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Taxpayers in Maryland spend millions on abortions for “mental health”

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Via Live Action News — Article text starts here

Data from the State of Maryland reveals that since 2006, taxpayer-funded Medicaid abortions in the state, committed mostly for the vague reason of the woman’s “mental health,” have increased year after year, costing taxpayers almost $48 million.

While the federal Hyde Amendment prohibits federal dollars from paying for most abortions, Medicaid dollars passed to states by the federal government can be used to pay for abortions at the state level.

Live Action News has previously shown how 17 states allow taxpayer dollars to fund abortions in excess of the Hyde Amendment’s restrictions. In addition, since money is fungible, even with Hyde in place, dollars sent to groups like Planned Parenthood can fund abortion centers and abortion staff.

According to a document published by Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the State will pay for abortions as long as the provider fills out a form that certifies:

  • continuation of the pregnancy is likely to result in the death of the woman.
  • there is substantial risk that the continuation of the pregnancy could have a serious or adverse effect on the woman’s present or physical health.
  • there exists medical evidence that continuation of the pregnancy is creating a serious effect on the woman’s present mental health, and if carried to term there is a substantial risk of a serious or long lasting effect on the woman’s future mental health.
  • this abortion is necessary because the fetus is affected by a genetic defect or serious deformity or abnormality.
  • this abortion is necessary for a victim of rape, sexual offense or incest and the incident has been reported to a law enforcement agency or to a public health or social agency.

If you review all these reasons — physical health, mental health, life of the woman, and health of the baby — you essentially have abortion on demand, as defined in Roe v. Wade and the companion case, Doe v. Bolton. However, according to the state of Maryland, women eligible for Medicaid solely due to a pregnancy do not currently qualify for a state-funded abortion.

I contacted the state of Maryland to see if they had published statistics on Medicaid funding. What I found, according to several Department of Health and Mental Hygiene documents the state provided, is the following (all the documents are available online here):


Between 2014 and 2016,* the average cost of a Medicaid abortion was between $600 and $700.

In the past three years, taxpayers have been forced to spend $16.6 million for 23,395 Medicaid abortions in Maryland.

The largest portion of those procedures — 68 percent (15,979) — were performed at abortion facilities, costing taxpayers approximately $400.00 per procedure.

Maryland abortions from Medicaid

* Although the data for 2016 may not be complete, it showed that claims sent to the state as of November 2016, $5.3 million in tax dollars were spent to fund 7,812 abortions.


There are no requirements to report abortions in the state, however, Guttmacher (Planned Parenthood’s former “special affiliate“) estimates that in 2014, approximately 28,140 abortions were committed.  This means that 27 percent of abortions were paid for by taxpayers that year.

Maryland abortion trends according to Guttmacher

In fact, statistics for previous years indicate that as abortions have decreased in the state, taxpayer-funded abortions are increasing. See data on Medicaid abortions for 2015 and 2014, compared with data from previous years :

  • 2015: $5.7 million in tax dollars paid for 7,932 abortions.
  • 2014: $5.6 million in tax dollars paid for 7,651 abortions.
  • 2013: $5.4 million in tax dollars paid for 7,528 abortions.
  • 2012: $5.2 million in tax dollars paid for 7,442 abortions.
  • 2011: $5.4 million in tax dollars paid for  7,177 abortions.
  • 2010: $4.7 million in tax dollars paid for 6,652  abortions.
  • 2009: $3.4 million in tax dollars paid for 4,857 abortions.
  • 2008: $2.2 million in tax dollars paid for 3,281 abortions.
  • 2007: $2.2 million in tax dollars paid for 3,580 abortions.
  • 2006: $2.7 million in tax dollars paid for 3,831 abortions.

Note: Data for fiscal years 2014 and 2015 includes all Medicaid-funded abortions performed during the fiscal year, while data for fiscal year 2016 includes all abortions performed during fiscal 2016, for which a Medicaid claim was filed through November 2016. Since providers have 12 months to bill Medicaid for a service, Medicaid may receive additional claims for abortions performed during fiscal 2016. For example, during fiscal 2016, an additional 1,066 claims from fiscal 2015
were paid.


Maryland abortions from Medicaid reasons Mental Health

Maryland abortions from Medicaid reasons

Out of 7,812 abortions paid for with Medicaid dollars in 2016, none were performed to save the life of the woman, according to statistical data provided by the state.

In fact, almost 100 percent of taxpayer-funded abortions (7,805) were performed because the doctor believed it would affect the woman’s “mental health,” described this way:

“Medical evidence that continuation of the pregnancy is creating a serious effect on the woman’s mental health, and if carried to term, there is a substantial risk of a serious or long-lasting effect on the woman’s future mental health.”

Of the remaining seven, three abortions were recorded because the doctor certified that there was “a substantial risk that continuation of the pregnancy could have a serious and adverse effect on the woman’s present or future physical health.”

Four abortions were due to the fact that “the fetus [was] affected by genetic defect or serious deformity or abnormality.”

Data for previous years showed similar facts.

Out of Medicaid claims received by the state for years 2008 through 2015, “mental health” of the woman appeared to be the default reason abortion doctors gave to justify the taxpayer-funded abortion.

The numbers break down as follows:

  • 2015 : 6,844 out of 6,866; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.
  • 2014 : 6,589 out of 6,609; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.
  • 2013: 6,561 out of 6,567 ; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.
  • 2012: 5,856 out of 5,861; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.
  • 2011: 6,375 out of 6,381; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.
  • 2010: 4,349 out of 4,352; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.
  • 2009: 3,404 out of 3,407 ; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.
  • 2008: 2,307 out of 2,314; none in which the life of the woman was endangered.

As previously reported, “mental health” of the mother is something that can be determined by the abortion doctor who profits from the procedure — and abortionists who work for Planned Parenthood have stated that they believe every abortion is “medically necessary.”

When the abortion industry says tax dollars will not pay for abortion, this simply is not true. The State of Maryland is just one of many examples of taxpayer funding of abortion. Another example is that of New Mexico, where undercover calls revealed several instances (listed below) in which a late-term abortion facility recommended taxpayer-funded abortions:

  • A caller who said she was 16 and claimed she was impregnated by an older family member
  • A caller who said she was pregnant with a child that had Down syndrome
  • A caller who said she was 26 weeks pregnant and there was nothing medically wrong with “the pregnancy”


Live Action News also published an overview on how your tax dollars fund abortions, nationally. That article noted that according to the most recently available report from the state of California’s Medi-Cal program, public funds paid for more than 83,000 abortions there.

In addition, despite abortions falling to their lowest number in 35 years of reporting in Minnesota, taxpayer funded abortions in the state increased almost 11 percent in 2015, with Planned Parenthood performing the largest portion of those procedures. In Alaska, abortions declined 5.5 percent, while taxpayer-funded abortions rose over 34 percent from 32.8 percent in 2015 to 44.1 percent in 2016. Statistics from New York show that taxpayers may be spending their hard earned dollars funding abortions on women who previously obtained one or more abortions.


From 2008 to 2016, the State of Maryland gave Planned Parenthood over $24 million dollars in taxpayer funds for various reasons, according to data published on Maryland’s Open Data Portal website. Earlier this year, the Maryland Senate approved a bill that would direct funds to Planned Parenthood in the event that Congress defunds the abortion corporation.

“The bill shields Planned Parenthood with $2 million from the State’s Medicaid budget,” reports CBS Baltimore, “and another $700,000 from the general fund should Republicans in Congress succeed in cutting off federal funds,” the news outlet writes.

The alarming numbers show clearly that taxpayers are, in fact, funding abortions. As Congress debates defunding Planned Parenthood, pro-lifers must push for an end to funding the abortion industry with American tax dollars at the state and federal levels.

  • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Abortion doctor surrenders medical license in California

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It has just been revealed that an abortion doctor in California, who became abusive with two abortion patients in another state, surrendered his medical license late last year.

AGohariAccording to the document, from the Medical Board of California, two abortion patients went to the offices of Abolghassem Masud Gohari in Maryland for an abortion.

The document shows that a medical assistant at the clinic performed a sonogram on the first patient and then gave her a pill to induce an early medical abortion.

The patient was reluctant to take the pill because it was not given to her in the presence of a physician and sought treatment from another doctor.

The woman then contacted Gohari to receive a refund at which time he became extremely irate and yelled at her.

A second patient went to Gohari’s office for a surgical abortion. She was not given any counseling from Gohari nor his staff. According to the report when the patient became upset and began to cry, abortionist Gohari became belligerent, abusive and yelled at her.

Gohari’s Maryland medical license was placed on probation for a year in 2012.

In November of 2013, Gohari signed a stipulation order to surrender his California license.

Gohari also has a history of medical malpractice lawsuits, which the website AbortionDocs.Org documents here.

Several abortion clinics closed for starting abortions w/o doctor present

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Abortion clinics lose licenses again
Accused of beginning abortions with no doctor present

The Baltimore Sun is reporting:


State health regulators have suspended the licenses of several abortion clinics owned by Associates in OB/GYN Care for the second time after an employee with no health care license or certification gave a patient a drug to induce an abortion at the Baltimore facility.

The same employee also performed an ultrasound on the woman, who was found to be 22 weeks pregnant with multiple fetuses, although the employee wasn’t trained in the procedure, according to records released Friday by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. There was no physician at the clinic even though the woman had scheduled an appointment for a May 4 procedure.

The doctor who arrived at the clinic later that day refused to perform the abortion, saying “this facility is not equipped to do this procedure safely,” according to the state records.

The state’s Office of Health Care Quality investigated the facility and suspended its license after receiving an anonymous complaint about the patient’s treatment on May 7. The agency also looked into operations at clinics owned by OB/GYN Care in Frederick, Silver Spring and Cheverly and suspended the licenses of those clinics as well.

The investigation found that it was common practice to administer the drug Misoprostol to induce an abortion in patients 11 weeks or more pregnant even if the patient has not been seen by a doctor and there was no physician at the clinic.

In a hearing earlier this month, OB/GYN Care admitted that treatment of the patient at the Baltimore facility and the protocol for using Misoprostol was improper, the state documents said. However, the firm blamed the problem on one physician and contested the license suspension.

The state declined to lift the suspension because OB/GYN Care did not provide “compelling evidence,” to do so, according to state documents. OB/GYN Care can request an additional hearing to get the licenses reinstated.

The OB/GYN-run clinics in Baltimore, Landover and Silver Spring had their licenses suspended in March after a woman had complications following an abortion at the Baltimore facility and died at a local hospital. The woman had trouble breathing following, the state said, she suffered cardiac arrest at the clinic although the clinic disputed that assessment.

The patient suffered from a fatal heart condition, may have had defective heart valves and was probably in heart failure, wrote Melissa Shachnovitz, an administrator with OB/GYN, in a letter to state officials in March in response to the license suspension.

Although the woman’s death was caused by underlying conditions and not the abortion, state investigators found the incident raised questions about whether doctors at the clinic could handle an abortion that goes wrong.

Health officials also cited other problems at the facilities at the time. At the Baltimore clinic, investigators found the physician who performed the abortion wasn’t certified in CPR and the defibrillator at the clinic did not work. Investigators observed a patient at the Silver Spring clinic who was left alone for three minutes after waking up, leaving her at risk of falling. At the Landover location, the nurse did not know how to use the defibrillator or suction machine, and the defibrillator pads had expired.
The licenses were reinstated about two weeks later after OB/GYN Care submitted what is called a “plan of correction.” A spokeswoman for the clinics said at the time that the company had corrected the issues at all three facilities. The defibrillators were fixed and staff retrained. They also performed emergency drills.

The suspensions were among the first actions the state took since adopting regulations for abortion clinics last year. Created in part because of a botched procedure at an Elkton clinic in 2010, the regulations allow the state to fine or shut down a clinic for violations related to anesthesia, emergency services, lab work and other areas.

Several delegates complained earlier this year that the state was not inspecting clinics quickly enough after a New York teacher died at a Germantown facility in February.

2nd Abortion death prompts Maryland to close three abortion clinics

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According to Operation Rescue, The Maryland Department of Health and Hygiene has suspended the licenses of three surgical abortion clinics affiliated with the notorious illegal late-term abortionist Steven Chase Brigham after inspections revealed violations that made the continued operation of the clinics unsafe.

Jennifer Morbelli Funeral

The inspections were prompted by a letter from seventeen Maryland House Delegates raising concerns about abortion clinic safety after Jennifer Morbelli, a New York kindergarten teacher, died from complications to a 33-week abortion she received from LeRoy Carhart in Germantown on February 7, 2013. None of the clinics licensed under Maryland’s new abortion clinic licensing rules was ever inspected to verify safety compliance prior to Morbelli’s death.

In a shocking revelation, inspectors discovered a second abortion-related patient death had occurred at one of Brigham’s abortion clinics in Baltimore that is located in a residential condominium complex. The woman was said to have had a previous health condition that contributed to her suffering cardiac arrest at the time of the abortion.


According to the Baltimore Sun, “The physician who performed the abortion at Associates in OB/GYN Care LLC on North Calvert Street wasn’t certified in CPR and a defibrillator at the facility did not work, state officials said in a letter Friday to the General Assembly.”

