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Pro-Abort reports those arrested in Texas abortion protest were paid

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Nat'l Day of Action
Monday – the abortion industry is planning a Day of Action to support child killing thru abortion.

Denton Day of Action

On the Denton, Texas Events page – one of the abortion supporters wrote this: “if you are planning on chanting “Free Abortion On Demand” again, just count me out now. I didn’t make 4 trips to Austin in 3 weeks and go without sleep to be there in order to have idiots set the movement backward.

State troopers that were staying in our hotel in Austin told us on Saturday morning that all of the orange shirts that were arrested were paid to be there and make trouble. They were paid by the other side. My suspicion is that anti-choicers are paying folks to get you to chant outlandish things that they know hurt the movement. So if that is your plan, then you can count on those of us that truly care about this issue to not be a part of your foolishness.”

Day of Action Denton 2013

The response was confrontational: