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5 facts the media isn’t telling you about Planned Parenthood’s Title X family planning funding

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Last week, the 9th Circuit Court allowed the Trump administration’s new Title X Family Planning funding rule (dubbed by opponents as the “gag rule”) to go into effect. The mainstream media is attempting to paint the new rule requiring a clear separation between a provider’s abortion business and family planning business as a horrible obstacle for people with low income, but the truth is, even more funding was given for Title X providers this year than the previous year. They just won’t be going to abortion providers. Those Title X Family Planning funds cover:

  • Contraceptives and natural family planning services
  • Infertility services
  • Breast and cervical cancer screening and prevention
  • STD and HIV prevention education, counseling, testing, and referrals
  • Adolescent abstinence counseling
  • Other preventative health services

The new HHS rule only affects facilities that commit or refer for abortions — which means it would potentially strip Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider (320,000+ abortions annually) which holds 35% of the abortion market share in the United States, of approximately $60 million annually — and then reroute those funds to other providers.

THE FACTS the media isn’t telling you:

Fact #1: 87% of Title X family planning services providers are NOT Planned Parenthood facilities.

Planned Parenthood’s website even states that its facilities make up just 13 percent of all Title X family planning provider facilities. That means the vast majority of Title X providers aren’t Planned Parenthood facilities! But you wouldn’t know that from Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric or its reinforcement by the media.

Fact #259% of patients getting Title X services are NOT getting them from Planned Parenthood.

Again, Planned Parenthood’s website states that 41% of patients qualifying for Title X services receive care through Planned Parenthood. A definitive majority get those services elsewhere. When it comes to contraception, 68% of contraceptive patients use other publicly funded providers instead of Planned Parenthood.

Fact #3Planned Parenthood’s Title X qualified services have DROPPED 60% over eight years.

In a recent interview on FOX, HHS Secretary Alex Azar made this statement: “Cancer screenings and preventative services [at Planned Parenthood facilities] are down 60 percent over the last eight years.” (Video below.)

Fact #4Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) outnumber Planned Parenthood centers 20 to 1.

FQHCs, which also receive Title X family planning funds, offer a broader range of healthcare than Planned Parenthood. (Data on FQHCs v PP has been previously documented by Live Action News.) In 2018, Planned Parenthood operated 600 facilities while FQHCs rose to 12,000 facilities. Planned Parenthood serves approximately 2.4 million patients annually, while FQHCs serve approximately 27 million.

Fact #5: Under the Trump administration, Title X is still fully funded at $400M — an increase in funding.

This $400 million is an increase of $114 million from previous estimates. So what’s the issue? Abortion providers must now separate their businesses physically and fiscally to qualify. No money has been reduced — it is simply being rerouted to the thousands of other qualified Title X facilities. In 2019, Planned Parenthood made up just nine percent of the 90 HHS approved Title X Family Planning grant recipients. Planned Parenthood still gets Title X funds and can continue to qualify if they maintain physical and fiscal separation of their family planning and abortion business.

The above five facts were alluded to by HHS Secretary Alex Azar in the video interview below, and they’re facts the mainstream media isn’t telling the American people. That’s because they don’t serve the abortion industry’s agenda, or that of its friends in the mainstream media.

READ: ‘Major blow to Planned Parenthood’: Appeals court lets Trump admin defund abortion providers as lawsuits 


While the federal Hyde Amendment prohibits federal taxpayer dollars from funding abortion directly, money is fungible, and this is why the Title X rule change was necessary. Money given to Planned Parenthood helps to pay for salaries, facility rent, and general overhead of the same facilities and employees who also participate in abortions.

Abortions and taxpayer dollars at Planned Parenthood have been increasing, generating millions in revenue for Planned Parenthood (while national abortion totals decrease). Planned Parenthood actually pocketed $244.8 million in excess revenue over spending (profit) in 2017, a nearly 149 percent increase from $98.5 million the year prior.

Between 2016 and 2017, Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding (over half a billion dollars annually) rose nearly four percent (3.69%) even though the abortion vendor has been embroiled in numerous scandals, abuses and fraud, including covering up for child sexual predators and alleged discrimination against pregnant employees.

  • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Democrat activist thanks God for abortion prays for low income women to have abortion access

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A Democrat political activist recently thanked God for having an abortion and praise God for abortion doctors, calling God “SHE”.