“Ignoring a health condition that might contraindicate abortion, one of Brigham’s shoddy abortionists proceeded with surgery at a residential condo unit without the necessary certification or emergency equipment required to treat the patient in the event a complication arose. Because of this negligence, he was unable to provide emergency care that could have saved her life. It is beyond belief that the State of Maryland would allow these dangerous Brigham affiliates to continue to operate in the state,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

Brigham and another abortionist, Nicola I. Riley, were arrested and charged with murder after police raided a secret late-term abortion mill they were illegally operating in Elkton in 2010. A botched abortion that resulted in a ruptured uterus and other injuries alerted authorities to the site where 35 corpses of viable late-term babies were discovered in a freezer. The charges were dropped after an expert witness for the prosecution bowed out of the case under pressure from the abortion lobby.

It was that incident that instigated the new abortion clinics licensing law that took effect in July, 2012.

The two other abortion clinics that were suspended by the state were American Medical Group affiliates in Cheverly and Silver Spring. A representative of the clinics told the Baltimore Sun that they are owned by Integrity Health in Pennsylvania and are listed on Brigham’s American Women’s Services web site only because “they help with our online presence and other marketing efforts.”

However, Operation Rescue previously discovered that Integrity Health is a shell organization that Brigham placed in a family member’s name after Brigham was banned by the State of Pennsylvania from operating or controlling any abortion clinics in that state citing violations that endangered the public after the discovery of a series of botched abortions and illegal practices. He has a history of hiring troubled abortionists that are among the worst in the country. (Read about their backgrounds.)

“Brigham is playing a shell game with authorities to keep open abortion businesses that are dangerous to women. Brigham has repeatedly shown an arrogant disregard for the law that has caused him to be expelled or suspended in every state where he ever held a medical license,” said Newman.

Currently, Brigham holds a medical license only in the state of New Jersey, which remains under suspension.

An abortionist associated with the suspended Cheverly clinic, Mehrdad Aalai, was criminally convicted of Medicaid fraud in 1993, and more recently had his license temporarily suspended in 2011 over a horrifically botched late-term abortion that nearly killed a patient.

The license suspension of the three clinics means they can no longer do surgical abortions until the violations are corrected, however, they can stay open and provide nonsurgical services.

“These abortion mills should be permanently closed. We appreciate Maryland taking steps to inspect, but they authorities there need to take a harder line against these abortion clinics that operate under shady circumstances at the expense of the lives and health of women,” said Newman.

Second state suspends Abortion doc’s medical license

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Delaware board suspends license of abortion doctor
Incident in Maryland triggers concerns


The Delaware Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline suspended the medical license of a doctor who recently had his license to practice suspended in Maryland for performing an abortion that injured an 18-year-old woman, Delaware officials said Friday.

Dr. George Shepard Jr.’s license in Delaware was suspended because he engaged in activities that “present a clear and present danger to the public health,” according to a release from the Delaware State Department.

Shepard, 88, had his license suspended in Maryland last month. That triggered a notification to Delaware authorities, and the process to suspend Shepard’s license here began, state department spokesman Christopher Portante said.

Rest here

Maryland lawmakers overlooked abortion regulations to target pro-life pregnancy centers

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This editorial by the Archbishop of Baltimore posted in The Baltimore Sun– about sums up my feelings:

O’Brien: In Md., abortion not safe or rare

September 08, 2010

Your Sept. 3 front page story, “Abortion doctors suspended after woman suffers injury,” is a shocking reminder of a reality too often ignored: Legal abortion may be fiercely protected in Maryland, but it is a far cry from being safe or rare. The story, and a sincere concern for the safety of women, should prompt strict scrutiny of Maryland’s permissive abortion laws and an honest effort to learn why these unscrupulous practitioners were attracted to our state in order to commit such atrocities.

Too often, Maryland’s lawmakers have steadfastly refused to consider even the mildest restrictions on abortion, including stricter regulations on abortion clinics that might have prevented this horrendous abuse of clients. Laws have been repeatedly rejected, for instance, to require abortion clinics to follow the same regulations as other ambulatory surgical centers, so that clinics continue to be allowed to operate simply as doctors’ offices.

Ironically, elected officials, fueled by the extreme agenda of the abortion industry, have instead focused on “regulating” pro-life pregnancy centers for the supposed harm they do providing free, life-affirming services to women facing crisis pregnancies. As a result, Baltimore City now holds the dubious distinction of passing the nation’s first law targeting pregnancy centers that do not perform abortions or provide birth control. Montgomery County quickly followed in passing a similar regulation. With pro bono legal assistance, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has challenged the constitutionality of that law, and we hope that more reasoned — and less political — deliberations will lead to its undoing.

We continue to pray for all those harmed by abortion, most especially the unborn and their mothers. We pray too that our elected officials will finally have the courage and wisdom to shake off the undue influence of pro-abortion special interests in Maryland. It is time to enact laws in our state that genuinely protect vulnerable pregnant women, even those who wish to choose life.

Edwin F. O’Brien, Baltimore.
The writer is Archbishop of Baltimore.

Here are details from Operation Rescue:

Four Abortionists Suspended in Two States Yesterday
Despite action to protect the public, over a dozen dangerous abortion mills run by suspended abortionists remain open

TRENTON, N.J., Sept. 9 /Christian Newswire/ — Medical boards in New Jersey and Maryland took action yesterday to insure that four abortionists halted operations after declaring that they pose a danger to the public.

The New Jersey Medical Board acted Wednesday to suspend the medical license of the notorious abortionist Stephen Chase Brigham after an investigation into a botched abortion discovered that he was starting late-term abortions in New Jersey then leading the women across state lines to Maryland where he and his associates would complete the abortions, some as late as 35 weeks gestation.

New Jersey is the last state in which Brigham maintained an active medical license. He has been banned from the practice of medicine in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and California. He was never licensed to practice in Maryland, a state that ordered him to cease and desist from the unlicensed practice of medicine in that state on August 25, 2010.

A botched abortion on August 13, 2010, exposed Brigham’s illegal late-term abortion racket, which included two other abortionists, Nicola Riley of Utah and George Shepard of Delaware.
Maryland authorities issued suspension orders for Riley and Shepard on August 31, 2010. A hearing was held yesterday in which evidence against the two was to be heard. Neither abortionist attended the hearing. Shepard’s suspension was upheld since his attorneys did not show up for the hearing. However, Riley’s attorneys were granted a continuance and have pledged to fight to restore Riley’s license. Meanwhile, her suspension remains in effect.

In another case, Maryland abortionist Romeo Ferrer’s medical license was suspended based on a four-year old abortion death complaint.

On February 3, 2006, a 21-year old African American woman went to Gynecare Center for a second trimester dilation and evacuation abortion by Romeo Ferrer. The patient was overdosed on pain-killing narcotics. She was not properly monitored and appropriate emergency protocols were not followed. This negligence resulted in the patient’s death.

At a disciplinary hearing in June, the Maryland State Board of Physicians failed to act to suspend his license, but yesterday, the Board issued a suspension order that stated, “Based on the foregoing facts, the Board concludes that the public health, safety or welfare require emergency action in this case.”

