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America outraged about Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts – tweets compare them to Josef Mengele and Gosnell

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A new and shocking undercover investigation has alleged that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts using the outlawed gruesome partial birth abortion procedure and Americans are speaking out on twitter.

Here are a few examples:

Al Sharpton Black Babies Planned Parenthood

Fetal tissue head liver human Planned Parenthood

Fetus human prochoice Planned Parenthood

Giant Soda Planned Parenthood body parts

Gosnell Planned Parenthood

Hannibal Nuctala Plamnned Parenthood Patricia Heaton

Law and Order organ harvesting Planned Parenthood

Left on Planned Parenthood

Libs condemned China harvesting Planned Parenthood

Media Silent Planned Parenthood baby parts

Michael New 3 percent Planned Parenthood orhan harvesting

Ok racist s4exist homophobic

Planned Parenthood sell black baby parts

She didnt look tricked

This flag offends me take it down Planned Parenthood

Trafficking second evil Planned Parenthood

James Woods

And What Does America Think of The Planned Parenthood Doctor?

They have compared abortionist Dr. Deborah Nucatola to Josef Mengele:


Planned Parenthood Mengele 2

Planned Parenthood Mengele 4

Planned Parenthood Mengele

Planned Parenthood Nucatola Mengele 3

PP Mengele

Planned parenthood mengle

Mengele Margaret Sanger

Mengele abortion Planned Parenthood

Danger… Danger…Prayer Warriors plan to “Take Over America”, so claims the left

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I need to warn you about something of great concern: PRAYER WARRIORS.

According to the MSM they are taking over America.

Words cannot describe the “DANGER” this “MOVEMENT” places the United States in.

Just Imagine, people “PRAYING“…Praying at home, school, church, in YOUR Community ! ARGH!!!!

Why- now they are “PRAYING” for “POLITICIANS” – PLEASE*************** Say it isn’t true?

Just listen to Bill Maher describe the HORROR: “Palin is a True Religions NUT! Sarah, read e-mails from “PRAYER WARRIORS” ”

Look at all these HORRIBLE “PRAYER WARRIORS” just hovering over Sarah Palin- this should be BANNED !

And this report on “The Fellowship” and these “Secret Washington Prayer Groups” – WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO ?

LeftWing Blog ALTERNET had this Headline: Heads Up: Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin Are Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America

One paragraph reads, NAR’s videos, according to researcher Rachel Tabachnick, “demonstrate the taking control of communities and nations through large networks of ‘prayer warriors’ whose spiritual warfare is used to expel and destroy the demons that cause societal ills. Once the territorial demons, witches, and generational curses are removed, the ‘born-again’ Christians in the videos take control of society.”

TRUTHOUT Blog headline reads: Prayer Warriors and Palin Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America

GET RELIGION headline: Righteous winds and prayer warriors

The Hill’s Article: Praying for politics Quotes, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.),as saying he thinks the use of prayer to advance public policy can wrongly politicize the sacred act. “I don’t pray for legislation,” said Cleaver, who is also a United Methodist minister. “To me, that’s an attempt to pimp God.”

I agree Rep. Cleaver – don’t you just hate it when Politicians “USE” Religion to invoke policy – like – say..Immigration?

So I suppose the LEFT will now want us to BAN all these “PRAYER WARRIORS” from “PRAYING” for politicians !!!!!

AME Church’s 48th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference.

That’s right – BAN THEM ALL

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Planned Parenthood Patient Taken to Hospital After Possible Botched Abortion

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Fox News, Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A patient at a Florida Planned Parenthood abortion center was rushed to a local emergency room by ambulance Monday, in what appears to be a botched abortion.

Officials could not confirm the patient had an abortion do to privacy laws, but the facility schedules and performs abortions on Mondays.

“We had a medical call and just transported someone to the hospital for evaluation,” Cherie Wilson-Watson, spokeswoman for Collier County Emergency Medical Services said.

The president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood, Char Wendel, did not comment on the patient.

“I can’t say that, all I know we are a medical facility and we respond to emergencies,” Wendel said.

Since the Naples, Fla., Planned Parenthood started doing abortions last September, this was the first time an ambulance had been called. Area hospitals were notified to accept patients in the event of a botched abortion.

According to Operation Rescue:

The news coverage shows a shift in how abortion stories are being reported.

“Not that long ago, no news outlet would have touched this story,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

The photos, submitted to the Naples newspaper by pro-lifer Fred Goduti, show an ambulance backing up to a Planned Parenthood office, with clinic personnel attempting to cover up the incident with a black tarp on two sticks.

“Planned Parenthood’s sheets of shame could not keep the truth from getting out that their organization endangers the lives of women when it takes the lives of pre-born babies,” said Newman. “For many years we have tried to get the media to cover documented cases of ambulances transporting injured women from abortion clinics. Now it is finally happening. This exposure could eventually help close this clinic, and others like it, out of concern for public safety.”

“We urge the pro-lifers who witnessed this incident to file a complaint with their state’s medical board. It is possible that an investigation could result in disciplinary action and even closure of the clinic,” said Newman. “We have seen that happen before in Florida and all over the United States.”

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Naples, Florida, has only been open since September 14, 2009.

“We were praying this would not happen,” Goduti said. “It is inevitable it would happen.”

Marie Claire magazine is scheduled to publish a story about this abortion clinic in July or August.

