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Miss America contestant inaccurately says abortion biz Planned Parenthood does mammograms

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As I flipped between the Miss America pageant and the Dallas Cowboys game, I was stunned when I heard the questions the contestants were asked.

Miss America

The contestants nervously took the microphone, picked a random judge to ask a question and attempted to speak the words that would impress those who held their futures in their hands:

    Gun control, Donald Trump, Kim Davis, religious freedom, women on the $20.00 bill Tom Brady – deflate gate and Planned Parenthood funding.

Wait? What? Yes, Miss America contestant, Miss Tennessee was asked about Planned Parenthood funding and her answer was standard Planned Parenthood false talking points.

Venessa William s

The judge who asked Miss Tennessee about Planned Parenthood was none other than Venessa Williams.

    “Hello, take a breadth this is a tough one,” Williams said.

    “Some federal legislatures are threatening to shut down the government over federal contributions to Planned Parenthood.”


    “Even though no federal funds can be used for abortions. Should Planned Parenthood funding be cut off?”

Planned Parenthood has been accused by the Center for Medical Progress of selling the organs of the babies they abort a fact not mentioned by Judge Williams to Miss Tennessee. The seven videos the organization has released so far have horrified the country.

Miss Tennessee 2
Despite this: Hannah Robison, Miss Tennessee 2015 replied:

    “I don’t think Planned Parenthood funding should be cut off. The $500 million dollars that gets given to Planned Parenthood every single year goes to female care. It goes for scanning for cancer. It goes for mammograms. And, if we don’t get that funding to Planned Parenthood those women will be out of health care for reproductive causes.”

First of all, the statement is false. There is not ONE Planned Parenthood that does mammograms.

Secondly, the idea that “reproductive causes” will end if American taxpayers are not forced to fund Planned Parenthood is ridiculous.

In fact, it could be said that a great deal of the tax monies (hardly contributions as Venessa Williams implied, rather forced dollars taken by the tax payer) go to could the salaries for the leaders of the hundreds of Planned Parenthood centers and affiliates.

An Independent audit on Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) published December 5, 2014 by KPMG, showed that, by June of 2014, PPFA’s assets totaled: $367,254,551.

PPFA Planned Parenthood liabilities and assets 2014

KPMG’s Charities practice audits over 200 charity clients nationwide and work with many other charities in a tax or other advisory relationship.

In addition, the audit stated that PPFA’s total contributions and grants for 2014, was a whopping $186,178,077.


What did PPFA employees get?

Total employee compensation for 2014 was $62,410,804.

Come again?

Here is how that breaks down:

Salaries and Payroll taxes totaled $54,053,081 and health and retirement benefits totaling $8,357,723 in 2014.

Planned Parenthood salaries employee 2014 aufit

And, in case you wondered, that was an increase from the $50,031.640 employee compensation for 2013, ($43,304,187 for salaries and Payroll taxes and health and retirement benefits totaling $6,727,453).

Planned Parenthood salaries employee 2013 aufit

Mammograms you say? Not one.

Planned Parenthood is about helping women?

Yeah…well..I suppose so, if you are counting only those who are employed by the abortion behemoth.