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Teacher forced to resign after telling student Obama is a Muslim who supports abortion

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The Laurens County GA Democratic Party appears to support abortion giant Planned Parenthood and shares their news on their Facebook page.

Here are a few recent examples:

Laurens COunty GA Dem Planned Parenthood 2

Laurens COunty GA Dem Planned Parenthood

So, when a letter from the local NAACP chapter, calling for a teacher who said Obama was a Muslim and supported late term abortion to resign, was posted on the Lauren’s County Democratic Party Facebook Page it was no surprise.

According to the letter, the teacher shared what they call inappropriate political opinions with students.

Dublin Middle School

The teacher allegedly told the student that Obama was a Muslim and a baby killer, “Any parent who supports him is not a Christian,” and told students that Obama aborted babies after they came out of the womb.

It says, for example, that President Obama is not a Christian, as he claims to be.

The letter goes on to say: “She said that any parent who supports him is not a Christian. She challenged her students to prove their Christianity.”

Dublin NAACP Perry abortion

We demand that the school district do the right thing, and the right thing would be to demand the resignation of the school board member in question and to accept the resignation of the faculty member,” President Francys Johnson said to the board, according to WMAZ.

NAACP Dublin School obama abortion

The teach in question is Nancy Perry whose husband Bill Perry is a school board member.

Nancy Perry tstory-large.59.13_am

According to the NAACP, Perry “presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics.”

NAACP were present at Dublin’s Board of Education meeting Monday night demanding Perry’s resignation.

According to reports, the Perry’s showed the Board proof that Obama supported late term abortion.

She showed it to me and said, ‘See, Obama is a baby killer. He aborts babies at nine months old as they’re coming through the birth canal,’ parent of the student, Jimmie Scott told 13WMAZ.

In April, the board decided to remove Nancy Perry from the classroom for the rest of the year. Instead, the teacher chose to retire.

City schools superintendent Chuck Ledbetter said Perry was already planning on retiring before the controversy.

On behalf of the School District, we want to apologize to the student and to his parents,” Ledbetter said at a school board meeting. “It is not the place of teachers to attempt to persuade students about religious or political beliefs.”

More trouble for Abortionist Steven Brigham

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NJ abortion Dr. Steven Brigham accused of more violations
BEN NUCKOLS,Associated Press Writer • September 22, 2010

BALTIMORE — A New Jersey doctor cited by medical authorities for shuttling his patients to Maryland for late-term abortions is now accused of violating standards of care for two additional patients, including a woman from Canada whose nearly full-term fetus with Down syndrome was aborted.

The new accusations against Dr. Steven Brigham, 54, are contained in documents filed by the New Jersey attorney general’s office, which is seeking to have Brigham’s license suspended or revoked. Brigham has agreed to stop practicing medicine until a hearing next month before the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners.

In early August, Brigham performed an abortion for a 35-year-old Canadian who was 33 weeks pregnant, the documents show. The fetus had Down syndrome but was otherwise viable.

As with other patients, Brigham allegedly began the procedure in New Jersey, then instructed the woman to drive herself to Elkton, Md., where the fetus was removed. Brigham was not licensed to perform abortions on fetuses 14 weeks or older in New Jersey.

The procedure on the Canadian patient “seriously violated medical standard of care and, to my knowledge, is not sanctioned by any statute or regulation,” Dr. Gary Brickner wrote in an expert opinion to the medical board. He noted that the woman’s pregnancy “did not involve a fetus with a lethal defect or a condition dangerous to the mother’s health.”

It’s not unheard of for women to travel from Canada to the United States for late-term abortions that aren’t available in their provinces, said Vicki Saporta, president of the National Abortion Federation, an association of U.S. abortion providers.

Only a doctor with access to the patient’s medical records could determine whether the abortion itself was medically or legally permissible, and different doctors could come to different conclusions, Saporta said. But Brigham violated standards of care regardless because he wasn’t licensed to perform the procedure, she said.

According to the documents, Brigham began dilating the Canadian patient’s cervix on Aug. 3 and administered a drug that killed the fetus. The next day, the woman was told to drive to Maryland, where the fetus was removed. It’s not clear from Brigham’s records who performed the abortion in Maryland, where Brigham was not licensed to practice medicine, the documents show.

Richard W. Westling, one of Brigham’s attorneys, did not return a message seeking comment Wednesday but has said previously that Brigham believes the procedures he performed were legal.

The documents also reveal a previously undisclosed case in which Brigham allegedly breached standards of care. The patient was 24 weeks pregnant and, like the Canadian patient, was given drugs to kill the fetus and dilate the cervix.