Pro-life groups including Operation Rescue, Defend Life, and Pro-Life Unity, have publicly demanded Board action against Ferrer and have worked to bring him to justice, and consider yesterday’s suspension a partial victory.

Calls placed today to Brigham’s 15 abortion clinics and Ferrer’s Severna Park, Maryland, mill show that all locations remain operating and taking abortion patients with other abortionists at the helm.

“While we applaud the suspensions of the four abortionists, is it shocking to learn that their dangerous abortion businesses continue to operate,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “In the interest of public safety, we implore the medical boards to close these clinics before more women are maimed or killed.”


And this is how The Baltimore Sun reported things today:

Board upholds license suspension of obstetrician in abortion injury
In unrelated case, panel takes action against Severna Park doctor in overdose death

By Nick Madigan, The Baltimore Sun
6:52 p.m. EDT, September 8, 2010

A state medical panel upheld a suspension order Wednesday against an obstetrician who ran a clinic in which an 18-year-old woman was badly injured during an abortion.

Neither the doctor — George Shepard Jr., 88, who oversaw the five Maryland clinics of American Women’s Services — nor his attorney appeared at the hearing in Baltimore of the Maryland Board of Physicians that was to hear evidence against him in the case of the woman, who suffered a perforated uterus and other injuries during an Aug. 13 procedure in Elkton.

The medical licenses of Shepard and another doctor, Nicola I. Riley, 45, were suspended last week. A third doctor in the case, Steven C. Brigham, 54, who state officials say owns the chain of clinics, was not licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and was ordered to stop doing so.
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Riley, a family doctor who obtained her Maryland license July 20 and who medical officials say performed the Aug. 13 abortion under Brigham’s instructions, was at home Wednesday in Salt Lake City. Two lawyers appeared at the hearing on her behalf and asked for a continuance on the grounds that they had not had sufficient time to prepare a defense. The 12 board members granted the continuance but did not set a date for a new hearing. In the meantime, Riley’s license remains suspended.

“She’s going to fight to keep her license,” said Christopher C. Brown, one of Riley’s lawyers. Her other attorney, Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, added that Riley “should be reinstated.”

The three doctors’ actions came to light after a surgeon at a Baltimore hospital was forced to perform an emergency operation on the young woman to repair damage from the procedure she underwent at the Elkton clinic.

C. Irving Pinder Jr., the executive director of the physicians board, said that even though Brigham was unlicensed in Maryland, he could still be fined $50,000 for each incident of malpractice, and law enforcement agencies were looking into the possibility of charging him with felonies. The other two doctors could also be charged, and the physicians’ board retains the option of reprimanding them, revoking their licenses, placing them on probation or dismissing their cases.

In an unrelated case, board members signed a suspension order for a Severna Park abortion doctor whose patient, a 21-year-old woman, died of an overdose of anesthesia during surgery. The doctor, Romeo A. Ferrer, who obtained his Maryland physician’s license in 1971, “failed to meet appropriate standards for the delivery of quality medical care” during the operation on Feb. 3, 2006, the suspension order says.

The woman in that case, the mother of a 3-year-old boy, was 16 weeks pregnant and healthy at the time of the abortion, according to the document. An autopsy indicated that she died of “Meperidine intoxication,” a reference to a narcotic analgesic.

Board investigators concluded that a second dose, given to the patient just five minutes after the first, “was too large and administered too quickly” and that Ferrer and his team failed to properly monitor her pulse and blood pressure. When the woman’s fingernails turned blue, a sign that she was deprived of oxygen, Ferrer “failed to provide adequate resuscitative efforts,” the document says.

Paramedics were unable to revive the patient, who was later pronounced dead at Anne Arundel Medical Center. The case came to the attention of the physicians board after the woman’s family sued Ferrer. He was being served with the suspension order Wednesday but could not be reached for comment.

In the Elkton case, board investigators said the procedure on the woman, who was 21 weeks pregnant, began at an AWS clinic in Voorhees, N.J., where the dilation of her cervix was initiated. The next morning, she and two other patients were told to travel in their own cars to the AWS clinic in Elkton, a 60-mile trip, for the actual abortions, a tactic that evidently took into account that Maryland law — unlike New Jersey’s — does not address the issue of late-term abortions.

In Elkton, the documents say, Riley bungled the abortion, and she and Brigham decided to drive the woman to a nearby emergency room. Once there, the two doctors were “circumspect” about who they were and where the bleeding, semiconscious patient had come from, the documents say, but demanded that ER doctors come out to meet them rather than taking the woman inside themselves.

Their actions created “a lot of confusion,” said Pinder, the physicians’ board director, and “posed a danger to the public” by delaying the woman’s treatment.

Shepard was not thought to have been directly involved in the woman’s surgery, Pinder said, but he was “aiding and abetting the practice of medicine by an unlicensed professional,” the latter a reference to Brigham. Pinder said the board, which has jurisdiction over doctors but not clinics, was investigating “all the practitioners” in the five AWS clinics in Maryland.

“Once you start peeling the onion,” he said, “you tend to find a lot more problems.”

Abortion supporters condemn Maryland abortion clinic chain but should they share in the blame?

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This story from the Baltimore Sun details the unfortunate case of what is typically going on across American abortion clinics. In the article you will see that the National Abortion Federation (NAF) is calling for this abortionist and his chain of abortion clinics to be investigated. What is of interest will be the post I place after this story- detailing an older Maryland case- where NAF defends the abortion clinics. Although, it is noteworthy that NAF is calling for what the real defenders of life (pro-lifers) have been calling for – for many years- clinic investigations- the truth is that NAF makes their profits off abortion clinics. They have played the cover for these sleazy killing centers for many years. In fact, if NAF is so concerned- why are they speaking out now? This abortionist has been in this position before- and where was NAF then?

Supporters and opponents of abortion rights want doctor investigated
Botched abortion in Elkton left 18-year-old critically injured

By Scott Calvert, The Baltimore Sun
September 7, 2010

Sounding similar calls, abortion rights supporters and opponents alike say they want Maryland authorities to continue investigating a doctor and his clinic network in the wake of a botched abortion in Elkton last month that critically injured an 18-year-old woman.

The case has put a spotlight on Maryland’s abortion law, which is less restrictive than those in nearby states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In those states, unlike in Maryland, later abortions must be performed at a surgical center or hospital rather than at a doctor’s office.

Maryland’s more relaxed standard appears [ wonder who helped get those “relaxed standards” look no further than NAF] to explain why Steven C. Brigham, a doctor with a checkered disciplinary history, initiated abortions for the 18-year-old and other patients in New Jersey, then had them travel to Elkton in a caravan to complete the procedures. In New Jersey, pregnancies after 14 weeks cannot be ended at doctors’ offices such as those Brigham runs; the 18-year-old was 21 weeks pregnant.

