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MIRACLE: Baby in womb no heartbeat for weeks – then this happened !

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Preborn baby girl’s heartbeat went undetected for weeks — then a miracle happened

Candace Gaines fetal demise

When Candace and Dennis Gaines discovered in 2007 that they were six weeks pregnant with their third child, they couldn’t have been more excited. Candace was over forty years old at the time and had tried for three to four years to have a successful pregnancy, but suffered a series of miscarriages that left her devastated.

Her husband Dennis told CBN that this pregnancy was not the same: “This time was a little bit different because we decided we were going to take God at His Word and trust Him no matter what.”

In August of 2007, when Candace was just eight weeks pregnant, she started bleeding and went to the emergency room.

“We were further along in our pregnancy than we had been with the previous miscarriages,” Candace said in an interview conducted by CBN. “So, when the initial symptoms of a miscarriage began showing up, we went to the emergency room immediately.”

According to CBN:

The lab work showed the hormone levels for pregnancy were low and the heart beat had dropped significantly.  She was sent home and told that there was nothing they could really do.  She was ordered to rest and call the doctor on Monday.

At the doctor’s office they received grim news, learning that the baby’s heartbeat could not be detected. They were told they had suffered a fetal demise. But the Gaineses said they began to pray and waited until the following Monday morning for a second ultrasound,hoping for good news. But, once again, the doctor said the heartbeat could not be detected.

Dr. Terryberry looks for fetal heartbeat

Dr. Daniel S. Terryberry told CBN, “There was no fetal cardiac activity and Candace and her husband were both adamant that they felt that this pregnancy was going to continue.” Dr. Terryberry reluctantly agreed to give the Gainses more time, but a third ultrasound two weeks later indicated that things were no better; in fact, they were worse.

“Not only was there absent cardiac activity, but the baby had not grown,” the doctor told CBN. “It was all consistent to what we know to be a miscarriage.”

Candace said that, “Just seeing the monitor where the heart should have been beating – there was nothing there. This time he showed us where a blood clot or sac had been forming underneath the fetus.”

But, again, the couple refused to give up.

This troubled their OBGYN, who was concerned that continuing a failed pregnancy might cause infection or other complications in Candace, and he scheduled a date to surgically remove the baby’s remains.

Candace Gaines concerned no fetal heartbeat

But Dennis was having second thoughts. He told CBN, “I refused to accept that this baby would not be born.”

He asked Dr. Terryberry if they could check the baby’s heartbeat one more time.

“He pulled the equipment out and he did as we had done weeks before, and miraculously, this time, there was a heartbeat.”

Candace recounted what happened next. “Dr. Terryberry almost popped out of his seat. He kept telling me, ‘Look, there is a heartbeat!”

The baby’s heart was beating at 141 beats per second, Candace said.

“All I could say was thank you Jesus, it was just total shock,” Candace added.


Doctor tells couple baby has heartbeat


Dr. Terryberry called the event, “nothing short of a miracle,” telling CBN that finding the baby had a heartbeat was “glee and pure joy. We had just witnessed a miracle.”

On April 2, 2008, Baby Grace Almez Gaines was born.

Baby Grace Miracle Baby

When Grace was three, CBN invited the Gaines family to share their story in studio.

There, the little girl’s father told CBN that seeing Grace, which he called “the face of God,”  puts him in awe every day.

Miracle baby born after heart stopped for three weeks

  • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Miracle Baby: born at 23 weeks, weighing 15.5 ounces

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Baby Chelsey survives though born at 23 weeks
John Kass
February 18, 2011
Baby doctors have their schedules, but life doesn’t always abide by some official timetable.

And so months before Tamika Harris’ twin girls were due, she began feeling the pains of labor.

One of the daughters began pushing to leave Harris’ womb after just 22 weeks and hadn’t grown strong enough for the terrible adventure of birth.

So Harris was at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital, with the pressure and pain. She felt the first twin crowning and shouted for the nurse, who came to speak to her in the calm voice of nurses everywhere.

Harris knows that voice. She uses it herself, as a 911 dispatcher for the village of Burnham, talking over the phone to the desperate and the terrified.

“She said, ‘OK, we’re just going to put you back into the bed,'” Harris recalled. “I’m a dispatcher. And when people call frantically, you use that calm voice. And I realized she was doing that with me. I’m thinking, ‘No, she’s not doing that! This is an emergency!'”

The first twin wasn’t ready, but Harris and her fiance, Charles Hansbrough, were told she was coming anyway, and with little chance of survival.

Chazey Hansbrough weighed just a little more than a pound when she was born on Oct. 1, 2010.

“We knew that she wasn’t going to make it,” Harris said. “Here’s my baby that I’ve been wanting, waiting for, for I don’t know how long, and she’s not making it. She’s going to die. … So I cuddled her, I kissed her.”

Less than five minutes after the birth, her daughter was gone. But the parents had no time to grieve.

“I had to actually snap out of it very quickly and I had to realize that I have another baby inside of me, that I can’t be so upset, so emotional that I deliver her and she doesn’t make it,” Harris said.

Doctors expected the other twin, daughter Chelsey, to follow quickly. But she didn’t. Something kept Chelsey back, kept her inside her mother, kept her safe long enough for her lungs to grow and save her life.

Chelsey stayed inside the womb for eight more days. That gave doctors enough time to give her mom two injections of steroids to promote the lung development. Those extra days made the difference between life and death.

Chelsey was born on Oct. 9, at 23 weeks and three days gestation. Babies born that early have only an 18 percent chance of survival, according to the National Institutes of Health.

But Chelsey survived. At birth she weighed 15.5 ounces.

She was the size of her daddy’s fist.

“It was like it was preset, like God had said, ‘I’m going to keep your baby for eight days. I’m going to give you this shot for two days, and then we’re going to have her,'” said Charles, her dad.

Chelsey stayed at the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit for 100 days.

There were transfusions. There were monitors beeping. In a NICU, a baby’s hand is so tiny when strapped to one of those boards with all the tubes and the wires extending, the hand waving as if holding a sail.,0,

Miracle Baby comes back to life after mother cuddles him

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