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Pro-choicers should be embarrassed by this website

Posted in Life Dynamics, pro-choice, Pro-choice hero, Pro-choice Logic, Pro-choice People, Pro-choice support of abortionists, pro-choice violence with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on June 5, 2014 by saynsumthn exposing the true face of the pro-choice movement
Life Dynamics People of Choice
H/T Life Dynamics, Inc. on Jun 5, 2014

We are going to show the American public what they’ve never been shown before. This is what they’ve never known. These are the kind of people we have to go up against…” ~ Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher.

People of Choice Website Screen

Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas is introducing a new website

Visitors to the website will get a real picture of the true face of the pro-choice community.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, explains the concept behind, “We came up with this idea based on the “People of Wal-Mart” website. What this website does is show people doing outrageous things and looking outrageous, and put on a website called “People of Wal-Mart”. Wal-Mart was saying that it was actually impacting their business because it was creating a negative image of the kind of people that shopped at Wal-Mart and people didn’t want to be associated with that image. And so, I had this idea and I talked with Life Dynamics’ vice-president, Renee Hobbs about it and we agreed, if you can do that with just normal people such as those they were showing at these Wal-Marts, you could certainly do it with the pro-aborts given all the outrageous things that we know they do.”

Roebot People of Choice
RoeBot \ro-bät\ n (1973) [American] 1 : a man or woman who rejects human reason and morality in favor of mindless devotion to Roe vs. Wade 2 : someone of value to the pro-choice community because of their limited critical thinking skills and cult-like obedience 3 : a useful idiot for the abortion industry.

prochoice people of choice

“Years ago there was an article published about the abortion issue and one of the questions they asked was ‘forgetting the abortion issue for a moment, what is your perception of the two sides?’ states Crutcher, “They said that the most common response that they got was exhibited by this one guy who said, ‘Look, I don’t really know what I think, I listen to one side and I think they are right. I listen to the other side the next day and I think- no – they’re right. I go back and forth. But what I do know is, I think I like the pro-choice people better than I like the pro-life people.’ And, that’s a major issue and you cannot discount that.”

Prochoice people of choice

Crutcher says that there is a false perception of pro-life people while the real outrageous behavior is on the pro-choice side, “There’s an old saying in marketing that people do not buy products from people they do not like. The pro-aborts, working with their stooges in the media, have been very good at painting a perception of the pro-life movement. They’ve painted this picture of pro-lifers that is very unflattering, and yet, we know there’s all this stuff out there showing what the pro-aborts are really like. And, the media never puts that out there, never says a word about any of that stuff.”

What we are going to do with this People of Choice website is show the American public what they’ve never been shown before. This is what they’ve never known. These are the kind of people we have to go up against. I think it’s going to change things. We’ve already seen that the pro-aborts are already getting very incensed about it. They don’t want this stuff out there.

Prochoice people of choice exposes the words and behaviors of the “pro-choice” community so be warned that what you will see may be extremely offensive!

People of Choice Warning

Those who visit can vote for the image they believe depicts supporters of abortion most accurately. New images will be uploaded to the website on a regular basis.


In addition, visitors can leave pithy comments about the images they have viewed or share them on Facebook and Twitter.
Black Abortion people of choice

Crutcher concludes, “ is going to be a lot of fun. I think it’s going to really help change perceptions that people have out there.

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Life Dynamics is asking for the pro-life community to share images of pro-choice people by uploading them to the website.
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Pro-life group launches Pro-choice website !