In a further confirmation the extent to which the party treats abortion as a sacramental rite, the points activist Midge Slater took to the podium at a Democratic event and opened up with a prayer. During the prayer, Slater spent 5 1/2 min. thanking God for abortion rights, abortion doctors as well as taxpayer funding for abortions. Additionally she referred to the decision she made to have an abortion as being a “blessing.”

Lord, we gather today….We pray for the women for whom pregnancy is not good news that they know that they have choices…we give thanks oh Lord for the doctors both current and future who provide quality abortion care, and pray that they may be kept safe…we pray for the 45 million women who have had legal abortions may they stand tall and refuse shame…for elected officials that they may always support a women’s right….we pray for increase financial support for low income women to access contraception, abortion and child care….we pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power by paternalists religion…today we pray that all women will know that they are created in the image of God, good and holy, moral and wise…we pray for an end to the stigma perpetrated against women who have abortions….today we pray for the families we’ve chosen may they know the blessing of choice…and we give thanks and celebrate that abortion is still safe and legal…”

She then quotes this Dance, dance, wherever you may be, for I am the lord of the dance, said SHE . And I lead you all, wherever you may be And I lead you all in the dance, said SHE

Approximately 50 abortion supporters are stated to have joined in the prayer held at the Iowa State Capitol Building on Wednesday, including Democratic gubernatorial candidates Jack Hatch and Tyler Olson. The event was held prior to a hearing regarding web cam abortions, and is though to perhaps serve as a counter to a pro-life prayer gathering also taking place in the vicinity.

ObamaCare goons join Planned Parenthood organize to inform/target Latino and low-income residents

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According to DMagazine, Dallas was a testing ground this summer for advocacy groups learning how to properly communicate with those who are eligible for the Affordable Care Act-mandated health insurance exchanges.

PP Risky CareTOPlogo

They reported that abortion giant Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Texas Organizing Project spent six weeks in May and June knocking on more than 40,000 doors of mostly Latino households. TOP trained Planned Parenthood organizers, and the two organizations worked separately.

Tiffany Hogue, TOP’s healthcare campaign director, said TOP found that talking in a neutral and informative tone was effective. Organizers also used charts with income ranges and family sizes that consumers could point to to make them feel more comfortable about sharing that information.

TOP chose Dallas because of its high rate of uninsured residents, and its ability to recruit canvassers locally.

TOP VOlunteers

Danielle Wells, assistant director of media relations and communications for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, said her group knocked on more than 21,000 doors and talked to more than 6,500 people in Dallas. The organization also conducted the same pilot canvassing effort in Detroit.

TOP works with Planned Parenthood

According to FamiliesUSA:

Starting in October, consumers will need significant help understanding how to get health coverage through the new health insurance marketplaces. To prepare for this undertaking, advocates at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America worked with partners on the ground to launch a six-week pilot canvassing project in Dallas and Detroit. They decided to run this program prior to open enrollment in order to get a head start on identifying and educating eligible, uninsured people who will need help enrolling in coverage. This project allowed the canvassing groups to determine how to effectively talk to the uninsured about health coverage and how groups can best train volunteers and staff to talk to the uninsured about these issues.

After knocking on more than 100,000 doors, canvassers learned several lessons about how to approach the uninsured. Most found success when they talked to people using a neutral, informative, yet confident tone—especially when talking to families about immigration status. Moreover, canvassers learned that having a chart with income ranges and family sizes that consumers could point to made people more comfortable talking about their income. And while the consumers they spoke to did not favor the individual responsibility provision, it proved to be the strongest motivator to get people to take action and seek coverage in the marketplace.

This canvassing project not only helped Planned Parenthood and local partners improve their canvassing script; it also helped them identify ways to build on their volunteer and staff training program. For instance, they learned that they needed to provide canvassers with more information on the basics of having health insurance so they could more effectively correct misinformation in the field—for example, many consumers thought having access to an urgent care clinic meant that they had insurance.

Moving forward, through on-the-ground organizing and focus groups, Planned Parenthood and their community partners plan to do additional messaging research that will help inform and strengthen their already incredible outreach and training work.

Health Care for America Now brags that TOP blew Ted Cruz’s effort to defund Obama Care away (read here)

Planned Parenthood Prez wants Republicans to go back to racist/eugenics Nixon views on Family Planning

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According to reports, Planned Parenthood president ( recipient of a 6 digit tax funded salary from Planned Parenthood) has some advice for Republicans after a second term loss to Democrat and radical Planned Parenthood supporter Barack Obama: Go back to your family-planning roots.

