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Man Arrested for Child Pornography offered to pay for Abortion of child he thought he impregnated

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Mervin-Edy-Wolf A Colorado man has been charged with producing child pornography while repeatedly molesting a Red Bluff girl during visits to her Marjie Avenue home during a seven-year period.

The case broke when the girl, now a teenager, made the decision to disclose the sexual abuse when she learned the suspect, 61-year-old Mervin Edy Wolf, planned a visit to the area in June. It has been reported the alleged victim was also afraid Wolf would begin molesting her younger sibling.

It is reported the molestation began when the girl was around 7, and the child pornography of the molestation began about two year later.

The FBI said during each of those trips Wolf would force the girl to “perform and participate in an escalating patter of sexual acts which Wolf would photograph or video tape.”

During several of these occurrences, Wolf’s wife and relatives would be in the home, reportedly unaware of what was happening.

In January 2013, the girl telephoned Wolf stating she was afraid she was pregnant from Wolf’s sexual abuse.

Wolf told the minor child he would pay for an abortion if she was in fact pregnant by Wolf,” reported the FBI. “Wolf mailed two home pregnancy tests to the minor child. She took the tests and learned she was not pregnant.”

The FBI learned during the investigation Wolf and his wife were foster parents in 2003, and two of the foster children, both girls under the age of 7, had been sexually abuse by Wolf. No charges were filed in those cases, but due to the allegations, the Wolfs’ Colorado foster care license was revoked.

When the girl’s family learned of the abuse, other family members came forward to report abuse by Wolf.

Wolf has been charged with travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct and production of child pornography.

Wolf is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Judith Smith, chief of the Special Prosecutions Section, Criminal Division of the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Abortion is often used by Pedophiles to cover child sexual abuse as the pro-life group Life Dynamics documented here.