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Illinois doctor of Planned Parenthood

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In 2008, Planned Parenthood of Illinois Physician Jennifer Brown made $155,330, according to Planned Parenthood’s 990.

In that same year, Physician Darwin Jackson made $111,525!

Caroline Hoke took home $313,895 !

caroline HOke 2008 Planned Parenthood

In 2009, Jennifer Brown and Darwin Jackson are again listed with no salary but Caroline Hoke made $289,048

Jennifer Brown Caroline Hoke Planned Parenthood 2009

It repeated that trend in 2010 where Hoke took in $289,048: (updated here)

In 2013 both Jennifer Brown and Mandy Gittler are listed as “consultants”

Brown earned $124,2000

Gittler took home $123,945

and another “consultant” by the name of Jammy Dinnell earned $141,500

Jennifer Brown Mandy Gittler 2013 Planned Parenthood

All operated out of an office at 18 South Michigan Ave. 6th Floor in Chicago.

Jennifer Brown Caroline Hoke Planned Parenthood 2010

In 2005, Dr. Murray Pelta made half a million dollars $505,785 according to Planned Parenthood’s 2005 990.

The following year, Jennifer Brown is listed with no salary referenced:

Jennifer Brown MD Planned Parenthood 2009

2008 Jennifer Brown Planned Parenthood Illinois

Dr. Murray Pelta Planned Parenthood 2005

and $383,820 in 2006.

Murray Pelta 2006 Planned Parenthood