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Remembering aborted babies found in Florida on this National Day of Remembrance for aborted Children

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In 1991, pro-lifers in South Florida found aborted children being discarded by a local abortion clinic in their trash dumpster.

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The aborted children were thrown in various garbage bags and placed in the dumpster in a strip plaza where anyone could locate them. In addition to the children thrown away, the medical records of the women who had the abortions were also discarded.


Most of the babies were first trimester suction abortions. The babies were ground into meat like chunks many not identifiable, but some limbs remained in tack.

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Pro-lifers did not report their findings to authorities in 1991 because the atmosphere at the time was hostile to their cause but in 1992, Carlos Ricoarango, owner of the Cuban Cafe, a business neighboring abortionist Robert Livingston said he became suspicious when he saw abortionist Livingston throwing away plastic bags late at night.

The next day, Ricoarango looked in the garbage and found 11 containers of medical waste. A Palm Beach County Sheriff`s Office investigation concluded the medical waste was human blood and a gauze that contained minute pieces of human fetal tissue. The investigation also said the gauze is used as part of an abortion process. Livingston was cleared in those charges as he was successful in convincing authorities that the “medical waste” found in his trash dumpster was somehow planted by pro-lifers.

The abortionist, Robert Livingston made the front page of The New Jersey Record twice in August 1972 when he and another doctor were indicted after performing illegal abortions.

Livingston was indicted in August 1972 along with another doctor, Bernard Greenspan of Paterson. But the charges were dropped six months later, after the January 1973 Roe v. Wade decision overturned all state laws prohibiting abortion and limited state regulation to the period late in a pregnancy when a fetus can survive outside the womb.

In 1975 a grand jury investigated that he illegally arranging the adoption of unwanted babies that he delivers.

Livingston opened a clinic in Englewood, Metropolitan Medical Associates, which he operated along with an obstetrics practice and a fertility clinic until he moved to Florida in 1980. Metropolitan Medical still operates under different ownership.

Livingston said he never questioned the morality of the procedure. Medically, he said he considered the amount of tissue extracted during an early-term abortion to be equivalent to a scab.

Now, years later, times have changed.



According to The Record, Livingston, once a lightning rod in the North Jersey abortion debate, now avoids telling anyone about his role in that chapter of American history, even though he strongly maintains his belief that abortions ought to be legal. The issue, he says, has become so emotionally charged that he no longer feels comfortable talking about it — not to the colleagues of his grown children and not to the residents of what he described as a conservative retirement community where he now lives.

“I would be afraid,” he said, adding that he believes the stigma of being an abortion doctor is greater than it was in the 1960s, when it was illegal to perform the procedure. “The atmosphere is so ominous now. I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

FL License Suspended

Livingston’s license has been suspended since 2007 when he tried to return to his practice without completing a treatment and evaluation program, in violation of a contract he had made with the Board of Medicine, according to Florida Department of Health documents.

He had agreed to complete the program after he overdosed on opiates he was taking for chronic pain, the documents show.

Pro-lifers held a Memorial Service for the children killed at the abortion clinic. Many came by to grieve their deaths.


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September 13th is National Day of Remembrance for aborted Children. On this day, memorial services will be held throughout the United States, including all grave sites of aborted babies, as well as dozens of memorial markers for the victims of abortion.

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