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Haley Barbour: ditch the social issues?

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If Republicans think that pro-lifers are going to tolerate them ditching the unborn children in their time of crisis- they are WRONG !

Wise Up Barbour- don’t make such dumb statements :

From US News and World Reports: Haley Barbour Sounds Open To 2012 Presidential Race
By Paul Bedard September 8, 2010

[Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R)] also endorsed a controversial issues truce proposed by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, another 2012 presidential possibility, who has suggested that GOP candidates dwell mostly on fiscal issues in the election and not get bogged down on social issues like abortion and gay marriage.

“The voters have on their minds the economy, jobs, spending, deficit, debt, and taxes,” he said. “Good campaigns are what’s on people’s minds,” said Barbour.

“I’ll put my bona fides up against anybody as a social conservative,” he added. “But that ain’t gonna change anybody’s vote this year because people are concerned about jobs and the economy and growth and spending and taxes. Y’all get where I’m going? But that’s what’s on people’s minds. If you run down rabbit trails, you’re using up valuable time and resources that could be used to talk about what they care about,” said Barbour.

“Do I think there’s any kind of truce or social agreement? I don’t know, but it seems to me that a whole lot more was made of that [Daniels] statement that it deserved. I thought there was less there than meets the eye,” he added.

Social conservatives, however, say they’ve pressed Daniels on the issue and he hasn’t backed off his wishes to have the economy and jobs dominate the coming elections, not social issues, though he isn’t suggesting that he will duck those.

Still, a key conservative activist who works with several anti-abortion groups said, “The Reagan coalition sits on a three legged stool, national security, free market economics, and social conservatives. The coalition only functions when all three are working together. Try to exclude or downplay one leg and the excluded folks get pretty steamed, make a lotta noise.”

That statement was made at a breakfast with reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

The Heartbreaking Truce- Huckabee, Mitch Daniels – “Truce” on social issues !

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The Heartbreaking Truce
by Mike Huckabee
I received an astonishing email today from a concerned friend who has been very influential in the fight to end the scourge of abortion.

Apparently, a 2012 Republican presidential prospect in an interview with a reporter has made the suggestion that the next President should call for a “truce” on social issues like abortion and traditional marriage to focus on fiscal problems.

In other words, stop fighting to end abortion and don’t make protecting traditional marriage a priority.

Let me be clear though, the issue of life and traditional marriage are not bargaining chips nor are they political issues. They are moral issues. I didn’t get involved in politics just to lower taxes and cut spending though I believe in both and have done it as a Governor. But I want to stay true to the basic premises of our civilization.

For those of us who have labored long and hard in the fight to educate the Democrats, voters, the media and even some Republicans on the importance of strong families, traditional marriage and life to our society, this is absolutely heartbreaking. And that one of our Republican “leaders” would suggest this truce, even more so. Governor Daniels is a personal friend and a terrific Governor, and I’m very disappointed that he would think that pro-life and pro-family activists would just lie down.

Are you ready to stop fighting for traditional marriage? I cannot. I will not.

Can you let the tragedy of abortion go unchecked while we get our financial house in order? I cannot. I will not.

A strong leader doesn’t need to focus myopically on one or two issues – but a strong leader is willing to fight for and defend their principles while rising to meet new challenges and solve all of the existing systemic problems confronting us.

For me these issues are critical. Indeed they are founding principles of my personal conservatism and part of the ideological foundation of the Republican Party.

Mike Huckabee