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Affordable Health Care Act is Abortion Bailout Fund as predicted by pro-life leaders

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Michael New Life Talk Nov 2013On the November 2013 show, the cast of Life Talk interviews Michael New, Asst. Professor at the University of Michigan, Dearborn over how the Affordable Health Care Act pays for elective abortions.

TN Nov 2013 Life Talk

Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman suggests that Life Talk roll back the tape of the cast predicting that the Affordable Health Care Act is the abortion bailout fund.

Michael New says that ObamaCare will fund abortions through Medicaid expansion. He says that ObamaCare also creates state health care exchanges which are subsidized by tax dollars and fund abortions. New predicts that at least 100,000 more abortions will be publicly funded each year because of ObamaCare.

Newman adds that there is a third funding stream implemented by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, which mandates that the exchanges have a minimum of a $1.00/ per month surcharge to pay just for abortions. He says there is not a surcharge to pay for cancer screening only for abortions.

New agrees and says they are trying to make it appear that abortions are elective and that those who don’t want to pay for abortions can “opt out.” He points out that sometimes it is not clear which plans cover abortions and which ones do not.

Frank Pavone Lif eTalk Nov 213Fr. Frank Pavone responds, “Those that are radically promoting abortion through the channels of our government. They don’t care if people are confused or not. It is not an effort to make people understand, it is the effort to get monies into the abortion industries.”

Mark Crutcher Nov 2013 Life Talk
Mark Crutcher, producer of Life Talk and president of Life Dynamics said that one of the most idiotic statements he has ever heard was when Nancy Pelosi said “We’ve got to pass ObamaCare to find out what’s in it.”

Newman says that America has have gone from a passive funding of abortion to an active one. He calls the abortion surcharge a “direct violation of our freedom of conscience, our freedom of liberties, our religious principles to oppose child killing. This is a huge change and as Christians we must stand against it. For me, this is the Red Line. This is the line in the sand. I’m not going to participate in anything that actively goes out to fund abortions.”

Life Talk is a monthly pro-life TV show produced in Denton, Texas by Life Dynamics.

The show is hosted by Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, Priests for Life National Director Fr. Frank Pavone, Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, Bloggers Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa and Jill Stanek.

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Defunding Guttmacher (research arm of Planned Parenthood)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Defunding Guttmacher [Michael New]
The Government Accounting Office (GAO) just put out a report on Planned Parenthood and other organizations that support legal abortion, and the report has been getting a lot of attention from conservative and Christian media outlets. It should be getting attention from other media outlets, too: The fact that the GAO can account for only $657.1 million out of $2.3 billion in federal funds that were appropriated to Planned Parenthood is astonishing, ideology aside.

Overall, Planned Parenthood receives precious little scrutiny from the mainstream media, and it was very shrewd of 31 Republican Congressman to request for a GAO audit. Conservatives and pro-lifers should do everything they can to widely publicize this report, and conservatives should use this as an argument for defunding Planned Parenthood if Republicans take control of Congress after the midterm elections.

One aspect of the study that hasn’t received enough attention is the amount of federal funding received by the Guttmacher Institute, which was, up until recently, Planned Parenthood’s research arm. The GAO report indicates that it received $12.7 million from the federal government between 2002 and 2009 — a large sum for a non-profit think tank.

It is unfortunate that such a politicized research institute receives so much federal funding. Some of the researchers at the Guttmacher Institute do conduct analytically rigorous research on reproductive health issues, but Guttmacher always spins their research to argue for more government funding for contraception, regardless of what their research actually finds. (This is unsurprising, considering that Planned Parenthood — which purportedly uses much of its federal grant money on contraception programs — wants to keep funds flowing strong.)

By funding Guttmacher, the government is basically funding a group whose purpose is to lobby for more contraception funding. Pro-lifers would do well to call for the defunding of both Planned Parenthood and the Guttmacher Institute should Republicans win a congressional majority this fall.

— Michael New is an assistant professor at the University of Alabama and a fellow at the Witherspoon Institute.


Guttmacher Institute is the Research Arm for the largest provider of abortions nationally and internationally – Planned Parenthood and was named after one of Planned Parenthood’s President – Alan Guttmacher.

Alan Guttmacher , who was also a Vice President for the American Eugenics Society, said this in 1967- “ I oppose abortion on demand, at least now for the United States, there are several reason. First, the public does not want it… only 20 % of the public favors abortion for single women… Abortion on demand relives the male of all responsibility in the sphere of pregnancy control..he becomes and animal…not far removed from the status of a bull…I favor liberalization of existing [ abortion] statutes…” But…should Guttmacher be legally permitted to do abortions he continues, ” I would abort mothers already carrying three or more children…I would abort women who desire abortion who are drug addicts or severe alcoholics…I would abort women with sub-normal mentality incapable of providing satisfactory parental care…”
(Source; “Abortion: The Issues”, Dr. Alan Guttmacher – President, Planned Parenthood, December 4, 1967, Harvard Law School Forum)

In 1969, Guttmacher as then President of Planned Parenthood-World Population, said this: “ I would like to give our voluntary means of population control full opportunity in the next 10 to 12 years. Then , if these don’t succeed, we may have to go into some kind of coercion, not worldwide, but possibly in such places as India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, where pressures are the greatest…There is no question that birth rates can be reduced all over the world if legal abortion is introduced…” ( SOURCE: Family Planning: The needa and the Methods, by: Alan F. Guttmacher; The American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 69, No. 6. (June, 1969) PP. 1229-1234)

And in February of 1970 Alan Guttmacher was interviewed by the Baltimore Magazine and said this
Our birth rate has come down since we last talked.. I think we’ve hit a plateau- the figure’s not likely to drop much more unless there is more legal abortion. , or abortion on request as we call it…My own feeling is that we’ve got to pull out all the stops and involve the United Nations…If you’re going to curb population, it’s extremely important not to have it done by the dammed Yankees, but by the UN. Because the thing is, then it’s not considered genocide. If the United States goes to the Black man or the yellow man and says slow down your reproduction rate, we’re immediately suspected of having ulterior motives to keep the white man dominant in the world. If you can send in a colorful UN force, you’ve got much better leverage.”

This is about POPULATION CONTROL – A stunning new film: Maafa21 shows how Planned Parenthood and their founders and leaders like Guttmacher were all muddied up in Eugenics

Simply listen to the words of Guttmacher told a symposium at the University of California Medical Center in 1966 he stated that, “the belief that the white middle class was coercing their own poor and people with black and yellow skins to reduce family size because the middle-class whites are frightened of being outnumbered.”

The only way the mounting feeling that birth control is a tool of racism can be handled, is to involve knowledgeable leaders from the minority groups who understand and are favorable to the philosophy of birth control. They, in turn, must translate their appreciation of the contribution which birth control can make toward family stability to their own people.” (SOURCE: New York Times: Doctor blames his profession for delays on Family Planning: 1/16/1966)