“Back in the olden days, the Republican Party was the party that supported people’s individual rights and keeping government out of personal health care decisions, so I think there’s a history they can go back to,” Richards told The Huffington Post in an interview on Wednesday. “A lot of Republicans used to support family planning, and Richard Nixon signed that first federal planning program into law. There’s a clear pathway to [win back women’s support], and it’s to listen to the middle of their party instead of the extreme fringe.”

Just what was Nixon’s views on abortion and family planning?

Nixon was enthusiastic about a federal family planning initiative for low-income women that he declared it a “national goal” in 1969 before signing Title X into law. President George H.W. Bush earned the nickname “Rubbers” as a congressman for his passion for increasing access to contraception.

It is my view that no American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition. I believe, therefore that we should establish as a national goal the provision of adequate family planning services within the next five years to all those who want them but cannot afford them. This we have the capacity to do.
President Richard Nixon, 1969

Nixon stressed that under “no circumstances” would birth control activities be allowed to “infringe upon the religious or personal wishes and freedom of any individual.”

Nixon then recommended a “Commission on Population Growth and the American Future” . The bill authorizing this new initiative had been passed with overwhelming support from Congressional Democrats and was chaired by John Rockefeller. The Executive Director of the project was to be Dr. Charles F. Westoff who was also a member of both the American Eugenics Society and Planned Parenthood’s National Advisory Council.

According to the documentary film Maafa21, Nixon would label birth control a national priority and sign legislation to make it available as a service of the U.S. government. Then in March of 1972, the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future which Nixon had created three years earlier began calling for the nationwide legalization of abortion.

This Commission and move was applauded by former Planned Parenthood vice president Fredrick Jaffe.

In 1968, Jaffe founded the PPFA Center for Family Planning Program Development, which later became the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s research arm. Alan F. Guttmacher, for whom the institute is named, was the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and a leader in the International Planned Parenthood Federation in the 1960s and early 1970s. At the time this memo was created, there was talk of poisoning water supplies with birth control chemicals without the consent or knowledge of consumers – to the point that upon resistance, “involuntary control must be imposed.” ( Read Jaffe’s Memo advocating this here)

In 1971, during public hearings of the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future, the Rev.Jesse Jackson stated, “Birth Control as a National policy will simply marshal sophisticated methods to remove ( and control when not remove) the weak, the poor – quite likely the black and other minorities whose relative increase in population threatens the white caste in this nation. Contraceptives, will become a form of drug warfare against the helpless in this nation. Those who we could not get rid of in the rice paddies of Viet-Nam we now propose to exterminate, if necessary, eliminate if possible, in the OB wards and gynecology clinics of our urban hospitals. The direct extension of the old “man-in-the-house” rule against public aid recipients can be detected in the drive for birth control…” ( Source: Statements at public hearings of the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future as quoted in: Genocide? Birth Control and the Black American by Robert G. Weisbord, Greenwoor Press, 1972 ; P. 165)

Previously released Nixon tapes show Nixon wanted abortion for Racist reasons ( From the documentary on Black Genocide: Maafa21.

Although the quality of the recordings are poor, Nixon and an aide held a conversation recorded on January 23, 1973, discussing that day’s Supreme Court’s decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

NIXON Tape #697-29

Nixon: “A majority of people in Colorado voted for abortion, I think a majority of people in Michigan are for abortion, I think in both cases, well, certainly in Michigan they will vote for it because they think that what’s going to be aborted generally are the little black bastards.”


Nixon: ” … as I told you and we talked about it earlier, that a hell of a lot of people want to control all the Negro bastards.”

Unidentified Staff: “Yeah

Nixon: “Isn’t that really true?

Nixon: “You know what we are talking about – Population Control?”

Unidentified Staff: “Sure

Nixon: “We’re talking really – and what John Rockefeller really realizes – look, the people in what we call the “our class” control their populations. Sometimes they’ll have a family of six, or seven, or eight, or nine, but it’s an exception.”

Unidentified Staff: Sure.

Nixon: “People who don’t control their families are people in- the people who shouldn’t have kids.”

President Nixon formed the Population Commission which was headed by eugenics members.


