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Planned Parenthood makes penis shaped Holiday decoration

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All I want for Christmas is a penis shaped holiday decoration…” and so the song goes – wait- what ???

I was doing a little searching on Twitter to see if I needed to update my most recent blog about Planned Parenthood using Christmas to sell baby killing through abortion and came across a few shockers.

First is this little doozy from tweeter Laura Palmer who suggested that Mary – the mother of Jesus- should have gone to Planned Parenthood, “If Mary had gone to Planned Parenthood we wouldn’t have to deal with all of this holiday bullshit,” she tweeted. Nice- huh?

If Mary had gone to PP tweet

Thankfully, I also found these:

Mary Planned Parenthood

And…now that you are in the spirit of the season, let me introduce you to Planned Parenthood’s glittery phallic shaped holiday decoration. Say what?

PP Holiday Safe Sex

Yes siree – this was the sex-crazed abortion giant’s grand prize during their Sex Trivia Holiday Edition event which took place in Maryland December 4th!

Sex Trivia Holiday 56962406155663113_o

No…this is not a joke. Abortion giant Planned Parenthood which gets 1/2 billion dollars a year in federal tax dollars created this lovely holiday gem.

Planned Parenthood Penis Holiday Decorations_4857838138909865008_n


This makes their condom stocking stuffers look boring:

Planned Parenthood condom stocking stuffers

Remember, as you send out all your Christmas cheer donating to Planned Parenthood will get you on “Santa’s list” ( so says the abortion giant):

Planned Parenthood Santas list

Or…maybe not:

PP Santa naughty

Well..there’s always next week’s Twitter treasures…stay tuned !

Mary could have had an abortion

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Abort Jesus? Pro-choice demonstrators attack Catholic Priest in Vienna Austria

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At a pro-abortion-demonstration in Vienna (Austria) pro-abortionists attacked two Catholic Internet TV journalists. One was a catholic priest. The demonstrators rode roughshod over the priest. Police were not able to guard them from violence, so they had to stop reporting. Violent Pro-Choice protesters who were chanting “If Mary had had an abortion, we would have been spared from Christians.

They attacked the reporter and damaged their camera as they were demanding “right to privacy” . The attack did damage to camera equipment amounting to over €1000 (about US $1510) and Gloria TV is asking supporters for donations to cover the cost of replacement.

For more on pro-choice violence against pro-lifers read: Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence