should not be shown because it is divisive, since when do we broadcast only things on which the American people all agree? In that case, the Super Bowl itself could not be broadcast.”

Westen added, “The pro-life leadership is already stepping forward to support the ad. Now it’s up to the pro-life rank and file to defend the Tebows and the right for their story to be told, whether or not pro-aborts would rather that they were silenced.”

Click here to sign the “Petition to CBS in Support of their Decision to Air the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad”

Super Bowl Commercial Brings Different Focus to Tebow

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Tim Tebow is already far more famous than Kurt Warner.

In fact, let’s be clear, the moment he is drafted Tim Tebow will be the athlete most famous for his religion since Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali.

And suddenly multicultural America, with a variety of religious beliefs, will come face-to-face with a man whose strict adherence to a muscular form of Christianity, despite his personal charisma, isn’t all warm and fuzzy. Especially when that statement of religious values comes not at the close of a game in a short on-field interview, but in a contest that the athlete is not even competing in. Focus on the Family, the right wing non-profit funding Tebow’s ad, isn’t a middle-of-the-road religious organization. Tebow’s Super Bowl ad, for instance, will embrace a pro-life stance, which is the position of Focus on the Family, but something that half of America will disagree with.

Will that stance be controversial?

Certainly it will in many cities across the length and width of our country. And certainly it will be for many sports fans who sit down to watch the Super Bowl as an escape from the more serious issues facing our society. We come to watch football and funny ads, not be convinced that our view on abortion is wrong or right.

But opposing abortion isn’t the most controversial of Focus on the Family’s stances. The organization also opposes all forms of gambling, the theory of evolution — preferring intelligent design — premarital sex, and the so-called “homosexual agenda.”

How many fans watching the Super Bowl will be able to raise their hand and assert that they’ve never gambled or had premarital sex or supported the theory of evolution? (Heck, some may do all three during the telecast.)

Not many.

All of these issues are incredibly controversial with well-meaning people embracing beliefs on both sides. By appearing in an ad on behalf of Focus on the Family, Tebow provides an endorsement for these other beliefs as well. So far Tim Tebow’s own personal charisma has served to mask some of the intolerance associated with his own religious beliefs. By taking an avowed stand against abortion on the same day America celebrates the greatest sporting day on the calendar, Tim Tebow is taking a huge risk and stepping into a new arena.

He’s no longer America’s golden Christian amateur.

He’s a paid professional.

And for many, that’s going to make all the difference.

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