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Man Accused Of aborting Unborn Child Weds Child’s Mother

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Man Accused Of aborting Unborn Child Weds Child…, posted with vodpod

Towanda, P.A. – A trial date has been set for a Southern Tier man accused of killing his unborn child back in February. What is unusual about this case is the woman who he did this to is now his wife.

Jury selection for 38-year old Orbin Tercero‘s trial is scheduled for Monday, January 24th at the Bradford County Courthouse in Towanda. Back in February, Tercero gave his girlfriend a drug called Misoprostol without her knowledge or consent during sexual intercourse. This drug is known to cause abortions. Later that night, his girlfriend had a miscarriage. District Attorney Daniel Barrett stated Thursday says this case is unlike anything he’s ever seen.

“When it came in, we realized that we wouldn’t have much guidance from our experiences or of that from other offices on a charge like this,” said Barrett.

The case has become even more complicated since then because the victim is now the suspect’s wife. Tercero, from Bath, is charged with murder of an unborn child, tampering with evidence and aggravated assault of an unborn child. Barrett told WETM 18 News that Tercero was able to get the Misoprostol drug without any troubles because of his job as a pharmacist in New York.

Barrett says if convicted, Tercero faces lifetime in prison without parole. Authorities stated that Tercero was engaged to another woman when the crime happened. Authorities stated that may have been his motive for the crime. Tercero posted bail and is no longer in Bradford County Jail.

Authorities told WETM 18 News that the crime happened in Sayre, at the girlfriend’s apartment. Because of this, it is being prosecuted in Bradford County. According to the New York State Regents Department, Tercero still has his pharmacy license with the state of New York.

RU 486 companion drug blamed in 2001 death

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By Ed Langlois Jan 12,2001

Of the Sentinel

A just-settled Portland lawsuit has called into question the safety of a drug being used in concert with the abortion compound RU 486.

The 1997 death of 34-year-old Margaret O’Connor is being blamed on a dose of misoprostol, an ulcer medication that doctors have for several years used to induce labor in expectant mothers.

The undisclosed settlement, achieved last month after a two-year trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court, went to Michael O’Connor of Portland. On Jan. 28, 1997, O’Connor lost his wife an hour after she gave birth to their third child at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland.

The Food and Drug Administration in September approved the use of RU 486, and doctors have been using Cytotec as a companion drug to complete the chemical abortion process.

But FDA figures show 30 cases of rupture of the uterus related to the use of misoprostol, known by its brand name Cytotec. In eight cases, the child died even though abortion was not the intent.

In the Portland case, the mother died.

Peggy O’Connor was admitted to Emanuel for what Dr. Barry Davis says appeared to be an ‘uneventful’ labor. But Dr. Davis did note that O’Connor was anxious to have the baby and had consulted with another physician, Dr. Joseph Weick, about using Cytotec to hurry the birth and avert complications. The drug had been used in Legacy delivery rooms for less than a year. Dr. Weick said he saw no problem and Dr. Davis ordered the dose.

Powerful contractions set in and O’Connor delivered the child. About 20 minutes later, the placenta came. O’Connor, who had had a child previously via cesarean section, then began bleeding profusely. She went into shock, and surgical measures to save her life failed.

An autopsy revealed that the placenta had broken off too abruptly and that amniotic fluid entered Peggy O’Connor’s bloodstream.

‘The pro-life community has always warned that RU 486 abortions are deadly not only to the unborn but to the women,’ says Gayle Atteberry, executive director of Oregon Right to Life. ‘This tragically proves us right.’

Oregon was one of the states where doctors tested RU 486 and developed protocol for its use.

In a pre-trial deposition, the O’Connors’ attorney Keith Tichenor asked Dr. Davis if he had warned his patient of the risks involved with Cytotec before he administered it.

Tichenor: ‘Did you tell her anything about whether it was used as an abortifacient?’

Davis: ‘No.’

Tichenor: ‘Did you tell her anything about warnings on the package inserts about not using it if you were pregnant because of the abortifacient property?’

Davis: ‘No.’

Attorneys for Dr. Davis, Legacy Health System and Monsanto argued that the harm to Margaret O’Connor was ‘not foreseeable.’

Cytotec is manufactured by G.D. Searle, a drug company owned by chemical giant Monsanto. The FDA approved Cytotec as an ulcer medication in 1988.

The drug literature from the late 1980s warns, in bold type, against the use of Cytotec by pregnant women.

But medical experts are split on the use of the drug during labor.

The O’Connor case showed that some strong proponents of its use are at Portland’s Oregon Health Sciences University. It was there, at a 1995 continuing education seminar, that Dr. Davis was told that the ulcer drug Cytotec was a good labor quickener.

But doctors elsewhere argue strongly against the drug, citing its tendency to cause the strong contractions and even kill the child in the process of being born.

Dr. Marsden Wagner, a Washington, D.C., physician who once worked with the World Health Organization, relays reports from Medford that obstetricians there are using Cytotec to try to fit deliveries into a daytime schedule.

‘We can’t just throw drugs at people in an uncontrolled way,’ Dr. Wagner writes in a recent article in the magazine Midwifery Today.

‘These women and babies paid a very big price because their practitioners were willing to use a very powerful drug before it has been approved by the FDA for this purpose and before it was adequately evaluated by prospective, controlled research.’

Dr. Charles Lockwood, chairman of obstetrical practices for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, says that Cytotec is the ‘agent of choice’ for inducing labor in the United States.

During the 12-year debate that resulted in the approval of protocol for RU 486, many physicians argued that women should be able to take Cytotec at home to make the abortion process cheaper and quicker.

‘Not being able to use misoprostol at home is a barrier to entry to providing medical abortion services,’ Dr. Suzanne Poppema, Seattle-based president of the National Abortion Federation, said in March 1999.

So far, the FDA has approved Cytotec only for use in treating peptic ulcers, but did recommend it to cause miscarriage after use of RU 486. When doctors use the drug to induce labor they are engaging in a common, legal but risky practice called ‘off-label use.’

In August 2000, Searle sent an update letter from its Skokie, Ill., office to doctors warning that Cytotec was approved only for treating ulcers and posed dangers to women if used to induce labor or abortions.

‘Serious adverse events reported following off-label use of Cytotec in pregnant women include maternal or fetal death,’ the Searle letter reported.

Just last week, two doctors from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists chided Searle for the attempted dissuasion.

The editorial, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, charged Searle with letting a fear of abortion politics and potential boycotts override science.

‘It is a sad state of affairs when a pharmaceutical company attempts to restrict the use of a drug although a large body of scientific evidence indicates that the drug has unique benefits and is safe for a large group of patients,’ wrote Drs. Ralph Hale and Stanley Zinberg. ‘Women in the United States should not be deprived of access to misoprostol.’

Other labor-induction drugs are more dangerous and more expensive, the doctors argued.

Though 30 cases may not seem like an epidemic, observers say Cytotec could pose a greater risk now that RU 486 is approved.

Doses for causing abortion will be higher than those used to speed labor.

Even in smaller doses, the drug causes overwhelmingly powerful contractions in some women and can bring on the kind of rupture and bleeding that killed Margaret O’Connor.
‘I’m not sure this kind of thing is isolated, or if it is, whether it will stay isolated,’ says the O’Connors’ Portland attorney Keith Tichenor.

Pro-choicer jailed for murder of baby

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Baby found dead in bag in closet, mother charged: police

February 22, 2010 / Chicago Sun Times

BY RUMMANA HUSSAIN Criminal Courts Reporter

A 25-year-old North Side woman induced the delivery of her baby with pills, ripped the umbilical cord with her hands and then threw the baby girl in a bedroom closet “as if it were a bag of garbage,” Cook County prosectors said Monday.

Marisol Molina, who was seven to nine months into her pregnancy, wrapped the baby in a robe and tied her in a plastic bag Thursday before hiding her at home — where the baby was discovered dead a day later, Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin DeBoni said.

Marisol Molina

The Medical Examiner’s Office determined the girl had air in the lungs and stomach, which indicated she was born alive and had taken some breaths, DeBoni said.
Molina was charged with murder and could face capital punishment if convicted. She was ordered held in lieu of $200,000 bail Monday.

Molina had ordered the abortion drug Misoprostol on the Internet on Feb. 12, and then took 10 of the pills on Wednesday, DeBoni said. Misoprostol, which causes contractions to expel the embryo, is usually administered after women are given Mifeprex — commonly known as the abortion pill RU-486, which blocks the a hormone that maintains pregnancy. Molina told police she knew about the drug from one of the two prior abortions, DeBoni said.

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Well- She ordered a dead baby , legally took abortion pills to get a dead baby- we are a crazy society that allows women to murder children as long as it is done before they leave the birth canal.