“We need to make population and
family planning household words.
We need to take sensationalism out
of this topic so that it can no longer
be used by militants who have no
real knowledge of the voluntary
nature of the program but, rather
are using it as a political
steppingstone. If family planning is
anything, it is a public health matter.”
~ Congressman George H.W. Bush, 1969

Bush Senior created the National Center for Population and Family Planning in the Department of Health Education and Welfare also know as HEW. “Population Control and Family Planning is to important to giggle about now“, said Bush Sr. in 1969. Bush Sr’s interest in family planning started with his activity with Planned Parenthood in Houston.

A 1913 letter written by Theodore Roosevelt to American Eugenics Society founder, Charles Davenport, Roosevelt writes, “society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind. ..Some day we will realize that the prime duty the inescapable duty of the good citizen of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that we have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type.”

In 1965, former Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, complained that the United States was spending money to slow the population growth of responsible families while at the same time providing financial incentives for ignorant, feebleminded and lazy people to have more babies. He said that history would rightly condemn the United States if we didn’t link welfare to family-planning.

At that time, Eisenhower was the co-chairman of a Planned Parenthood fund-raising campaign along with former Democratic President, Harry S. Truman.


Blacks Recognized the racism of family planning and abortion early on and it threatened Republican Richard Nixon:

Even though Black reporter, Samuel Yette was also one of the first and very distinguished Black journalists to work for Newsweek, after he published his book, The Choice” which exposed high level attempts of Black Genocide through birth control , abortion, and additional means , he was fired by Newsweek. Yette claims his superiors told him that the “Nixon Whitehouse” wanted him out of Washington.

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more about "Samuel Yette:My Book, “The Choice”", posted with vodpod

In One chapter on Birth Control

Yette exposes President Nixon’s White House Conference on Food and Nutrition of December 2-4, 1969. In Mr. Yette’s words it, “was worse than a farce.” President Nixon opened the conference with 3 recommendations designed to reduce the number of hungry people! He suggested no measures for the relief of hunger in America.

1. He wanted everyone to have a guaranteed minimum income of $1,600 a year. (This is less than welfare was paying at that time.)
2. A supposed expansion of the food stamp program that would be tied into and compliment the welfare reform package in #1. (His plan would have actually reduced the amount of food stamps. Less money + less food =more hunger.)
3. Provide family planning services to at minimum 5 million women in low-income families.

This last proposal was part of a plan formulated by Dr. Charles Lowe of the National Institute of Health. The plan recommended Congress pass a law that:

1. Made birth control information and devices available to any and all girls over the age of 13 with or without parental consent.
2. Allowed mandatory abortions for unmarried girls within the 1st three months of pregnancy.
3. Mandatory sterilization for any unmarried girl giving birth out of wedlock for the 2nd time.

In that book, Yette describes how civil rights activist, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer was at that Conference on hunger. When she heard about the birth control proposals she grabbed about a dozen young black men, walked into the room, and demanded to be heard. She spoke about ten minutes on the evil results of this plan and the conference dropped it from consideration.


According to Samuel Yette, Black Civil Right Advocate Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamerhad a passion for her people and her interest and understanding of how powerful the political process was in America led her and others to create the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party to challenge the Credential Committee in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1964 to be seated rather than the regular Democrats who they exclaimed were “illegally elected” based on discriminatory practices against blacks statewide. “We Will Not Accept The Compromise”, stated Mrs. Hamer.

Below are exerts of an eye opening incident Ms. Hamer experienced in the realm of Black Genocide written by journalist Samuel Yette :

Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer was Tough Fighter The Afro American – Apr 2, 1977 By Samuel Yette


” It is still a society in which an injured man must show his ability to pay before getting hospital services, but his daughter or wife can be aborted or fed birth control pills, at public expense…For these and other reasons the recent death of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer …was noted here and across the nation not only with personal sadness, but also with stern political reflection.

When the charades of Richard Nixon included a White House Conference on hunger in 1969, Mrs. Hamer was among the hundreds of authentic grass-roots persons brought here to confir with the highly paid experts.

But the conference (whose name was changed from a conference on hunger to a conference on “Food and Nutrition”) was in reality, one great fraud against the poor.

Instead of seeking ways to feed the hungry, the back stage plan was to get the poor unwittingly to endorse a plan to eliminate from the society those who were hungry.

For example, a panel of medical experts pretended to be studying was to insure proper nourishment for babies and pregnant women. Instead it adopted-in the name of the poor at the conference- a resolution providing for:

– Birth Control devices for young girls, free, and with or without parental approval;

– Required abortions of unmarried girls discovered during the first three months of pregnancy; and

– Forced sterilization of any such girl giving birth out of wedlock a second time.