The Maryland Board of Physicians last week ordered Brigham to stop practicing medicine in the state. Brigham, 54, has never been licensed in Maryland. The board also suspended the licenses of two other doctors after the Aug. 13 abortion in which the young woman suffered a ruptured uterus and had to be flown to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

But Brigham’s lawyer said Tuesday that his client had done nothing wrong.

“There’s a statute in Maryland that permits licensed physicians from other states to collaborate with Maryland physicians,” said the lawyer, Kevin Dunne. “Every time Dr. Brigham was in Maryland, there was a Maryland physician collaborating or consulting with him. Every time.”

Brigham is the owner of five American Women’s Services clinics in Maryland, with locations in North Baltimore, College Park, Frederick, Cheverly and Elkton, according to the physicians’ board. On Tuesday, a woman who answered the phone at the Baltimore office said it was open. Calls to the other offices went to a call center where no information was given about their status.

The president of the National Abortion Federation, a Washington-based association of abortion providers, said Tuesday that Maryland health officials should scrutinize all of Brigham’s clinics in the state. Vicki Saporta noted that Pennsylvania health officials in July ordered him to permanently shut his four clinics in that state for repeatedly employing unlicensed caregivers.

“They need to expand their investigation and look at all of the clinics he owns and operates in Maryland and determine if they, in fact, are also providing substandard care,” Saporta said. “And if so,” she added, regulators should “close them permanently.”

Saporta said the practice of starting an abortion in one state and finishing it in another sounded like a practice from bygone decades: “This is the kind of thing you would think of when abortion was illegal.”

Meanwhile, the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue posted a letter to Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler on its website. The letter, dated Sept. 1, calls on Gansler to investigate and file appropriate criminal charges against Brigham “for the unlicensed practice of medicine and possible fraud for falsely representing to patients” that he was licensed in Maryland.

The letter, which Gansler’s office said it had not received by Tuesday afternoon, mentions the 1994 revocation of Brigham’s medical license in New York State for “gross negligence,” among other sanctions meted out over the past 18 years.

“In light of the fact that Brigham’s actions have endangered the public and because he appears to be a scofflaw on whom normal discipline has little effect, we ask that he be charged criminally and be held to full accountability under the law,” said the letter from Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor.

Dunne, Brigham’s lawyer, said the Maryland board’s findings told “only a part of the story.” He also said that while New York revoked Brigham’s license and that Brigham voluntarily surrendered his license in Pennsylvania, he remains licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey.

Maryland health authorities say an investigation is continuing but said their regulatory reach was limited. “By state law, we do not and cannot license doctors’ offices,” said David Paulson, spokesman for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Doctors themselves are licensed by the Board of Physicians, and the department’s Office of Health Care Quality has oversight over more sophisticated surgical centers. But Paulson said there was no state licensing of run-of-the-mill doctor’s offices, except those with on-site laboratories.

Pennsylvania law, by contrast, gives its health authorities greater power. That is what allowed the Department of Health to order Brigham to close his doors there.

The episode Aug. 13 in Elkton led the Maryland Board of Physicians to issue a cease-and-desist order to Brigham, and to suspend the licenses of Dr. Nicola I. Riley, 45, and Dr. George Shepard Jr., 88, an obstetrician-gynecologist who has helped run the five Maryland clinics of American Women’s Services.

According to the board, the 18-year-old — who has not been identified and whose condition is not known — and two other patients were initially treated at an AWS clinic in Voorhees, N.J. Their cervixes were dilated and other initial steps taken for the abortions. The next day the women were told to travel in their own cars to Elkton, with Brigham in the lead. There the procedures were to be concluded.

The physicians’ board said the practice “potentially placed the patients at grave risk for harm and catastrophic outcomes.” In Elkton, Riley punctured the 18-year-old woman’s uterus, the board found, and she suspected she might have also injured the woman’s bowel. The patient was later flown to Hopkins, where a surgeon alerted the board.

Saporta said the National Abortion Federation has had concerns about Brigham for over a decade. In the late 1990s, she said, her group took the unusual step of asking attorneys general in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to investigate him.

While the New Jersey law limits where women can get abortions when they pass 14 weeks and enter their second trimester, she said many clinics in the state do provide abortions later in pregnancy.

“In 2010, there is no reason why women have to have their procedures started in one place and completed in another,” Saporta said. “Transporting patients across state lines — I’ve never heard of such a thing. Totally outside acceptable medical practice.”

But Dunne said Brigham performs “a very needed service” and “we believe that part of this involves clearly the right of a woman to choose.” He said Brigham would present his side of the story.

Asked why Brigham initiated abortions in New Jersey and concluded them in Maryland, and whether his patients were informed of this, Dunne said there were unspecified “medical reasons that would have to come out in other proceedings.”

More history on Brigham here

and Here: Teen In Critical Condition After Botched Abortion

Suzanne Logan long forgotten, another Maryland Woman dies from abortion and NAF again defends abortion clinics NOT women

The Washington Post Article date: August 13, 1990
Susanne Renee Logan was three months pregnant when she went to Hillview Women’s Medical Surgical Center in Maryland for an abortion. She was given Brevital, an anesthetic meant to lull her to sleep during the procedure.

Minutes after the drug entered Logan’s system, her throat tightened, restricting her breathing and cutting off oxygen to her brain, rescue records show. Eight minutes later, paramedics at the District Heights Volunteer Fire Department received a high priority call: A woman was unconscious; she had no pulse. Logan was left completely paralyzed, her brain so damaged she will never speak again, Logan later DIED.

The Abortionist name was Gideon M. Kioko

From The Washington Post April 11, 2005

Two years after OB-GYN Gideon M. Kioko was found by the Maryland medical board to have mishandled abortions in 1989, he surrendered his license, which allowed him to avoid punishment. In one case, the patient died three days after the abortion; in the second, the woman suffered brain damage and died three years later. He petitioned the board for reinstatement a year later but was turned down. Nearly six years passed before the board restored his license — with conditions.

In the District, however, where Kioko also was licensed, the city’s medical board did not take the same hard line. It allowed him to continue practicing after the Maryland incidents. {WHERE WAS NAF THEN??????????}

Here is an Excerpt from CBS News 60 Minutes Volume XXIII, #32, April 21, 1991, which reported on the case of Suzanne Logan:

VIEIRA: No matter where people stand on the abortion issue, pro-choice or pro-life, nobody wants back-alley abortions, certainly not Susanne Logan, who found what she believed to be a reputable clinic where she could get a legal, safe abortion. Meet Susanne Logan.

[interviewing] Do you remember going to the clinic specifically to get an abortion? [Ms. Logan nods] But you don’t — I’m sorry. You don’t remember what happened inside the clinic? [Ms. Logan shakes her head]

VIElRA: [voice-overl Today, Susanne Logan lives in a Baltimore nursing home. She is almost completely paralyzed, her brain so damaged she will never speak again. She’s now 33 and will spend the rest of her life never understanding what happened to her. Two years ago, Susanne was a waitress struggling to make ends meet when she found herself pregnant. She went to the Hillview abortion clinic in Suitland, Maryland, for what she thought would be a safe, simple, $400 abortion. Susanne was given general anesthesia. Minutes later, according to her attorney, Patrick Malone [sp?], she stopped breathing.

