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Former Hitler Youth Member-Hilmar von Campe- how the church failed during the holocaust

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Former Nazi Explains How The Holocaust Happened

Secrets of how it was possible for the holocaust to happen as told by former Nazi Hilmar von Campe. Hilmar explains the similarities between Nazi Germany and America today. Hosted by Linda Evans Shepherd on Denver Celebration. Part One (indifference-apathy)


“You can sing hymns and pray as much as you like, but, we the Nazis in society make the rules.”

“The ACLU tries to take God out of society now- America is going downhill, like Germany”

Taped in 2007:

filmed in 2009 about Hilmar von Campe being raised under the Nazis, his time as a Hitler Youth and German WWII soldier, POW camp and escape, and life changing experience following the war when he committed his life to God. His book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, is also presented. The book is part autobiography and part warning not to repeat – especially in America – the mistakes that lead to a totalitarian system. If you’d like to read more about him, visit

Hitler could do what he did – because we did not stand up ! You are either a liar or you stand us for truth – America needs a national repenting !


2009- Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) had as a guest Hilmar Von Campe. This was originally broadcast on CO-OP Radio (102.7 fm CFRO on the Internet) out of Vancouver British Columbia Canada.