Only one black person-a nurse-was a member of that panel.

Yette continues, In my reportorial role, I found Mrs. Hamer for a reaction to the newly passed resolution.

She responded with shock and outrage at the deception, “I didn’t come to talk about birth control, ” she protested, ” I came here to get some food to feed poor, hungry people, Where are they carrying on that kind of talk?”

Hearing the location of the panel, she gamely pulled herself up on a cane, and made her way to the panel’s meeting room. Along the way she beckoned several black men, who followed seriously intent on doing her will.

She went straight to the front of the room and demanded to be heard.

With the power and conviction of personal tragedy, she told how she, herself, had once been sterilized under the guise of an unrelated surgical procedure. She told how such tools as their resolution in the hands of racist medical personnel would mean tragedy for the black and poor.

Finally, with several large black men at her side, Mrs. Hamer demanded that the resolution be reconsidered. It was, and voted down. But she could not stand and watch forever.

Though she saw the deception and illuminated the society’s most immoral contradictions , she, like the hope and moral vigor of he 1960’s ran out…

The author of the tribute above, Mr. Samuel Yette also suffered persecution for exposing the sinister plot to exterminate blacks with population control methods.

Samuel Yette’s stand is documented in a powerful documentary called Maafa21. this film is carrying on the message Mr. Yette began- that there are Elite efforts to exterminate the Black race in America. Below is the trailer for Maafa21, order the full 2.5 hour DVD here.


Back to Nixon:

Here Nixon tells Chuck Colson abortion is needed in some cases: like when you have a “Black and a White”

I know that there are times when abortions are necessary. I know that,” Nixon tells an aide, then adding, “When you have a black and a white.”

The aide interrupts, “or for rape,” to which Nixon quickly responds, “or rape.”

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more about "On Nixon Tapes, Ambivalence Over Abor…", posted with vodpod

That attitude against Mixed Race of BiRacial Babies is also seen by one of Obama’s Supporters here

It is no surprise that Planned Parenthood ( which gets over $1 MILLION DOLLARS a day in federal tax money) wants Republicans to go BACK – to racist and eugenics Abortion and Family Planning ideas, because they were founded by a racist Klan speaker by the name of Margaret Sanger:

Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, was a member in good standing with the racist American Eugenics Society. Sanger had board members who were known for their racist writing and Sanger published many of those in her publications. Sanger called for parents to have a QUOTE: LICENSE TO BREED controlled by people who believed in her eugenic philosophy. She wanted all would be parents to go before her eugenic boards to request a “PERMIT TO BREED“.

Margaret Sanger once said, “More children from the fit, less from the unfit — that is the chief aim of birth control.” Birth Control Review, May 1919, p. 12

In Margaret Sanger’s, “Birth Control and Racial Betterment,” Feb 1919. Birth Control Review , Library of Congress Microfilm 131:0099B .
Sanger states, “Before eugenists and others who are laboring for racial betterment can succeed, they must first clear the way for Birth Control. Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Both are seeking a single end but they lay emphasis upon different methods.

Eugenists emphasize the mating of healthy couples for the conscious purpose of producing healthy children, the sterilization of the unfit to prevent their populating the world with their kind and they may, perhaps, agree with us that contraception is a necessary measure among the masses of the workers, where wages do not keep pace with the growth of the family and its necessities in the way of food, clothing, housing, medical attention, education and the like.

We who advocate Birth Control, on the other hand, lay all our emphasis upon stopping not only the reproduction of the unfit but upon stopping all reproduction when there is not economic means of providing proper care for those who are born in health.While I personally believe in the sterilization of the feeble-minded, the insane and syphilitic, I have not been able to discover that these measures are more than superficial deterrents when applied to the constantly growing stream of the unfitEugenics without Birth Control seems to us a house builded upon the sands. It is at the mercy of the rising stream of the unfit…

Sanger also called for those who were poor and what she considered to be “morons and immoral‘ , to be shipped to colonies where they would live in “Farms and Open Spaces” dedicated to brainwashing these so-called “inferior types” into having what Sanger called, “Better moral conduct”.

