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Despite Hyde, federal tax dollars fund some abortions

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The Hyde Amendment, a pro-life rider that prevents federal dollars from funding most abortions. Despite the Hyde Amendment, taxpayer dollars do fund some abortions at the federal level.

According to expenditure reports at (data below was published at Live Action News):

  • In 2017, $65,077 federal dollars were used to pay for abortions. Of that amount, $37,494 was paid by federal dollars and $27,583 was paid by the states.
  • In 2018, $71,938 federal dollars were used to pay for abortions. Of that amount, $45,915 was paid by federal dollars and $26,023 was paid by the states.

Medicaid report on federal taxpayer funded abortion FY2017 and FY2018

Live Action News has previously analyzed federal taxpayer funding for 2015 and 2016 under Medicaid assistance programs.

  • In 2018, Live Action News documented that more than half of abortions in Medicaid-coverage states are taxpayer funded.

Unfortunately- states can spend tax dollars on abortion and they do to the tune of millions of dollars.

According to Live Action News:

While the Hyde Amendment prohibits most taxpayer funding of abortion at the federal level, states can use both state and federal taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion, and a growing number are. Statistics have shown that when women do not pay for their own abortions, the number of abortions increases.

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