PATRICK MALONE, Susanne Logsn’s Attorney: Apparently, about half-way through the procedure the nurse looked at the patient’s face and noticed that the lips were turning blue, Susanne’s lips. Then all hell broke loose.

911 OPERATOR: [on the phone] Fire and Rescue.

WOMAN: Yes, this is Hillview Women’s Medical Surgical Center at 5408 Silver Hill Load. We have a patient in the exam room who has — you know, we can’t get any pulse or respiration.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] County paramedics who responded to the 911 call reported the clinic in chaos. Hillview workers lacked the right medicine to reverse the effect of the anesthesia. Their emergency equipment was broken, causing Susanne’s brain to go without oxygen for 12 minutes.

Mr. MALONE: The anesthesia was given without any monitoring whatsoever, without an anesthesiologist present, without a nurse-anesthetist present, without the normal safeguards that are part of standard, modern American medical care. I’ve seen a lot of cases and met a lot or doctors and reviewed a lot of records and I’ve never seen anything like this.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] Hillview’s owner is Barbara Lofton [sp?]. For years, Lofton posed as a psychologist and ran mental health clinics until the District of Columbia shut her down for submitting phony Medicaid bills and letting unqualified employees dispense medicine. Undeterred, Lofton went into the abortion business, but D.C. investigators again shut her down, this time for operating without a license. A few months later, she moved the clinic two miles across the state line to Maryland where there are no laws regulating abortion clinics. According to Tony Moore [sp?], a former worker at the clinic, Barbara Lofton, who is not a doctor, continued to flaunt phony professional credentials at Hillview.

TONY MOORE, former Employee, Hillview Clinic: When she first hired me, she introduced herself as “Dr Lofton” and she had a stethoscope which was quite expensive, like, about a $300 model and she wore scrubs and most of the time I saw her, she was answering the phone as “Dr. Lofton.”

VIEIRA: So all the time you were working there, you tbought she was a doctor?

Mr. MOORE: Right.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] But as we said, Lofton isn’t an M.D. and in this videotape deposition for Susanne Logan’s lawsuit, she admits she’s not qualified to practice medicine.

ATTORNEY: [deposition videotape] Have you ever been licensed as any kind of health care provider in any jurisdiction?

BARBARA LOFTON: Owner, Hillvlew Clinic: No.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] Lofton did hire licensed physicians who moonlighted at Hillview, performing up to 25 abortions a day. But when they were unavailable to handle other clinic duties, we’re told she simply took their place. Frequently, Brenda Davis [sp?], a former Hillview employee, assisted her.

[interviewing] Did she perform medical procedures?

BRENDA DAVIS, former Empployee, Hillview Clinic: Pelvic exams, cultures, prescribed medicine.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] Davis says at least one doctor at Hillview would leave blank prescription pads with his signature on them.

Ms. DAVIS: Well, on one night we ran out of signed prescriptions and Barbara was, like, “Oh, I have a pad here,” you know, that the doctor signed. And I said, “OK.” So I went with her and actually what she did, she took a blank pen [sic] and she wrote his name.

VIEIRA: So she forged —

Ms. DAVIS: Yeah. She wrote his name and she said, “Don’t ever tell anyone I did that.”

VIEIRA: [voice-over] Some patients at Hillview claim Lofton has gone even further than that. This patient, Elizabeth, who asked us to disguise her identity, says that when she went to Hillview for an abortion, Barbara Lofton told her she would personally take on her case.

ELIZABETH: former Hillview Patient: She told me that she was Dr. Lofton and she told me that she would do it herself, not to worry.

VIEIRA: So you thought she was a medical doctor?


VIEIRA: [voice-overl Elizabeth is suing Hillview for a badly-performed abortion. Herb Fulcher [sp?] says his girlfriend, Linda Brown [sp?], may soon do the same thing. When he came to pick Linda up at the clinic, Barbara Lofton was waiting for him.

HERB FULCHER: She said “We had problems, accidentally hit an artery.” So I went in the back and they had a sheet wrapped around her bottom, like a baby diaper. And she was just blood everywhere covered. She was just laying in her own blood.

VIEIRA: [voice over] By the time pararmedics got Linda to a hospital, she had almost bled to death. To save her life, doctors performed an emergency hysterectomy. She was 19.

[interviewing] If they hadn’t gotten to you within 10 to 12 minutes you would have died?

LINDA BROWN, former Hillview Patient: Yes.

Mr. FULCHER: Now she’ll never have a child again. That’s what the doctor said. She’ll never be able to have children again.

Ms. LOFTON: [deposition videotape] No matter how good we are, accidents occur.

VIEIRA: [voice-overl Lofton’s idea of an accident is pretty loose, as Susanne’s lawyer, Patrick Malone, discovered.

Mr. MALONE: [deposition videotape] And isn’t that something that you realized before the incident with my client? There were accidents before that incident, weren’t there?

Ms. LOFTON: One.

Mr. MALONE: And that involved a death, did it not?

Ms. LOFTON: It did, in fact.

TAM GRAY [sp?]: It’s sad to think that people can go in and have a safe procedure, what they think is safe, and die.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] Tam Gray thought when her sister went to Hillview that she would have dinner with her that night, but Deborah [sp?] didn’t make it. She died at the clinic.

Ms. GRAY: The outcome was just like a back-alley abortion.

VIEIRA: Dld they say what had happened to her that —

Ms. GRAY: They said something about anesthesia and why that was even administered is still beyond me.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] Deborah paid $200 extra to be put to sleep. Even though abortions can almost always be done with the patient awake, Tony Moore said he knows why the clinic pushed the far riskier option of general anesthesia.

Mr. MOORE: It would be more money. That’s the bottom line. It would have — it would be more money to be put to sleep or twilighted.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] Soon after Hillview gave Deborah the anesthesia, her heart stopped.

[interviewing] I’m with 60 Minutes. Could I talk to you for a minute? I mean, I’m hearing reports of prescriptions being written without a license and botched abortions and —

[voice-over] I wanted to talk to Barbara Lofton about those reports, but Lofton didn’t think there was much to talk about. Initially, neither did any of the abortion rights activists we contacted. As a reporter, I found that many pro-choice leaders knew about problems at Hillview, but didn’t want them publicized. National Abortion Federation head Barbara Radford [sp?] admitted she was just hoping we would go away.

BARBARA RADFORD, Head, National Abortion Federation: Well, I think your first reaction from us was “This is the last thing we need.” We had hoped that it wouldn’t get national publicity because of the political nature of all of this.

VlEIRA: Pro-choice activists worry that clinics like Hillview will be used against them in the bitter political battle over abortion. They fear bad publicity will prompt state legislators to start regulating clinics and that pro-lifers will then use those regulations as a backdoor way to stop abortions. So even though those laws could make clinics sater, they usually fight them.

Mr. MALONE: You have to be licensed in the state of Maryland if you want to open a junkyard and deal in scrap metal, but in the state of Maryland you do not have to be licensed if you want to open an abortion clinic and deal in human lives.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] That’s something State Senator Mary Boergers would like to see changed. She’s pro-choice, but she favors laws to make clinics safer. It’s a position that has cost her support among her pro-choice colleagues.

MARY BOERGER, Maryland State Senator: There’s only so much of a willingness to try to push a group like the pro-choice movement to do what I think is the responsible thing to do because they then treat you as if you’re the enemy.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] But Radford says regulations aren’t necessary because the state already has enough power to go after doctors who work at clinics. True, the state can investigate individual physicians, but when one doctor gets into trouble at Hillview, Lofton simply hires another one. The state can’t touch Lofton or her clinic.

Sen. BOERGER: I think we have the responsibility of coming up with some legislation if we really care about all the women of the state.

Ms. RADFORD: We want to make sure that women have choices when it comes to abortion service and if you regulate it too strictly, you then deny women the access to service.

Sen. BOERGER: When we say what we’re trying to do is guarantee safe abortions and eliminate back-alley, unsafe abortons, and yet you can demonstrate that there’s a woman who’s died and another woman who’s paralyzed, then not only that argument but all arguments from the pro-choice community can become suspect.

VIEIRA: [voice-over] There is no argument on either side that will help Susanne Logan. She spends most of her days alone in the nursing home. She rarely has visitors. Her family lives in California and can’t afford the trip to Baltimore very often.

[interviewing] What do you want now, Susanne? What would you like? [Ms. Logan picks out letters on keypad] To go home.

[on camera] On Friday, a grand jury in the District of Columbia announced that Barbara Lofton was indicted on nine counts of Medicaid fraud in connection with the mental health homes she operated in the District of Columbia. But Hillview is still open. Barbara Lofton is still running it and she denies that she or the clinic have done anything wrong. Are all clinics that perform abortions run by Barbara Loftons? No. Both the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood have strict standards for their member clinics and in 11 states, there are laws governing how abortion clinics are run.

According to Maryland Board of Physicians case # 2005-0499, in December of 2004 a 26-year-old woman came to abortionist Gideon M. Kioko for an abortion. .

There was a myriad of events that combined to make this the worst day of her life. First, there was no one other than Kioko was present for the procedure. Next, the electricity kept going on and off during the abortion.

At noon, the patient reported that she began to feel dizzy and hot and asked Kioko for her cell phone to call her emergency contact. Kioko refused to give it to her. The patient later began to bleed profusely and Kioko told her that he would have to “Cut the baby up” to get it out, but he was unable to get the baby’s head.

Sometime after 2:00 pm, The patient then told abortionist Kioko that she could not breathe and she kept passing out, she asked Kioko to call 911. Instead of calling 911, Kioko called his wife into the clinic.
At 3:50 pm when the bleeding continued, Kioko finally called 911. When emergency officials arrived on the scene, they heard a woman screaming from the back of the office.

They told the board that:

“The woman was bleeding heavily and the baby’s head was still inside her. They reported seeing her naked from the waist down rolling back and forth on the table screaming. She was covered in blood, her legs were bathed in blood, and there were heavy streams of blood spurting from her vagina.”

She was transported to a hospital and where she had to undergo numerous surgeries to correct the procedure.

Here is what a 2008 report from the State of Maryland says about this abortionist:

Gideon Kioko, M.D. v. Maryland State Board of Physicians, (Case No. CAL07-01912,Circuit Court for Prince George’s County). Dr. Kioko appealed the Board’s decision permanently revoking his medical license for his incompetent medical and surgical care of two female patients during abortion procedures. Both patients suffered extensive injuries during the procedures performed by Dr. Kioko, including a perforated uterus, and cervical and vaginal lacerations. One patient also suffered disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, hemorrhagic shock, retained fetal skull and vertebral column. The other patient suffered a perforated bladder, and extensive lacerations of her colon and rectum that required a colostomy. The Board had previously sanctioned Dr. Kioko in 1997 after the deaths of two other female patients who died as a result of anesthesia complications during abortion procedures that he performed. After briefing and oral argument in July, 2007, the circuit court affirmed the Board’s decision.

In 2005 the Washington Post reported on this abortionist here Despite Deaths, D.C. License Upheld City Board Chose Less Severe Penalties After Md. Abortion Complications
By Cheryl W. Thompson Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, April 11, 2005; Page A09

Two years after OB-GYN Gideon M. Kioko was found by the Maryland medical board to have mishandled abortions in 1989, he surrendered his license, which allowed him to avoid punishment. In one case, the patient died three days after the abortion; in the second, the woman suffered brain damage and died three years later. He petitioned the board for reinstatement a year later but was turned down. Nearly six years passed before the board restored his license — with conditions.

In the District, however, where Kioko also was licensed, the city’s medical board did not take the same hard line. It allowed him to continue practicing after the Maryland incidents.
When the board decided to act in 1996, it ignored an administrative law judge’s recommendation to revoke his license. Instead, it placed him on probation, fined him $5,000, ordered community service and banned him from performing abortions in the city for five years. Three months later, the board lifted the abortion ban after a request from Kioko.

“I think they did the right thing,” Kioko said in a recent interview. “They should have just left me alone.”

Kioko, 65, maintained at the time that he did nothing wrong and in neither case was responsible for the anesthesia that was blamed for the problems. “The old story about me was completely twisted,” he said in a recent interview.

In addition to the two deaths in Maryland, which prompted about a dozen people to write letters to city officials urging them to revoke his license, Kioko also had settled a $1 million malpractice lawsuit in 1995 filed by a female patient.

The D.C. medical board reinstated Kioko to unrestricted status in 1999 in an order signed by then-Chairman Robert T. Greenfield Jr., a physician who previously shared a practice with Kioko for 19 years, according to Kioko and board records.

Greenfield, who no longer has a medical practice with Kioko, said he recused himself from board deliberations. But because he was chairman, he said in an interview, “I had to sign it. He came before the board, we looked at his record and . . . deemed him fit to practice.”

Kioko said his working relationship with Greenfield did not play a role in his reinstatement.

“Did he give me a break? No,” Kioko said. “Should the vice chairman have signed it? Probably.”

In August, the medical board received a new complaint about Kioko from Northeast Washington resident Thakerya Drayton, 21, who was referred to Kioko’s clinic when she sought an abortion in 2001.

“I didn’t know anything about him,” she said in an interview.

After the procedure, she said, Kioko sent her to the recovery room for about an hour. “I knew something wasn’t right because of the pain,” she recalled.