I consider that the world and almost our civilization for the next twenty-five years, is going to depend upon a simple, cheap, safe contraceptive to be used in poverty stricken slums, jungles, and among the most ignorant people. Even this will not be sufficient, because I believe that now, immediately, there should be national sterilization for certain dysgenic types of our population who are being encouraged to breed and would die out were the government not feeding them.
Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger, 1950

In addition, Planned Parenthood’s top award is called the Margaret Sanger Award, despite the fact that Sanger was an admitted Klan speaker. This is what Sanger wrote in her autobiography, “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan…I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses…I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak…In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.” (Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366 Read it here

Who are the UNFIT which Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger was talking about? Find out in the powerful documentary Maafa21 in exposing the 21st Century Black Genocide (Clip below)

The Eugenics links to Sanger and Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood invites the Director of the American Eugenics Society to speak at it’s luncheon. Robert C. Cook was invited to speak at the meeting. The meeting was held to discuss the objectives of Planned Parenthood…but…don’t take my word for it: Read the article yourself here:

(Source:Schenectady Gazette – Oct 20, 1958)

Professor Henry P. Fairchild: Former Past President of the American Eugenics Society was also a Vice President of Planned Parenthood….but…don’t take my word for it: Read the article yourself – here
( SOURCE: Schenectady Gazette – Dec 5, 1951)

Vice Chairman of the American Birth Control League brags that birth control was accepted by the “most distinguished” of the Eugenics Society- here
(SOURCE: The Miami News – Nov 21, 1921)

(LBJ) Lyndon B. Johnson accepts the Margaret Sanger Award and it is mentioned that Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman are co-chairs of a Planned Parenthood honorary council- here
( SOURCE: Lodi News-Sentinel – Oct 10, 1966)

1947- Margaret Sanger says that women should stop having babies because there won’t be enough food to feed them otherwise. ( Have we heard that recently?) well -that was in 1947 and women continued to pro-create…did we all starve? Just checking?
Read article here

(SOURCE: The Evening Independent – Jul 2, 1947)

NAACP – accused Planned Parenthood clinics of “genocide’ – here
( SOURCE: The Pittsburgh Press – Dec 14, 1967)

And here

There is some suspicion in a New England black community surveyed that family planning programs are forms of black genocide, a team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts found. (SOURCE: Genocide Fears of Blacks Found in Birth Plan Study 4/11/1971)

Margaret Sanger helped Bermuda set up birth control clinics when they discovered there was a huge increase in the Negro Population – ( Times Daily – Jun 16, 1937) here

Margaret Sanger concerned that the Well-to-do is using Birth Control while the “feeble minded” are not. She urges that birth control gets legalized so that these “unskilled” , “sub-normal” and “feeble minded” will not out-number the “intellectuals” (The Pittsburgh Press – Dec 30, 1928) Here

In 1962, Vice President of the American Eugenics Society at the time, Dr. Alan Guttmacher wants abortion laws patterned after Sweden and other nations. One reason they list to allow abortions is :EUGENIC ! Also- Guttmacher at this point says he does NOT BELIEVE that abortion should be left up to the patient or their doctor, rather it should be up to “Special Board” to approve the abortion. (Eugenic Board, perhaps?) ( The Miami News – Aug 12, 1962) Read Here ( Alan Guttmacher is a former Vice President of The American Eugenics Society and a Former President of Planned Parenthood)

For more on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood’s attitude toward eugenics and race- watch Maafa21

Black Pro-life group says Black pro-abortion group is funded by Eugenics Population Control Foundation

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Congressional Black Caucus Upset By Pro-Life Black Americans

by Ryan Bomberger | Washington, DC | | 5/24/12 1:32 PM

What do you do when you can’t counter the truth? Lie some more. This is the unoriginal strategy presented by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Planned Parenthood-funded SisterSong in an effort to thwart the recent impact of black prolifers.

Despite being funded millions of dollars, abortion groups can’t seem to combat public awareness campaigns (namely our initiative) that expose the disparate impact of abortion in the black community. Jill Stanek released a report on the recent Congressional Caucus briefing infiltrated by a handful of prolife advocates, including friend and colleague Day Gardner, of the National Black Prolife Union.

In a conference call immediately following that briefing, Day expressed her astonishment with how much these pro-abortion activists were in agreement with our numbers. They know our statistics are solid. They know black babies are being killed at exponentially higher rates but don’t care. And they hate our billboards.

