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Abortion giant to shutter three killing centers

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PP Lufkin TX

The Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Chapter, which kills unborn children in the Houston, southeast Texas, and Louisiana, announced two weeks ago that because of state budget cuts clinics that do or refer for abortions, Planned Parenthood chapters in Lufkin, Huntsville, and Bryan will have to close.

PP Bryan TX

After nearly 40 years of serving East Texans, their last day to see patients is Thursday, Aug. 1.

PP Bryan Texas

In addition, Planned Parenthood says that the Bryan clinic must close because of the new guidelines for abortion clinics the Texas Legislature recently passed. It is the only clinic of the three that offered abortion services.

PP HUntsville TX

The Gulf Coast region’s president and CEO, Melaney Linton, cited “an increasingly hostile environment for providers of reproductive health care in underserved communities,” along with budget cuts to women’s health care services as reasons for the closure of the three centers.

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The pro-life group Life Dynamics, Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas says they are thrilled that three abortion referral centers will be closed in Texas this week.

Life Dynamics points out that while the media is playing these closures as bad for women it is important to remember who abortion targets in the state.
63.1% of the babies aborted in Texas were black or Hispanic. Read more here

Planned Parenthood in Texas accused of multi-million-dollar billing scheme by former employee

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Former Lufkin clinic employee alleges fraud in suit against Planned Parenthood
Posted: Sunday, February 12, 2012 1:15 am

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is a defendant in a federal lawsuit after a former Lufkin clinic employee alleged a multi-million-dollar billing scheme.

The complaint names Karen Reynolds as the whistle-blower in the allegations brought against her former employer of 10 years.

The updated complaint, filed in October 2011, alleges that while Reynolds was employed as a health center assistant, she was instructed by the organization to maximize billing revenue when the government was fitting the bill through Medicaid and the Women’s Health Program.

She claims this was the procedure in all 12 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast locations across Texas and Louisiana.

The suit alleges that, in addition to falsifying patient records, billing the government for unwarranted services and services not covered by Medicaid, Planned Parenthood tacked on services patient did not receive.

An example given in the suit is Medicaid being billed for birth control counseling. The suit states almost all Women’s Health Program and Medicaid patients were handed a bag of at least two birth control devices despite the fact the items were not needed or requested by the patient.

“Pursuant to corporate policy and instructions from clinical directors, after merely handing the patient a bag of condoms and vaginal film on the way out the door, clinic employees then entered billing codes to be submitted to the government” at an average billed cost of $57.85.

If Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast loses the case set for trial in April 2013, Reynolds, the federal government and the state of Texas will be owed a sum of money by the corporation known for family planning and women’s health issues.

Reynold’s attorney Mike Love said the case is in its early stage. While he said he was reluctant to comment on the case due to its magnitude, Love said on the behalf of his client, “if an entity is not billing properly, it doesn’t matter if it’s Planned Parenthood, a large hospital facility or a local doctor’s office — fraud is fraud.”
A phone call to an attorney representing Planned Parenthood was not returned as of 5 p.m. Friday.

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