Brigham’s records indicate that the woman’s abortion would have been completed in Maryland, but instead, she went into labor and began bleeding heavily in her New Jersey hotel room, the documents show. Brigham treated her there, and she delivered the stillborn fetus at a hospital, according to the documents.

Brigham previously was accused of leading a caravan of three patients from his office in Voorhees, N.J., about 10 miles outside Philadelphia, to Elkton, Md., about 60 miles away, on Aug. 13.

A family doctor from Utah, Nicola Riley, botched the abortion for one of those patients, who had to have emergency surgery to repair her ruptured uterus and small intestine, documents show.

That patient’s case led to complaints being filed in Maryland against Brigham, who was ordered to stop practicing without a license. Maryland officials suspended the licenses of Riley and another doctor who worked for Brigham.

Another abortionist caught in a bold faced lie

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Audio Clip Shows Carhart Is Now Committing Late-Term Abortions That The NE Legislature Wants To Ban

* Written by Operation Rescue
* Posted January 22, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Lincoln, NE – A bill that would ban abortions in Nebraska after 20 weeks gestation was filed yesterday by Speaker of the Legislature Sen. Mike Flood. LB1103 would restrict abortions once the fetus had developed “physical structures necessary to experience pain.”

The bill was introduced in response to late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s announced intensions of introducing late-term abortions to Nebraska such as those that he did in Kansas while in the employment of the late George Tiller.

Yesterday the Associated Press reported that Carhart denies doing abortion past 22 weeks gestation.

However, Operation Rescue has obtained an undercover tape of an interview with LeRoy Carhart made on December 3, 2009, that reveals that Carhart is now doing late-term abortions perhaps as late as 30 weeks, many for vague “mental health” reasons.

Operation Rescue has compiled excerpts of the interview and released the audio file to the public.


“It has been our experience that Mr. Carhart is not the most truthful person when it comes to admitting the full scope of his abortion activities. It is more than obvious that Carhart is already doing extremely late term abortions for nebulous mental health reasons,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“In fact, three of his former clinic workers have come forward and submitted sworn affidavits to the Attorney General’s office detailing illegal and unethical conduct that they witnessed, which they believe places women’s lives and health in danger. The later an abortion is done, the greater the risks of serious complications. We believe strongly that Carhart’s abortion operation in Bellevue, Nebraska, especially as it relates to late-term abortions, is dangerous and should be stopped immediately.

“Because of that, Operation Rescue supports LB1103 because it will save the lives of viable babies that can feel pain and can survive outside the womb if birthed instead of aborted, and it will spare women from being subjected to the dangerous and illegal conditions and practices that we believe exist at Carhart’s abortion clinic.”

Third Trimester Abortion Truths

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It is time America faces the truth about late term abortions. They are legal and are being performed for “any reason” in all stages of pregnancy.

In 1997, Pro-choice spokesperson, Ron Fitzsimmons of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP) Told Nightline this about the number of late term abortions being done, “The majority of these procedures are performed in the late second trimester on healthy women and healthy fetuses. That’s — the law allows that. Women come in at that point unfortunately, for whatever reason, seeking abortion services. We estimate that approximately 3,000 to 5,000 are performed in the United States on an annual basis.” ( NCAP is an organization of abortionists).

The Bergen (NJ) Record interviewed an abortion clinic employee in 1996 who admitted that “Most (late-term abortions) are for elective, not medical, reasons: people who didn’t realize, or didn’t care, how far along they were.” (This person was employed by a New Jersey clinic that performs at least 1,500 partial-birth).

In 1990, The LA Times asked, Anne Walshe who is an abortion clinic administrator in Manhattan, her view on late term abortions and she replied, “What’s the difference? Abortion is abortion. The nice folks who are debating this, who want to draw the line and put a limit on gestational age, will just be putting a restriction on poor women. Women who want abortions get them…These women know they are pregnant, but not until the 16th or 17th week, when the fetus is kicking and bothering them, do they say, ‘Oh, I have to deal with this,’ ” she says. “It’s not that these women are bad, or they’re wrong. They’re just poor. They don’t lead organized, routine lives.” Walsh’s clinic does as many as 16,000 abortions a year. At least half are performed during the second trimester.

And to respond to the lie that few abortionists do late term abortions, listen to late-term abortionist, Warren Hern’s response to the New York Times in 2000: (Responding to the competitive business of late term abortion). “The startling thing to me was that a very large room was filled — packed. Twenty years ago, there were just two or three doctors in the country doing late abortions.

Now that you have heard the opinions of the pro-choicers on this matter, I wish the truth would be told by the media. However if they are still ignorant to truth, here are the ads that the abortion industry advertises their “Late Term” Killings under. Click Here , after all MONEY TALKS, huh?