When she got home, she was “bleeding out of control,” she said. After a few days, she told her mother, who called an ambulance that took her to Howard University Hospital.
Hospital records state that Drayton suffered an “incomplete abortion.”

Kioko said an incomplete abortion is considered a surgical complication and shouldn’t warrant a complaint to the medical board.

“I know the medical board will respond if they think there’s a serious deviation in standard of care,” he said.

The medical board sent Kioko a letter in September with a copy of Drayton’s complaint and added that he was not obligated to respond. He said he remembers her handwritten complaint.
“Her letter was so poorly written, I couldn’t understand what she was complaining about,” he said.

Kioko said he responded to Drayton’s complaint in December but heard nothing from the board until he contacted it March 17 after being questioned by The Washington Post about the complaint.

James R. Granger Jr., the board’s executive director, told him that the case was closed, Kioko said.

Drayton said that six days later, she received a letter from Granger stating that the case was closed with no action to be taken against Kioko. The board found no evidence of a violation of city law “that would warrant disciplinary action,” Granger said in an interview. It was the first time Drayton had heard from the board since filing the complaint six months ago.

“I thought we would have a meeting with the board and Dr. Kioko,” she said. But the board, she added, was “no help.”


Fast forward to Today – Story Below – Another woman DEAD from botched abortion

Board to discipline doctor in abortion death
Anti-abortion group seeks criminal probe of 2006 death at Severna Park clinic

Published 06/02/10

A group of anti-abortion organizations yesterday called for criminal prosecution of a Severna Park doctor facing disciplinary action today for a 2006 abortion that led to the death of a woman.

Members of the Living Hope for Life and Defend Life held a news conference in Baltimore to urge the Maryland Board of Physicians to severely discipline Dr. Romeo A. Ferrer.

The state board has previously found that Ferrer failed to meet the standard of quality care in the 2006 incident. It will decide how to punish him in a case resolution conference in Baltimore today. He faces various disciplinary sanctions that could include revocation of his license, suspension or reprimand, as well as a fine.

The anti-abortion groups will forward their complaint to the county State’s Attorney’s Office to see if the doctor’s conduct can be classified as criminal gross negligence. The office has yet to receive any information on the case, a spokeswoman said.

“Even if you don’t share our group’s view on life … you would want such malpractice out of the marketplace,” said attorney Matt Paavola, who is working with Defend Life. “Perhaps you share the same reason for having an abortion (as the patient), but you don’t want practitioners who are so careless that the woman dies.”

Calls to Ferrer’s office were referred to the communications office at the National Abortion Federation in Washington, D.C.

Spokeswoman Melissa Fowler said abortion is one of the “safest and most commonly provided medical procedures” and that credit for its safety record can be attributed to the “specialized quality care provided by clinics like Gynecare Center,” where Ferrer had an office.

“We value our patients and strive to provide the highest quality care,” Fowler wrote in an e-mail. “To preserve our patients’ privacy and confidentiality, we do not release details about their care.”

On Feb. 3, 2006, a 21-year-old woman went to Ferrer’s office at the Gynecare Center in Severna Park seeking an abortion. The unidentified Baltimore woman was 16 weeks pregnant, had a 3-year-old son and previously had two abortions without suffering any complications, according to the Board of Physicians’ complaint.

She sought an abortion because she couldn’t afford another child and came with a female friend because her family did not know about her pregnancy.

The patient signed a form authorizing an abortion procedure that used anesthesia and medication as necessary, but Ferrer, according to the board complaint, advised the staff that general anesthesia is not used at the clinic. The facility uses “conscious sedation,” referred to as “twilight sleep.”

The abortion was completed by 1:45 p.m., but a surgical assistant later noticed that the patient’s fingernail beds appeared blue. The staff was unable to get the patient’s blood pressure or pulse and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

They called 911 shortly before 2 p.m. The woman was taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center in Parole, where she was pronounced dead by 2:57 p.m.

In August 2007, the woman’s estate filed a complaint with the board claiming that Ferrer failed to properly administer pain medication and didn’t monitor her respiration and ventilation correctly.

The Board of Physicians referred it to a peer review organization to investigate, which resulted in a complaint issued on April 7.

The investigation found that Ferrer failed to meet standards of quality medical care by not properly administering anesthesia, failing to provide intra- and post-operative anesthesia monitoring, and failing to provide adequate resuscitative efforts.

Members of the anti-abortion group said this case shows the need for more scrutiny of facilities like the Gynecare Center.

“I hope one day these same (state) officials have to look this innocent young man in the eye and explain how they decided that veterinary clinics deserved more oversight and regulation than the facility that killed his mother,” Jack Ames, director of Defend Life, said in a statement.


After the botched abortion on Suzanne Logan, was left severely paralyzed following her abortion at the Hillview Women’s Medical Surgical abortion clinic in Suitland Maryland the clinic’s administrator Barbara Lofton told the Washington Post, in an article entitled, 2 Tragedies Raise Doubts About Suitland Clinic;Abortion Patient, Left Paralyzed, Files Suit:8-13-1990 , “If you provide a certain number [of abortions], no matter how good you are, no matter what the qualifications are, there are sometimes circumstances. There are probably no facilities without some complications.” And in response to accusations that the clinic did not know how to handle an emergency situation-she had this to say, “Obviously, the report from the paramedics was written by a pro-life person. There were many fabrications in the report.”

Did you hear the “CONCERN for women from the National Abortion Federation here? This pro-choice organization is about PROFIT – MONEY- and PROMOTING ABORTION – NOt Patient Safety !

Let’s recap – the 60 Minutes reporter on the case of Suzanne Logan said that, “I wanted to talk to Barbara Lofton about those reports, but Lofton didn’t think there was much to talk about. Initially, neither did any of the abortion rights activists we contacted. As a reporter, I found that many pro-choice leaders knew about problems at Hillview, but didn’t want them publicized. National Abortion Federation head Barbara Radford [sp?] admitted she was just hoping we would go away.

BARBARA RADFORD, Head, National Abortion Federation: Well, I think your first reaction from us was “This is the last thing we need.” We had hoped that it wouldn’t get national publicity because of the political nature of all of this.

The a Black Woman dies in 2006, and the abortionist refers reporters to the National Abortion Federation, of which he is a member, and NAF
Spokeswoman Melissa Fowler said abortion is one of the “safest and most commonly provided medical procedures” and that credit for its safety record can be attributed to the “specialized quality care provided by clinics like Gynecare Center,” where Ferrer had an office.

Fowler tries to persuade us that NAF “values our patients and strive to provide the highest quality care.”

I Maintain, botched abortions, 911 calls, abortion deaths, and abortion injuries ARE NAF’s Highest form of care given their record in Maryland alone !

It is time the legislature tightens regulations here – womens lives hang in the balance !

MORE READING HERE: D.C. Board Rarely Punishes Physicians

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