So what do they do with the staggering truth that abortion occurs up to 5.8 times more in the black community than in the majority population? How do they spin the false narrative that the black community “lacks access” to abortion and contraception? Redirect and redefine. While the CDC reveals that abortion is the number one killer in the black community (obviously denoting plenty of “access”), taking more lives than all other causes of death combined, the CBC and SisterSong willfully celebrate that horrendous health outcome disparity as “Reproductive Freedom”. While millions of people’s lives are destroyed, both physically and emotionally by abortion, these activists convince themselves that using euphemisms like “Reproductive Justice” mask the brutal reality. We, however, focus on Redemptive Justice that illuminates truth in order to bring healing and true freedom.

The abortion industry celebrates captivity, a false sense of liberty that wallows in self- and community destruction. This industry is extremely well funded, not just by the blood money that annually kills over 1.2 million innocent human lives but also by population control organizations that have seemingly bottomless bank accounts. The Ford Foundation (the same anti-Semitic organization that funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to Sanger and other eugenicists’ efforts) with over $10 billion in assets issues over $460 million in annual grants to rabidly pro-abortion and pro-population growth activist groups. SisterSong is one of those funded groups, led by Loretta Ross; its inception was made possible by initial funding from the far-left foundation.

Bizarrely railing against pro-lifers as racists and today’s eugenicists, Ross’ SisterSong established the “Trust Black Women Partnership”, a nationwide collective of minority “pro-choice” groups. Proud propagandists, they’re willing to ignore the epidemic of abortion, its perpetuation of poverty and the crisis of 72.3% fatherlessness in the black community. You can see the inanity of their rhetoric as evidenced in the Georgia State University protest that failed in its attempt to silence my presentation on abortion last fall. Apparently, one should only trust some black women. Ironically, not a single black women serves on the Ford Foundation’s Board of Directors—they apparently didn’t get SisterSong’s memo.

Loretta Ross, who leads SisterSong, is shown here strangely reinforcing much of what we say. Her funding, however, comes from the world’s largest population control organizations, the Ford Foundation and Planned Parenthood, so she has to obscure the truth as much as possible. Our billboard campaigns have become a national threat to the abortion industry…classic David vs. Goliath story. And we’ll fight on…

Following the debut of The Radiance Foundation’s “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” billboard campaign, SisterSong received a $300,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. Ross, whose duplicity rivals that of Margaret Sanger, frequently acknowledges eugenics and population control (see embedded video) yet fails to place the blame on the obvious perpetrator of these destructive and racist efforts.

Funding can cause all kinds of deliberate blindness. Planned Parenthood, SisterSong, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice, Black Women for Reproductive Justice, the NAACP, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, all heavily funded by the Ford Foundation, have all denounced black prolife movement and The Radiance Foundation in particular. From attempting to crush First Amendment speech (and failing) to demonizing us in the media to printing blatant libel (pg. 11, “Collective Voices”), they will not silence us. They’ve held numerous national conferences, including the recent Congressional Caucus briefing, to re-strategize lies, to revise history, and to present a perverted sense of “justice” and “freedom” while true civil rights champions, who value all life born and unborn, continue to fight regardless of the odds.

Even though we’ve been denounced by pro-abortion zealots and even ignored by some in the mainstream prolife movement, we are having a profound effect. Our history is accurate. Our statistics are irrefutable. Our science is unquestionable. Our passion to save beautiful possibility—relentless.

The abortion industry, namely Planned Parenthood, is relying on casting abortion as a civil right and any opposition to it they demean as a “racist” attack. Well, civil rights are for all, including the unborn. Our Constitution was enacted, according to its preamble, to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” We may not have the backing of a multi-billion dollar organization, but like David who took out Goliath, we have a much stronger Power on our side that can take down any giant, any day, no matter the poll, no matter the political climate. Through faith, perseverance and the embrace of the Truth, Redemptive Justice has a way of triumphing.


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A stunning documentary on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood’s attitude toward eugenics and race- has been produced and Planned Parenthood and their cronies are seeking to discredit it. The film: Maafa21 is over 2 hours long and contains original documents from the files of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, The Eugenics Movement, and many of their supporters. In addition, the film is loaded with African American experts, is hosted by two African Americans, and contains many quotes opposing Planned Parenthood from early African American civil rights activists. Despite this the Planned Parenthood mouthpieces NEVER discredit the information provided in the Maafa21 documentary, rather that attempt to discredit the motive and the skin color of the producers of the film. Without issuing one criticism to Sanger’s avowed racism and Planned Parenthood’s continued support for her actions, these Maafa21 critics are also disguising the fact that they are tightly connected to Planned Parenthood’s agenda and operations and in some cases are even receiving funding from them. Among the newest efforts is a radically pro-abortion group called Sister Song who is airing attacks on GritTV.

