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NARAL holds Men for Choice event to push abortion rights

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Nothing seems more unusual for so-called “women’s rights” than a bunch of Brochoice men getting together to promote abortion all while using the name of a radical FEMALE advocate of population control!

NARAL Ma Men for Choice 2015

NARAL mass Men for Choice Rep harold Naughton abortion 395_3648275792262145694_n

This week’s NARAL Men for Choice event, featured, Rep. Harold Naughton and Ma. State Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) representing the Middlesex & Worcester District.

NARAL Mass Men for Choice

NARAL Men for Choice Jamie Eldridge 2

In promoting the event the Massachusetts abortion lobby group incorrectly titled it the Ruth Bader GINsberg which, if spelled correctly would be Ginsburg – but- you can’t expect abortion advocates to get their facts straight- right?

NARAL RBGinsburg Feb 2015 Men for Choice FB  2 852689446501722369_n

Maybe they got the spelling off this old tweet their national office sent out in 2014:

NARAL Ginsberg Tweet

Hey- I completely understand how one could make a mistake in spelling- I do it all the time- but- Ginsburg is the abortion lobby darling- I mean- how could they mess that up?

Oh…look – someone must have caught their mistake – NARAL corrected the spelling:

But not before tweeting it here here here here here and on Facebook here among other times.

NARAL RGG Men for Choice

Men for Choice RBG B-ppkrDUMAEMuZr

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an advocate of population control otherwise known as eugenics:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said , “I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Recently the good Justice expounded on which populations we don’t want too many of – the poor !

Ruth Ginsburg and Bloomberg 2015 abortion

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr and Matthew Winkler, the radically pro-abortion Justice says that restricting abortion targets the poor – uh – the exact same people she once said abortion was created for.

Is that not ironic?

Ginsburg was asked if American women should be concerned about all the abortion restrictions across the county.

Ginsburg replied, “Women should be concerned because abortion restrictions in practical effect target poor women and poor women only.”

But…I digress…Back to NARAL’s Men for Choice celebration:

NARAL’s Men for Choice event looked pretty boring based on their tweets:

NARAL 2015 Men for choice Harold Naughton

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet 2

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet 3

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet 4

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet

However, this tweet of an old man sitting on the floor with a little child to advocate abortion was pretty disturbing and read, “Spotted at #MenForChoice 2015: multiple generations of activists. The future of #ReproRights is looking bright.”

Men for Choice NARAL Future generations

Well…I doubt that. If the future of abortion rights is to beg support from men – I would say it is in deep trouble!