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Cat saves pregnant woman from fire

Posted in Hero with tags , , , , , on January 19, 2010 by saynsumthn

Joshua Ornberg and his girlfriend Letitia Kovalovsky — seven months pregnant with twins — slept quietly in their new home near Wonder Lake, IL on Sunday night. Their home was on fire.

Their lives were saved, they say, by their 13-year-old tabby cat, Baby

The 13-year-old tabby saved her owners early Monday morning by waking them up and alerting them that their far northwest suburban home was on fire.

Letitia Kovalovsky, seven months pregnant with twins, and her boyfriend Joshua Ornberg, made it out of their Wonder Lake home safely, along with Baby and their 4-year-old dog.

But Baby was missing in action soon after.

“We’re hoping she was just scared and will come back,” Kovalovsky said.

According to the Sun-Times report, the cause of the fire is thought to be a lava lamp in the couple’s bedroom. They were sleeping on the couch at the time of the fire.

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