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Abortion Clinic that killed Black woman to donate abortion fee to Black Lives Movement

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Despite Blacks coming together to speak up for Black Lives many are ignoring the Black unborn child in the womb targeted by abortion.

In addition, at least one abortion clinic has publicly pledged to donate a portion of each abortion they perform to a new Black Movement in Cleveland.

Movement for Black Lives 2

From Friday July 24 to Sunday July 26th, 2015, hundreds of Black activists from around the country convene in Cleveland, Ohio for the inaugural Movement for Black Lives.

From the event website:

    Now, after months of intense action, our people need space to begin the creation of a collective mission that matches the intensity, scale, urgency, and promise of the moment. This convening presents an opportunity for us to reflect on our histories of struggle, build a sense of fellowship that transcends geographical boundaries and begin to heal from the many traumas we face. Whether through topical trainings, engaging conversations or just kicking back with each other— we will strengthen a budding community that is diverse in voices, origin, perspective and strategy.

    Open, and created by many voices, The Movement for Black Lives Convening will be a space to realize that promise fully on our terms as Black people. We invite all Black people invested in this movement to join the convening to shape our present and chart our future.

Black LIves Clevelnad Categories

Listed among the event categories are: Unconference (Caucuses [Queer, Trans, Women, South, Midwest, Intersections of different identities, etc], Actions)

Movement for Black Lives

It is called the “Movement for Black Lives” and although abortion is the number one killer of Blacks in the womb, there doesn’t seem to be a voice for the unborn Black child at this event.

Twice as many blacks died abortion Maafa21

There are, however, abortion clinics jumping on board.

Case in point is the Preterm abortion clinic in Cleveland.

On their Facebook page they write:

Preterm Abortion clinic Black Lives Movement

    From July 1 – July 14, Preterm will offer our patients the option of having a portion of their abortion fee donated to the Movement for Black Lives Convening being held in Cleveland, and Preterm has pledged to make a donation to support the event. From July 24 – July 26, hundreds of activists from around the country will convene in Cleveland to build their movement, strategies, and demands.

    Preterm is proud to support the national convening and the activists coming to Cleveland. For us, reproductive justice includes racial justice.

Tragically, Preterm abortion clinic in Cleveland is also responsible for the abortion death of a Black woman.

Anyone think the Black Movement will return their donations?

I hope so, but, I have my doubts.

Lakisha WIlson 9_5685312298435826425_n

According to Operation Rescue, 22-year-old Lakisha Wilson, a Black female, died after her abortion at the Preterm facility in March of 2014.

Operation Rescue has obtained a 911 recording and Computer Aided Dispatch transcript that indicates a patient of Preterm, a Cleveland, Ohio, abortion clinic, has died.

Listen to how callous the abortion clinic was as they notified 911 that Lakisha Wilson was “not breathing”.

Read more here.

In addition, Preterm apparently covered for 40 year-old Joseph Coles, a child rapist who sexually assaulted his stepdaughter when she was 10-years-old.

At 12, the stepdaughter became pregnant and her mother took her to the Cleveland Surgi-Center abortion clinic. The abortion was botched and the girl almost died from internal hemorrhaging.

Following the abortion, Coles persuaded the girl’s mother to put her on birth control; however, in 2004 the child again became pregnant by Coles and was taken to Planned Parenthood in Shaker Heights.

There she refused to submit to the abortion at that time but relented three days later and was taken to the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland.

Police were not made aware of the rapes until June of the following year, proving that, although all of those clinics were required to do a mandatory report, none apparently did.

This information came from a study Life Dynamics did documenting how abortion clinics cover for pedophiles. You can read that entire report here.

Sadly, it has not been the Black Lives Matter or Movement for Black Lives leadership which has condemned the deaths of Black women from abortion, but, rather the Black pro-life leadership as evidenced by this press conference:

And this event which took place in Selma recently (here.)

The Movement for Black Lives says they want to speak out against racism.

They are asking for everyone to get on board, let’s hope that includes those who fight the racism of abortion as well:

    To do this we are calling on everyone in our community to contribute. We want folks to bring whatever work they are doing and organizing around into the Convening—from state violence to sustainable farming to holistic healing—so welcome any workshop proposals. Anyone interested in suggesting a workshop is encouraged to submit a proposal.

(Read what some Black leaders have said about abortion and Planned Parenthood here)

Perhaps they can join the pro-life community in asking their political leaders to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by a racist.


Not only does Planned Parenthood perform the largest number of abortions in the nation, targeting the Black community but they were founded on racist eugenics. They have never denounced their racist founder Margaret Sanger who admittedly gave Klan speeches, yet they receive half a Billion in tax money annually.

If you believe that the slaughter of innocent Black babies in the womb should be part of any Black Movement, send a message to the hashtag #M4BL then submit a pro-life workshop and let me know if it is accepted.