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Mother paid abortion doc $25K to “euthanize” 36 week unborn baby

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Yahoo Parenting writer Rachel Bertsche asks, “‘What Kind of Mother Is 8 Months Pregnant and Wants an Abortion?

Rachel Bertsche late term abortion Warren Hern Colorado

The question is soon answered as Bertsche recounts the story of a woman named Kate, who aborted her baby, she would later name Rose at 36 weeks because of a “brain malformation“.

Kate recounts the day she confirmed the baby’s condition:

    “It was a morning appointment, and at the end of that day we met with the neurologist, who told us that our baby had Dandy-Walker malformation, the most severe presentation of the syndrome. It basically meant there were holes in her brain. She also had agenesis of the corpus callosum, which meant the bridge between the two hemispheres of her brain didn’t grow. So we had two malformations, each of which had a wide range of outcomes, but, combined, had a horrible prognosis. The doctor said, “We expect your baby to have moderate to severe mental retardation; she’s going to have moderate to severe physical disability; she is probably never going to walk or talk; she will possibly never be able to lift her head; she is going to have seizures all of the time.”

She then decides to have an abortion and writes:

    It was a four-day procedure, and I had to have it done by Friday, when I would be 36 weeks pregnant. There is no doctor in the country who performs abortions after 36 weeks.”

25K abortion

Then she added, “You have to show up with $25,000.”

WOW – $25,000 to kill a human child?

Kate continued:

    “So I called the Boulder Abortion Clinic in Colorado. We scheduled everything we needed to… It was a very, very difficult day. Euthanizing the baby is, obviously, a very hard thing to do. After the injection, he asked how I was feeling, and I just said, “I feel so sad. I’m going to miss her.

Warren Hern late term abortion clinic

The Boulder Abortion Clinic is operated by late term abortion doctor Warren Hern shown proudly on his website image above.

Here Kate describes the counseling and how she will euthanize her child, a term society uses to destroy animals:

    “The whole first day was counseling and testing to make sure it was safe to do the procedure. They want to make sure you completely understand what is going to happen and that no one is pressuring you into the decision. At the end of the day, I signed all the paperwork, and the doctor injected the baby with a drug that, over a few hours, slowed her heart to still. It was a very, very difficult day. Euthanizing the baby is, obviously, a very hard thing to do. After the injection, he asked how I was feeling, and I just said, “I feel so sad. I’m going to miss her.”

Excerpts of Kate’s story below talk about the hours her unborn 36 week baby held onto life and the moment Kate confirmed that the hired assassin she paid had done his job :

    “My husband and I went back to the hotel and I lay down until she stopped moving. I could tell when she was gone. It feels very different. The second and third days were short appointments, so we took a nice drive through the Rockies to pass the time. Then on the fourth day, they induced my labor. I got Pitocin, and it was actually a very natural birth. It was quite healing for me. I couldn’t do anything for this baby — I couldn’t fix her brain or make her well, but I could deliver her from my body. I chose to view her, so they cleaned her up and brought her in and she looked a lot like my older daughter. She was beautiful and she was whole. I got her footprints and had her cremated and they sent us her ashes in the mail a few days later. We wanted to name her after a flower, so we called her Rose.

    “Ten days after we had that 35-week ultrasound, she was gone.

    “Late in my pregnancy, my older daughter would say, “Mama do you have a baby in your belly?” and I would say, “Yes honey! Want to give her a kiss?” After I got home, I knew she would ask, so I waited for that moment. When it came, my daughter put her hand on my stomach and said it: “Mama, do you have a baby in your belly?” And I said, “No, honey. Baby died. Baby’s all gone.”

    “I told people that the baby died and that we induced a stillbirth. I didn’t tell them I went to Colorado. I didn’t tell them the baby died because we gave her an injection.”

Such a sick and twisted story it makes me sick to my stomach to read how a mother would execute her own daughter because she was “not normal” in her eyes!

You can read the entire story here.

Florida board revokes Sarasota abortion doctor’s license

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By Todd Ruger
Published: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 1:00 a.m.

A Sarasota doctor’s mistaken killing of the wrong fetus while trying to abort its deformed twin should never happen with today’s medical technology, a national expert said.

Dr. Matthew Kachinas, an obstetrician and gynecologist with a home on Longboat Key, botched a procedure called “selective reduction,” which can increase the mother’s safety during problematic multiple pregnancies.

Kachinas was supposed to inject a lethal chemical into a deformed male fetus during the 2006 procedure at his now-defunct Sarasota clinic, Premier Institute for Women’s Health on South Tamiami Trail.

By mistake, he injected the healthy female fetus inside a woman identified in documents only as “K.M.” The Florida Board of Medicine revoked Kachinas’ medical license Saturday.
A combination of carelessness and Kachinas’ lack of experience are both to blame for the fetus’ death in this case, said Dr. Mark Evans, a New York City obstetrician and geneticist who helped pioneer the technique.

Evans said he has never made that mistake in the thousands of selective reductions he has performed over the past three decades. He has not heard of a similar mix-up in more than 25 years, dating back to a time when ultrasound machines were far inferior to today’s technology.

Evans said the procedure is highly specialized, and that more than half of his patients come from out of state.

“Unless you do a lot of them you shouldn’t be doing them,” said Evans. “It requires skills that most people don’t have.”

Kachinas, 50, had never done the procedure before.

During disciplinary hearings, Kachinas blamed a bad ultrasound machine needed to find the position of the fetuses inside the uterus, and said he had a hard time telling his patients “no” and did not want them to have to travel out of state to have it done.

At a November hearing, Kachinas said he thought he had zoomed in on the male fetus, the one that had Down syndrome and signs of a heart defect. A week later, he learned that he had instead injected the healthy female. He concluded there must have been a problem with the ultrasound machine he was using.

After losing his license Saturday, Kachinas was involuntarily hospitalized because he said he planned to commit suicide. He could not be reached for comment Monday.

Kachinas represented himself before the board, Health News Florida reported. In a rambling presentation, Kachinas spent most of his time addressing two less-serious charges levied against him in unrelated cases. When he got to the twin case, though, he admitted he “screwed up.”

Records in those other cases show that in 2002, the Department of Health charged Kachinas with violating the medical practice laws after he was observed in a restroom taping pharmaceutical vials to his legs so that they would be concealed by his socks and pants.

And in 2004, the Department of Health cited him for failure to have records showing proper care in the case and for falsifying a death certificate. But a judge ruled there was no proof Kachinas knew the records were false.

The Associated Press and Health News Florida contributed to this report.