Sister Song is staffed by NARAL and former Planned Parenthood employees. Sister Song’s National Policy Coordinator, Heidi Williamson, is the former President of NARAL GA Education , While Corean Elam, Sister Song’s Executive Assistant and Office Manager is the former Administrative Assistant for Planned Parenthood of Champaign County. So, of course if you worked with the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and Planned Parenthood- you will try and disclaim the racist and eugenics agenda of abortion, correct?

( See Image of Loretta Ross with NARAL here Here )

Loretta Ross was also a speaker with the pro-abortion National Organization for Women ( NOW) see here

To top it off, once again Planned Parenthood is rewarding their advocates. Click Here and see that the Executive Director of Sister Song, Loretta Ross, will be the keynote speaker for the 2011 Planned Parenthood Annual Luncheon.

Planned Parenthood and Sister Song’s Loretta Ross seem to do alot together: Here and here

Katie Couric and Eugenics the reincarnation of Margaret Sanger, not enough minorities on the pill

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Get the film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America and learn the “Eugenic Values” Behind the founder of the Guttmacher Institute and Planned Parenthood:

Low income women denied free cancer screenings, shadow of National Health Care Death Panels yet to come !

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Thanks to the Associated Press for this story :Low income women denied free cancer screenings

This is but a shawdow of the DEATH PANELS yet to come through National Health Care !

Albany, NY (AP) — As the economy falters and more people go without health insurance, low-income women in at least 20 states are being turned away or put on long waiting lists for free cancer screenings, according to the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network.

In the unofficial survey of programs for July 2008 through April 2009, the organization found that state budget strains are forcing some programs to reject people who would otherwise qualify for free mammograms and Pap smears. Just how many are turned away isn’t known; in some cases, the women are screened through other programs or referred to different providers.

New York used to screen women of all ages, but this year the budget crunch has forced them to focus on those considered at highest risk and exclude women under 50.

In New York, the Cancer Society says providers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and western Queens, and in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties project they’ll perform nearly 15,000 fewer free mammograms for the fiscal year ending April 2010, compared with the previous year.

The Cancer Society has no way to count how many women are being turned away, and many providers don’t keep track of how many are denied screening, or whether those women find another alternative. The cost of screening varies, but the average mammogram is about $100, while a Pap screen can range between $75 and $200, according to the society.

At least 14 states cut budgets for free cancer screenings this year: Colorado, Montana, Illinois, Alabama, Minnesota, Connecticut, South Carolina, Utah, Missouri, Washington, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

“This is rationing of health care by offering (screenings) only in the first half of the fiscal year, or by cutting back on those programs,” Brawley said. “It’s rationing that is leading to people dying.”

New York, which has fought for two years with deficits in the billions, used to screen women of all ages for breast cancer, but after $3.5 million in budget cuts this year, women under 50 – … are no longer eligible unless they have the breast cancer gene or a serious family cancer history. …
The issue of when women should get mammograms erupted into controversy last month when the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended that the exams not be given routinely until women are 50, and then every two years.

That broke with the Cancer Society’s long-standing position that women should begin getting mammograms at the age of 40 and annually thereafter; the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends mammograms every one to two years for women in their 40s and every year after age 50.

The American Cancer Society opposes the federal task force recommendations.

Oregon, with 57,000 eligible women, now limits free screenings to 6,000 annually, said Amy Manchester Harris, manager of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. Many states, including Oregon, still screen women with symptoms, such as a breast lump.

Ohio allocated $2.5 million for 2008-09; state funding dropped to $700,000 for 2009-10. Last year Ohio served nearly 17,000 women, but the state is projected to fund 14,000 screenings in 2009-10.

The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network says the economy has forced cutbacks in screenings at a time when more people are uninsured.

The society surveyed programs for July 2008 through April 2009 and found that state budget strains are forcing some programs to reject people who would otherwise qualify for free mammograms and Pap smears.

In some cases women are screened by other programs or referred to different providers.

New York used to screen women of all ages. This year’s budget crunch has forced them to focus on those at highest risk and exclude women younger than 50.

Full Story – HERE