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Former Obama Speechwriter now writes for Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood

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Lauren Peterson is a senior advisor at Planned Parenthood Federation of America and speechwriter for the organization’s president, Cecile Richards. She is also a former speech writer for the Obama campaign.
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Peterson tells The Guardian how she became involved with the Obama Campaign, “I was on the digital team, so I wrote for everyone – from helping the guy who won “Dinner with Barack” and regretted not taking the French fry offered to him by President Obama (hi, Scott!), to sending an email to supporters, to writing video scripts for just about everyone, to working on our website. I tweeted, blogged, produced audio pieces, learned from our amazing speechwriting team and, best of all, traveled around the country to campaign rallies where the president was speaking.

It could be frustrating at times – when you’re working on a campaign of that scale, you sometimes have to compromise on issues you really care about. We were all exhausted all the time.”

According to a Federal Election Commissions report The Obama campaign dispersed $3695.64 to Lauren Peterson.

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Working for Planned Parenthood?

Peterson described how she became employed by Planned Parenthood, “I heard Cecile speak on the campaign trail in 2012, when she had taken time off to volunteer as a surrogate for President Obama. She had this hilarious top-10 list of the reasons why women were absolutely going to make the difference in the election, and why they should support the president. As the campaign was wrapping up, people started asking me what I wanted to do next. I would say, “I want to work for someone like Cecile Richards!”

That turned out to be an actual job posted on the Planned Parenthood website.