“It will be interesting to see if Marie Clair follows the lead of the Naples News and Fox News and reports the truth about this incident. Women have a right to know that when they walk into a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, they may leave on an ambulance gurney.”

Other Planned Parenthood organizations have been recently involved in allegations of wrongdoing, including the Iowa group that is under investigation for dispensing dangerous abortion pills over the Internet without a licensed physician present, and a Kansas group that faces 107 criminal charges related to illegal late-term abortions.


‘Right-Wing Violence’ a Product of MSM Hyperactive Imagination, Leftist Agenda

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From: Big Journalism

Posted by John Sexton Apr 21st 2010 at 9:47 am in Abortion, Featured Story, media bias

The meme coming from the left is simple: right-wing activity leads to extremism. As early as last April democratic staffers on Capitol Hill were passing out press releases claiming the Town Hall attendees were “neo-Nazis.”

Since then the claim has been echoed by dozens of high profile opinion writers including Paul Krugman at the New York Times and Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post (who claims “far-left violence in this country has gone the way of the leisure suit.”)

In an Op-Ed in the New York Times, Bill Clinton not so subtly drew parallels between the Oklahoma City bombing and the current environment. He didn’t identify any particular source of danger, but his warning was clearly aimed at those who use “anti-government” rhetoric. No surprise those people tend to be conservatives.

Of course there has been real right-wing extremism, most notably the murder of abortionist George Tiller last Summer. That shouldn’t be ignored or minimized. On the other hand, there was another killing not long after which received a lot less attention. Jim Pouillon, a long time pro-life advocate, was shot three times through the pro-life sign he was holding by a stranger who was irritated by his message.

One could reasonably argue that Tiller’s murder was the bigger story, news-wise. He had become symbolic of a particularly controversial kind of abortion (late term) and had experienced previous violence. Giving the story double (even triple) coverage would be reasonable. But five and a half times as much? That’s what the New York Times did. How about twenty times as much? That’s what the Los Angeles Times did. The Washington Post was in between with just over twelve times as much coverage of Tiller than Pouillon. All of them put Time magazine to shame: Time ran nearly 5,000 words on Tiller, but not one on Pouillon. Here’s a chart that shows how lopsided the coverage was:

The numbers don’t tell the whole story. Much of the coverage of Tiller was glowing. There are quotes from fellow church members, quotes from family, quotes from supporters. His story is conveyed as a tragedy. One whole piece was devoted to his family life. And one biographic story in the New York Times ran 6,000 words, 50% longer than all their coverage of Jim Pouillon’s murder combined.

The coverage of the Tiller case raised the specter of further violence at every turn. Who will be next? The Washington Post gave space to religious believers of every stripe to comment on the story including a pro-choice Wiccan priestess, a pro-choice Rabbi and a pro-choice Christian pastor who accused pro-lifers of “fedoaltry.” In short, all three papers took Tiller’s murder as an opportunity to look at the big picture, usually from a pro-choice point of view, and to push their editorial agenda.

By contrast, the coverage of Pouillon painted him as a confrontational rabble-rouser. The New York Times ran a story (headline: “Slain Abortion Opponent ‘Loved the Controversy’ His Protests Generated”) which in the first paragraph described Pouillon as “breaking the idyllic quiet with loud anti-abortion rants.” It went on to suggest that his real motivation wasn’t a principled view of life but unhappiness over his divorce. Not exactly sympathetic treatment from the Times. The authors stop short of suggesting he brought the murder on himself, but the tone is a long way from the hagiography that Tiller received. When the Times eventually ran word of the conviction of Harlan Drake (Pouillon’s killer) it was a 65-word stub under the headline “Michigan: Trucker Guilty of Killings.” There is no indication that political assassination was part of the story.
Lacking in coverage of Pouillon’s murder are any of the big questions that might have been asked, starting with will this happen again? There was, so far as I could find, no recounting of past acts of violence against pro-lifers or any suggestion that a pattern might exist. No one offered a round up of quotes from angry pro-choicers, some of whom said he got what he deserved (they weren’t that hard to find if anyone had bothered to look).

Bad as it was, the Times’s coverage was far better than the Post or the L.A. Times could muster. Can anyone justify a 20:1 split in coverage of these two murders? The Washington Post ran a few AP pieces but basically devoted zero resources to Pouillon’s murder. Time didn’t mention him at all (neither did Newsweek). If you only read those magazines you might think left-wing extremism didn’t exist.

It’s impossible to look at the numbers, not to mention the tone of the coverage itself, and avoid the obvious conclusion that the press has a dog in this fight. The reporters writing these stories are nearly all pro-choice. So are the editors assigning the stories and writing the headlines. As a result, right-wing violence garners a lot more media coverage. It’s not a conspiracy, just confirmation bias in action.

And it extends far beyond this story. Did you know that a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Arizona was burned out just before Christmas? Probably not since not a single major media outlet covered the story. But if someone sets fire to an abortion clinic you can bet it will be national news.

Sadly, the MSM’s story selection eventually forms a kind of conventional wisdom, one that suggests “right-wing” is the natural prefix for “extremism.” In contrast, examples of left-wing violence are just a blip, a local crime story with no national implications worth mentioning, if the story is even covered at all.

Of course, this isn’t true. There was a bigger narrative in which to place Jim Pouillon’s murder just as was the case for Tiller, but that story remains untold. If the MSM is serious about being non-partisan they need to start compensating for their own measurable bias.

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