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Office of closed Birmingham abortion now for sale or lease

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Now closed Birmingham abortion clinic, New Woman All Woman is for sale or lease.

Pro-lifer Terry Gensemer posted this image on twitter:

New Woman All Women For Sale

The clinic located at 1001 17th Street in Birmingham, AL was owned by Diane Derzis and run by abortionist Bruce Norman.

The property is now for sale or lease, I wonder if the new owners will be told it was a killing center.

NWAW For Sale or Lease

The clinic has many health deficiencies and was ordered closed in October.

Permanent injunction to shut down New Woman All Woman Abortion Clinic

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BREAKING! Permanent injunction to ‪#‎Shutderzisdown‬. The Life Legal Defense Foundation just learned that an Alabama judge has released a permanent injunction to close the abortion facility known as New Woman All Women in Birmingham, AL. Read decision here


On the same day as this injunction- a woman was removed from her Diane Derzis’ (owner of the Alabama Abortion clinic) Mississippi abortion clinic:


An ambulance arrived at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the only abortion clinic in Mississippi, at about 12:20 p.m. on Wednesday, August 7, and transported a female patient who emerged from the clinic in Mississippi on a gurney. The pale-skinned, brown-haired woman was covered head to toe with a blanket.

Activists from Pro-Life Mississippi photographed the incident. Those photos and a brief video taken at the scene were provided to Operation Rescue.

According to the Clarion Ledger, Around 12:20 p.m. on Wednesday an ambulance was called to the state’s only abortion clinic.

“We understand that a female patient was taken by ambulance to UMC,” said Dana Chisholm, president of Pro Life Mississippi.

The clinic is currently in the midst of a lawsuit fighting the Magnolia State’s law that says abortion clinics can employ only physicians with local hospital admitting privileges.

Ambulance Jackson WHo 2

Ambulance Jackson WHO

Bruce ElliotNormanDianederzis-norman

Read more at Operation Rescue here

Pro-Life Mississippi reports that the abortionist on duty was Bruce Elliot Norman, an employee of abortion clinic owner Diane Derzis. Norman has no hospital privileges in Mississippi or in Alabama, where he also aborts babies at another abortion clinic owned by Derzis.

The Mississippi abortion clinic is owned by Diane Derzis, who also owns a clinic in Alabama.

A combination of shady practices, injured patients, and building code violations resulted in the culmination of a 76 page deficiency report filed by the Alabama Department of Public Health against (Birmingham, Ala.) New Woman All Women abortion clinic in March 2012.


According to Operation Rescue, Last year, three women who were subjected to abortions by Norman at Derzis’ Birmingham abortion clinic were hospitalized due to abortion complications at New Woman All Women. The ADPH inspected the clinic and discovered 76-pages of health and safety code deficiencies. The clinic was forced to close after the ADPH and Derzis agreed to a consent order that banned Derzis from having anything to do with any future abortion clinic or from hiring Norman to do abortions. After two failed attempts to relicense the clinic, Derzis and Norman reopened the clinic without licensure and have been operating illegally as a “doctor’s office” whose only “service” is abortions.

VID: Jackson Womens Health Organization Abortion Clinic Owner Diane Derzis’ idea of “Fine” : 2 patients overdosed ! Welcome to “safe abortion”

ABC Jackson WHO

ABC’s Nightline recently did a glorified report on the abortion clinic – watch here