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So-called “Reverend” compares abortion to appendectomy or tonsillectomy calling it moral and honorable

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A New York “Reverend” has called abortion “moral and honorable work” comparing killing babies in the womb to an appendectomy or tonsillectomy.

Cherry Hill Womens Center cert Rev Donna Schaper 485923493_n

The Cherry Hill Women’s Center abortion clinic kills unborn babies all the way up to 24 weeks.

But, that did not deter the Rev. Donna Schaper, senior minister of Judson Memorial Church in New York, NY from giving the New Jersey child killing center a certificate of appreciation which shockingly stated:

    “In recognition and gratitude for your moral and honorable work as a defender of reproductive justice.”

Donna Schaper 0942684416393_n

It is insane to say that the wholesale slaughter of babies in the womb is in anyway moral or honorable.

The pro-abortion Rev. Schaper, once wrote that, “As Christians, as Baptists, we wearily say, the right to choose a medical procedure is also a woman’s right. It has to do fundamentally with the freedom of our souls to practice our religion and morality in our own ways.”

In a sermon posted online, Rev. Schaper describes how abortion is “moral” comparing child killing to an appendectomy or a tonsillectomy.

So when were talking about keeping a baby, we are not talking about a delivery. We are talking about the days and the weeks and the months and the years of that baby’s life,” she said.

The message is somewhat convoluted to those of us who are grounded in Biblical truth. Her ramblings of scripture, quotes from Robert Frost mingled with stories of a medical missionary and other stories confused me on her exact points.

Her emphasis was on the word “keeping” but her delivery as to what exactly she meant by that was unclear to me.

Rev Donna Schaper abortion_n

So once we understand what it means to keep a child,which is not just birthing a child, we become free to access the medical technology of abortion. Finally, it is nothing more or less than a medical technology, that’s all it is.”

And, you may or may not like this but it’s a lot like an appendectomy or a tonsillectomy. Forgive me, if that offends you in some way but it does not offend me. It is about a technology to keep or not to keep.

She then claims abortion is about protecting children.

“Lets just take the high ground which is taking care and keeping children
,” she stated, however confusing this sounds.

More about the Cherry Hill abortion clinic here.

Author says abortion more moral than decision to have a child

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Kathy Pollitt in MSNBC Author of the new book PRO, Kathy Pollitt believes that abortion is more moral as the decision to have a child.

Pollitt who recently said that most abortions were for convenience also wrote that, “We need to see abortion as an urgent practical decision that is just as moral as the decision to have a child – indeed, sometimes more moral.

Pollitt Ab More Moral than having a child

Lean Forward’s MSNBC host, Ronan Farrow called Pollitt a “very clear voice.”

Farrow asked Pollitt if her statement was the most savvy way to frame abortion politically going into the mid term elects.

Lean Foward MSNBC Kathy Pollitt

Pollit responded,”When we consider for example that he majority of women who have abortions 61% are already mothers you can see that he stereotype of the ‘oh its the teenaged slut who needs to be taught a lesson’, ‘it’s the cold-hearted child-hating career women’, because this isn’t what it’s about. The stereotypes are false. It’s about women who are trying to do what is right by their children, by their families, by themselves.

Do what is right by their children by killing them in the womb?

Tell me, Mr. Farrow, how is that a clear voice?

Prissy Pastors- Pastor Ken Hammontree makes connections from today to the church in Nazi Germany

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Prissy Pastors- Pastor Ken Hammontree makes con…, posted with vodpod

Pastor Jim Mann on Daniel, “Collision with Blasphemy”

Gallop: 56% polled “abortion is morally wrong”

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New Gallop Poll Reveals that

a Majority of people are PRO-LIFE